How to weave a spike: tips and video tutorials

how to weave spikelets photoHairstyle spike is best suited to owners of long and medium hair. This hairstyle is very popular. Spike will give the woman the tenderness, innocence and grace. There are several types of this netting. Those who are interested in spike, it is important to know how to weave.

How to learn how to weave a spike

Before you start to weave a spike, it is important to learn all the tricks of weaving, You will help design: how to weave a spike.

  1. Hair comb, if hair is unruly, it is possible to slightly moisten. Hair should be combed strictly back the falling strands.
  2. Split in the middle of the head of hair into two equal part. Working with the right side of the head detachable small lock of hair on the right side and layer it so that it gradually joined the right side the left side of the hair.spike hairstyle how to weave photos
  3. Do the same thing with the left side of the head detachable from the left side a small strand and bring it to the left side of the right side of the head.
  4. All this is done with all the separated strands on the head, leaving the head free only about 10 cm of extra strands.
  5. Interlock barrette or elastic band received hair.

Many women are interested in the question of how to learn how to weave a spike, many people think that hair heavy and unyielding. But it is misleading. Spike refers to the fastest and most reliable hairstyles, a single only need to learn all the subtleties of the question: how to weave a spike.

See how to weave a spike video:


How to weave a spike myself

How to weave a spike of 4 strands, the scheme of action. Do everything according to the instructions above, the only thing before braiding the hair, split the hair into 2 parts and 4. Then continue weaving according to the diagram.

The same can be done with two strands, and can be woven plait «Kolosok» or «fish» tail.

  • Unusual ear: «fishtail» how to weave? Comb hair back, divide into 2 strands, then the left strand under the right put. Then from the right-hand strands with a small comb to pull some hair and add strands to the left, do the same thing with the left part. At least such action will be to get an elegant braid. Moreover, the thinner it will be more strands, the more beautiful and elegant is the appearance of the finished hairstyle. In the end, all interlock barrette or elastic hair band.

    photo spike fishtail weave how to

  • How to weave braid spike? Pigtail spike trudges very simple. For this you need to start braiding a normal braid, gradually adding thin strands and the full width of the hair by adding thin strands with the left and right sides. The braid is woven to the desired length, and then is hooked.
  • If you need double ear-plait, how to weave this miracle? The effect is similar to the above scheme, the only thing to do is after combing the hair back, the entire width of the vertical hair parted in the middle to divide into two equal parts. Then weave each braid-spike separately. How to weave a spike itself scheme photo
  • How to weave a spike on the side? For this hairstyles for long combed down the hair, at the base of the top are three strands, then weaves a normal ear, but strands from the left ( or right) side must pull the entire braid. The spikelet on the side can go, surrounding his head, and down at the base of the shoulder. Can the side to let spike from the base of the neck and make the corresponding tilt in the desired direction thin strands of hair.
  • How to weave a French ear? The hair is combed down, then the hair strands are taken from okolovenoznoe region and drags the floor a braid, but one strand, which You took by making an entanglement, should not be placed in a braid, and should fall to other flowing hair. It turns out the floor braid around the head, and the hair remain loose.

Video how to weave a spike myself

As well as how to weave fishtail spike video:

How to weave a spike in a circle

  • How to weave a cone around your head? To comb your hair back, then at the base of the temple to separate a small little strands in the amount of 3 pieces, then one of these spans the braid is woven, is gradually capturing the loose hair strands. So we continue weaving to the starting point of departure. The cone around the head to catch the studs and decorated with small pins on the circumference of the spit.
  • How to weave a spike inside out? The hair is combed back, then at the base of the temple separated by three thin strands, and it continues the normal weaving spikelets. But that hair was splayed out strands need extra impose not on top and bottom of the main braids. To weave a spike inside need tight, that later he collapsed. hairstyle spike photo
  • How to weave a spike outside? Spike also woven out of three strands, taken from any part of the head, the strands are not inside and outside. Weave this hairstyle seems a very difficult thing to do, but it’s wrong. Trained hands can create masterpieces on my head.
  • How to weave braid on the contrary? This braid needs to go exactly in the middle of the head, top of head separated by a large strand of hair, then it is divided into 3 equal parts, then takes a single curl and is given by 2 others, in a similar way, take another lock of hair and wind it up again under 2, exactly the same act and the third strand, drawing it under the other 2. In this way there is a weaving of the spit to the end, the hair looks very unusual.

Look at the video how to weave a spike:

«Pigtail spike how to weave video:

Hairstyle spike is casual, and dress. Beautiful on the head you can put any hair, it needs only patience and a little skill.

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