Stretch marks: causes and treatments

Causes and treatment of stretch marks on the skin

why appear on the skin stretch marksStretch marks can appear for different reasons, most often this phenomenon occurs in women, adolescents or men engaged in sporting activities. Similar to the disease can be formed anywhere, on almost any part of the human body. What are stretch marks? The human condition are caused by skin stretching, resulting in disturbed internal structure of the skin, and outside, there are shallow lines of different colors. The color of this trouble may be different, if there are white stretch marks, it is a healed stage visible of the problem, the red stretch marks appear on the skin due to excessive stretching of the skin layer, is often found in women during pregnancy. There are also blue streamers, they are formed as a result of the proximity of the inner strain for the blood vessels.

Undoubtedly, everyone who observes such a condition, looking for correct remedy for stretch marks on the skin. Once formed stretch marks how to get rid of them? — the problem is secondary, first you need to find out why the skin appear stretch marks?

Stretch marks in teenagers

If the undergrowth was formed of stretch marks on the skin, the causes of this condition lie in global changes of the body in the transition age period. The disease is a superficial scar and is most often found in young people on the legs or butt. Read more «From what appear stretch marks on the feet of adolescents.»

Unpleasant stretch marks on the skin, from which they are formed? The main reason is deep inside the body. The result of the respective age limit, the teenager begins to experience a severe shortage of nutrients and active substances, the result is a painful condition of the skin cells. If in cell composition there is a deficiency of collagen, it means that violated the elasticity, strength and firmness. The consequence of all specified action be stretch marks on the skin.

stretch marks photo

Why stretch marks are formed on the skin? An important reason for the formation of such an unpleasant defect may be lurking to mechanical stretching skin. A similar condition can be seen in adolescents who are engaged in athletics or other stretching exercises.

From what striae appear on the skin during the transition period? It often happens that a teenager for a small amount of time begins to rapidly gain weight and grow in height. Layer of the skin does not have time also to rapidly increase its volume, so the skin begins to stretch and break inside. The result — red stretch marks on the skin.

It is important to remember that at some moments striae, stretch marks are called in medical terminology, are a danger to health. The danger isn’t Stryi, and the consequences of its occurrence. Noticed that stretch marks on the back of a teenager are a symptom of diseases associated with the skeletal system or in violation of the cartilaginous part of the spine.

If there are stretch marks on the skin in adolescent, treatment should be provided timely. Diseases of the endocrine system can cause stretch marks. In this case it is important to provide drug treatment, increased content of hormones in pharmaceuticals. Also the situation may seem and Vice versa, when the body of a teenager there is an excess of the respective hormones, the problem starts with the skin.

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How to remove stretch marks on the skin? To remedy this defect, you can use several methods.

  • Laser therapy. The procedure is expensive but effective and does not pose any harm to the body gets older.
  • Medication. Getting rid of stretch marks is by using drugs that resolves healed inside the skin cells. The course of treatment is quite long, but the results are always positive.

Only the doctor can solve the problem than to treat stretch marks on the skin? Especially it concerns young body. In this case it is important to consider the structural features of the organism, the presence of various diseases in adolescents, and possible negative reaction to the treatment proposed.

How to treat stretch marks on the skin?

There are cases when a person has seen stretch marks from training. This happens because an increased tensile layer of the skin during exercise. Stretch marks in men can appear because of their professional activities related to lifting weights. In this case, you can give advice to avoid the appearance of stretch marks or to destroy already existing, should be included in the human diet belkovosoderzhaschih products. Protein according to scientific data is recognized as the main building «brick» for the new skin cells. In addition, protein products increase the level of collagen in the body, resulting in a resilient, strong and elastic skin with no stretch marks.

how to get rid of stretch marks on the skin: ointments and meansStretch marks in men have reason and inner nature. In this case, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease and at the same time to use the tools of cosmetic effects on the disease. Ointment permanent stretch marks on the skin due to their composition contain collagen substances, they promote regeneration of skin cells and simultaneously moisturize.

Stretch marks in bodybuilding — a frequent occurrence. In this case, experts advise to include in the diet of the athlete biological additives that promote elasticity of skin layer. It is also recommended to use only proper nutrition based on protein and fortified products. The same advice applies to the time when stretch marks are formed on the skin in athletes.

If you have just started to develop stretch marks on the skin treatment they can provide regular olive oil. You should regularly lubricate the damaged place on the skin for a long time. This method of treatment is based on folk recipes, but olive oil can be added in modern medicines and stretch marks on the skin.

stretch marks photoThere are a variety of stretch marks and loose skin. Most of them are available in the form of creams. A stretch mark cream on the skin must contain in its composition an oily substance, which gives firmness and elasticity to the skin. There are several varieties of creams consisting of collagen. Using it regularly helps a person to cope with the problem for a short time. Effectively it is an effective remedy for various stretch marks on the skin, which contains silicon, elastin and moisturizers.

How to remove stretch marks? The most popular laser removal of the defect. After a few sessions of laser therapy there is a complete resorption healed tissue.

You can use a cure for stretch marks on the skin. It is introduced into the body through injection and acts directly on the problem itself.

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If a person has formed stretch marks on the skin, from which appears this phenomenon can be identified by way of life of the individual. If the problem is a deficit of essential nutrients, it is important to fill the diet active substances. If the cause of stretch marks are the mechanical effects on the skin, it is important to create all necessary conditions for the skin layer was present the necessary collagen. It is important to take preventive measures, applying creams or oils.

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