Ways to straighten hair at home

how to straighten hairWavy hair is beautiful and magical, but the owners of revel, at times, wants their hair was straight and manageable. Currently, various opportunities there are many ways of straightening hair permanently.

You can visit a beauty beauty salon and to use the services of professionals. But with the same positive result occurs, and straightening hair at home, as well as their recovery.

Tools for straightening hair

Many women are interested in a common issue, how to straighten hair permanently? Science and various experiments invented many tools to achieve the desired result and straighten unruly curls.

  • Shampoo. Long-term straightening can be obtained by using a special shampoo. Unfortunately, this cosmetic product is only suitable for those with slightly wavy hair or straight, but naughty. After washing hair with this shampoo, hair becomes manageable, smooth and shiny. The specified drug is effective for women with very curly hair. The shampoo for effective hair straightening contains special substances — ceramides, which are able to smooth out split ends fluff the hair scales. In addition, the product includes natural oils which will naturally aggravate the hair, thus making them straighter. The shampoo helps to straighten the hair for a short time until the scalp is not dirty, then will not need to re-wash the hair. In addition, the tool is not recommended for frequent use, women whose hair and scalp are greasy.
  • Flat irons for hair. This device was invented a long time ago. Previously, iron was considered the tool that has a very negative effect on the structure of hair. But in the modern world has developed a special design that can help not to worsen the hair.
  • Hair straightening with keratin. Please read about it on the link /keratinovoe-vyipryamlenie-hair/

  • Gelatin. Hair straightening gelatin is an ancient and efficient way. This substance not only smoothes the structure of the hair, but gives hair a chic and charming gloss and healthy and well-groomed appearance. Mask for hair straightening based on gelatin prepared according to the following recipe: in 1 Cup of moderately hot water to dissolve to a single, homogeneous mass 3 tbsp gelatin substance. It is recommended to add to the tool and a small amount of hair conditioner. This will help rinse the mask after using it. After preparation of the solution, the hair is washed in the usual way using the appropriate shampoo, and then on wet hair is applied the prepared mixture. Using polyethylene insulated means on the head, and after 45 minutes, wash off with water. Read more in the article «How to do laminating hair gelatin».

    in the photo the hair before and after straightening

  • Mask. All homemade masks for hair contain natural ingredients. As formulations to obtain the desired result using beer, sweet tea with sugar, vinegar solution or oil reply. Specified mask for hair straightening houses are built in a single composition to wet hair, then use a hair dryer, smoothed hair. The result is smooth and shiny hair and also great hair.

How to straighten hair with a hair dryer and tongs

Remember that straighten hair without a flat iron was possible but You will need other devices for the fixation of the obtained hairstyle.

  • How to straighten your hair? It is desirable to use the most powerful device. To obtain the desired result, you need to wash your hair, then take a damp curl, pull out his comb and dried straightened a lock of hair dryer. To do this, starting from the roots to the tips of the hair. Thus, strand by strand to stretch and straighten all the hair. For a long and harmless result, it is recommended before drying your hair, spread the hair soft locking.
  • The tongs for hair straightening. Similarly, Curling irons, tongs are able to create a beautiful hairstyle on her head. Tongs come in different temperature regimes, it is advisable to choose the most gentle of them. Wet hair strands of hair carefully using tongs, straightened and, at the same time, and dried. In the same way as with the similar use of a Hairdryer before using Curling iron on the hair can cause fixing tool.
  • Comb for straightening hair. This tool acts like a forceps, but the comb is desirable to use the application or the sugar water or beer. Hair for this water with the corresponding composition, and then stretched and straightened with a comb.

To straighten hair without a flat iron it is possible, and also effectively and efficiently this can be done at home. All good and harmless, but, unfortunately, have a short-lived result. What methods do You use for straightening curly hair? Share with our readers their proven recipes.