Strengthening of nails with gel

Recently nail Polish is becoming more popular. It is especially important to use girls who have naturally thin and brittle nail plate. It is believed that this is a safe natural way to improve the appearance and condition of nails.

Useful for bio gel nail and gel Polish

French manicure

If you decide to try a nail strengthening with gel on yourself you should apply for this at the salon. However, many girls have learned to hold a session of correction at home, because this process is much easier than extensions with gel or acrylic. In addition, it requires less supplies, you can buy that will not be difficult.

Covering of nails Biogel – it is a simple technique which will not only strengthen the nail plate and cuticle care. This is much less likely to do manicure. Covering natural nails with gel makes them thicker, stronger, smoother. This is especially important for fragile, prone to separation of the plates, lacking minerals and vitamins. Can be applied on top of a beautiful colored paints, stickers or rhinestones as desired.

The application of gel-Polish has no special healing properties. It is more a way of decoration of manicure. To remove the cover layer by using special means, spending not more than 15 minutes. To adjust the gel coating is recommended no less frequently than every 3 weeks, because during this time, the nail plate grows, and the difference becomes obvious. Strengthening Biogel is different from the build that does change the length and shape.

The composition is applied to the surface of the natural nail plate, aligns, makes it more solid and durable. Biogel for nails consists of a protein 35%, so is not rejected by the fabric and not damage it. Important to apply this remedy after removing acrylic or shellac when plates need improvement, protection, recovery. The texture of bio-gel liquid composition placed on the plate in a thin layer, does not require correction. After 4 sessions of strengthening nail gel the result will become visible.

How to strengthen nails

Many modern girls have learned to strengthen your nails at home by yourself. The most important thing in this business – training tools and materials for the procedure. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a therapeutic agent, file, buff, degreaser, ultra-violet lamp. Strict adherence to the steps in the procedure will help to obtain good results. It should be noted that to apply this method it is possible not only hands, but feet.

The steps in the procedure:

  • hand disinfection;
  • preparation plate (zapilivanija, chain);
  • degreasing;
  • the application means;
  • modeling (if provided);
  • the application of the gel (it is recommended to make two layers);
  • drying of the coating under UV lamp;
  • equation of the form with a saw;
  • optional – apply a colour varnish;
  • after 2-3 weeks, it is time to adjust coverage.

Transparent base with glitter

Strengthening of nails by Biogel

This tool was created for medicinal purposes, because it does not lengthen the nail plate does not change their form, is not decorative. Biogel is made from proteins and resins, teak wood, native to South Africa. A natural biological product is allowed to use even to pregnant women who fear for the health of the baby.


The procedure of strengthening of nails with gel:

  1. First degrease the plate, push the cuticle.
  2. Washed down the nail and remove the Shine using the buff.
  3. Put a layer of primer, dried under UV lamp.
  4. After that, the Biogel is applied in several layers, each dried for 3-5 minutes.


To wear beautiful long manicure preferred by most girls. Note, however, that Biogel for short length is a great way to improve their condition, rebuild the structure (this is especially true after extension). Furthermore, strengthening, care treatment you need in order to grow a healthy plate of desired length. The procedure is similar to the strengthening of the long nails. Additionally, you can use stickers, colored coating, etc.

Which to choose gel nail

Natural French

There are many ways of strengthening products, for example:

  1. Bio Sculpture gel has a completely natural composition. Dries for a few minutes, heals microdamages, evens the surface.
  2. Royal Sealer – drug to give a finished manicure Shine. Can be transparent or colored. Helps to whiten the nail plate, used for strengthening or building up.
  3. UV Biogel is used to strengthen the plates in the summer, protects against UV radiation.
  4. Irisk Classik Clear universal liquid coating is completely transparent. It is recommended to use when the nails grow slowly.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The price for such coverage ranged from 200 to 700 rubles. The cost depends primarily on the brand of the manufacturer, composition and other characteristics of the funds. To buy gel for nails recovery is possible at pharmacies or stores with products specifically for nails. In addition, actively involved in the implementation of such tools in the Internet shops of cosmetics.

Video: Covering natural nails with gel


Marina, 23 years: ever Heard of nail strengthening with gel that is useful and effective procedure. The choice of funds is very large in the stores, so it was difficult for me to decide which gel to buy. I recommend «Mussoorie». The composition is good, inexpensive, lasts 14-18 days. After the first session only regularly use this tool.

Jeanne, 26 years: I’m not used to save on your health and beauty, so only use expensive high-quality cosmetics. Bio Sculpture is a great gel for the treatment of my nails, which I used constantly after removing or accrued during the deficiency. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, lasts a long time.

Anna, 19 years old: Decided to try this recovery method after removing the acrylic, when I noticed the terrible condition of the nail plates. My master suggested remedy with the contents of the primer – Alessandro. When the coating was dried under the UV lamp, I felt a strong burning sensation. The rest were satisfied with the result.

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