Stretch marks on Breasts

red stretch marks on breastStretch marks on Breasts are mostly a cosmetic defect. They do not bring pain to the person, but sometimes I start to itch. Quite common in women — breast-stretching. The reasons for this are several. From a medical point of view, striae not bring about almost any harm, but from the appearance, many women experience for this reason huge complexes.

Why do I have stretch marks on breast?

Look like stretch marks on breast? These tumors represent a ragged vertical line, which may be different by the width by the depth. Color sprains, as a rule, at first bluish, then red, but acquire chronic stretching of the white line. Red stretch marks on the breast appear due to the fact that the skin is torn in close proximity to blood vessels.

By themselves, represent the internal stretching of the gap layer of the skin. If a person has formed stretch marks on the breast, the causes of this phenomenon may be the following:

  • A very common phenomenon, if there are stretch marks on Breasts after drastic changes of its own weight in humans. It can be as weight loss and a sharp increase. The fact that the skin is unable to cope with immediate stretching and breaks.
  • Stretch marks on the chest a teenager formed as a result of sudden changes in internal body. Moreover, a similar phenomenon can be observed in women during hormonal background changes.
  • One of the main reasons of formation of such defects is the absence or minimum presence in the composition of the skin active ingredients elastin and collagen.
  • In women, the appearance of stretching on the skin associated with pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Stretch marks on Breasts during pregnancy

By itself, pregnancy changes a lot in the female body, because there is a global restructuring of all internal systems. Very often, the specified period, women suffer low content in your body active ingredients. All this leads to that the skin loses moisture, becomes flabby, and the elasticity disappears, but stretch marks.

Stretch marks on Breasts after birth is justified by the fact that women’s chest significantly add to the amount, plus they are filled with milk. Accordingly, the weakened skin is not always cope with the onslaught. The result is stretch marks.

reasons why breast stretch marks

Stretch marks on Breasts after feeding are formed most often under the Breasts. This condition is easy to explain, while nursing mother always keeps the baby near the breast, which, in turn, actively sucking and pulling the nipple with the breast down. An excellent prevention in this case is the special underwear that should be used each time during feeding.

Stretch marks on Breasts when breastfeeding also appear for the above reason. In this case, means the genetic predisposition of the skin to such entities.

Stretch marks on Breasts after pregnancy does not appear if to make considerable efforts. First of all, it is necessary to monitor fortified food, it will help to set the immune system to the desired level, and at the same time, strengthen the skin elasticity. Secondly, it is important to treat the digestive and endocrine diseases. Third, for preventive purposes to lubricate the skin of the breast essential oils.

How to remove stretch marks on Breasts?

Always remember that all the ills it is important to treat the early stages of their occurrence. So as soon as people noticed a slight stretching of the skin on the chest, an urgent need to act. The essential remedy for stretch marks on Breasts in the initial stages is essential oil. In this case, miraculous properties have grape, olive, almond oil, and oil of juniper and wheat germ. In addition, in the pharmacy you can find a cream for stretch marks on the chest. The article provides an overview of the offer in the market of creams for stretch marks, read the link /krem-ot-rastyazhek-pri-beremennosti They provided a great variety and diversity, it is desirable to acquire funds based on natural ingredients. Cream also has excellent action in this case.

after birth, stretch marks appear on Breasts photos

To get rid of stretch marks on chest you can use special scrubs, they have to consist of vitamins E and A, as well as from chitosan, collagen, and amino acids. Only this part will be useful.

When there are old stretch marks on Breasts, what to do? Of course, in this case it is advisable to seek the assistance of a special cosmetic services. The most efficient and effective laser therapy, myostimulation (destruction of the skin defect by an electric current) and mesotherapy (injection under the skin with a special injection, which resolves skin lesions).

Code formed stretch marks on the chest, treatment should be discussed with a specialist. It is important to remember that some services have side effects, and some just prohibited category of people, for example, pregnant women of these procedures is forbidden to do.

Stretch mark removal on Breasts is a long process, but after all of the procedures necessary to ensure that stretching has not appeared again.

How to avoid stretch marks on breast?

  • It is imperative to use preventive oil stretch marks on the chest. Especially if one follows the life positions in which can cause tension — pregnancy, weight loss, physical activity.
  • Good use of prophylactic ointment and cream.
  • An important condition should be the correct human diet, based on fortified and wholesome foods.
  • The excellent properties of special underwear, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Contrast shower and a light massage of Breasts will help to prevent this drawback, plus helps the skin to regain the softness and elasticity.

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