Stencil dyeing of hair

If you feel that it is time for change, start with yourself! Pay attention to your style, what it lacks extravagance, courage, audacity, playfulness? Any note can be beat, changing only the color of the hair. If you in pursuit of experimentation, then stencil dyeing of hair you need to try! Find out more about this technique.

What is stencil painting or footage

Stencil dyeing (another name for the «footage») is a technique that uses specialized templates to create vivid images, patterns and small works of art on the hair. Venturing on this step, think what you want – dramatic or minor changes in the image? Barber safely perform non-standard stencil dyeing in the form of complex pattern on the hair. But if you’re not ready, simple, geometric lines will not destroy you in shock.

Do not have to use paint a long term temporary option for future events, holidays, celebration will show all the flamboyant side. Although there are many recommendations and positive reviews about the short length of hair, use stencils on the long strands is not prohibited. Such a bold, creative act of the surrounding will surely appreciate.

Peculiarities of technology of painting under the stencil

The use of stencil coloring requires a special approach. The intricate shade of the original image or the exact geometrical proportions, it is better to go to a professional salon, especially those who are facing this procedure for the first time. If your strands stencil staining was performed more than once, you can experiment at home if it will be a simple drawing, which is difficult to make a mistake.

Looks like stencil dyeing on hair

The main feature of the footage of the hair that your pattern no one will repeat. The paint falls into strands unique layer, and the professionals will not be able to achieve the same effect. The advantage of stencil dyeing is suitable for any color of hair. This procedure is relatively simple. As it is easy to select only a strand or several, or top layer creative way, without affecting the roots. If you are an office worker, then create silk-screen painting according to the dress code. Future hair should not be the cause of disputes and quarrels with his superiors.

For stencil dyeing of strands of suitable dyes:

  • With a short-term effect. It sprays in cans, which are not absorbed into the hair cuticle, and wash out after shampooing. If you have a fashion party, take a risk to look weird. New colors, bold tone stencil painting will give a pleasant result.
  • With more prolonged effect. Semi-permanent tonics, physical dyes, which soak for a short time in the hair cuticle. After 4-6 shampooing natural color will come back to you. You can use a temporary screen painting if there are doubts about constant.
  • With long-lasting effect. Permanent paint penetrate deep into the hair cuticle, not washed with shampoo. Want to change the style? Unusual haircut and stencil dyeing on a regular basis will help you!

The group, which can be deleted from the list of contenders for the footage – a girl with wavy, curly hair. In contrast to the smooth, straight, obedient hair, strands of these owners apart, so the picture will not be visible. If you decide to stencil coloring, remember, the picture will look perfect in the hair, over which was applied the paint (assembled tail styling with smooth parting).

Fashion trends in 2015

Where we came the fashion for screen color? That’s right, you dictate the American celebrity. If you heard about the stencil colouring of the strands of glossy magazines, do not rely only on these sources as inspiration. Talk to the stylist, discuss the latest trends in the professional field specialists in hair, tell us about your own desires.

The coloring of the strands is performed with the help of stencils, layouts. This plastic or silicone inserts in various sizes, shapes, in the right quantity. They visually increase the volume of hair by proper patterning, the separation of the strands in the zone. Stencils are made independently. If you want to bring beauty and make a fashionable staining throughout the volume yourself, call in a friend who will do the work accurately. Choose your pattern!

Abstract pattern

Abstract pattern on hair

If you are a person going against the system rules, that with abstraction you must know. Do not have to convey it through art, it can present in everyday life in the form of unusual hairstyles and stencil painting. The pursuit of harmony with the perfect, smooth lines in the hair will give you a sense of balance, you stand out among your friends. The desire to paint strands in a smooth, rounded lines that look like waves, mountains, no mistake! Risk – dyeing and screen will stay with you for a long time.

Geometric pattern

photos of saberwing PASM

Freelancers will appeal to geometric abstraction. Clean lines stencil painting, form squares, rectangles, circles, dividing the whole volume into equal parts, will give you rave reviews. Looks great this effect with asymmetric haircut that further accentuates the simplicity and poignancy. Geometric stencil painting can be applied even to those who work in office structures and large corporations. Block footage is very popular with it’s bright colors, beautiful tone.

Tiger or leopard print

Tiger or leopard print on her hair

Originality at the height of fashion. Animal patterns stencil painting are popular with offbeat celebrities such as Nicki Minaj. Tiger print all over adds volume to the hair splendor. If you want to look modest, but with a twist, use a colored stencil painting only on the lateral strands. Drawing pattern paint should look contrasting, leopard print otherwise nobody will consider. The dark shade of hair pick light color for the stencil color.

The figure in a vertical or horizontal plane

Simple geometry hair

If you decide to choose a stencil pattern, follow the same styling. If you are a fan of irons, gels for alignment, this option is not for you. Finally decided with screen painting? Then figure in the form of flowers, clouds, snowflakes, leaves, Celtic designs, lace, stars, hearts, surround the Indian and the peacock feathers, small birds will certainly surprise you. Create your own stencil with your favorite image paint hair special! When if not now?

How to make coloring at home

  1. For a start, purchase the necessary materials: paint footage (Estel, Matrix and other proven brands), dressing gown, disposable gloves, an apron, a couple of stencils for a particular drawing, a plastic bowl, a brush for painting, flat clamps, foil.
  2. Wash the head, apply a balm to protect cuticles. Rinse with water, completely dry your hair. Bring them to a condition of straight and obedient.
  3. Wear disposable or work clothes.
  4. Select a strand for screen painting width 6 cm, thickness 1.5 cm to Secure it separately from the rest of the hair clips.
  5. Under lock fit the foil, re-attach.
  6. Above the selected section of hair, apply the stencil, secure the clip at the top.
  7. As with gloves, mix the emulsion for painting. Brush strokes do down the stencil.
  8. If you want to get the drawing block coloring back, you will have to use using one, otherwise exactly cause the pattern to be problematic.
  9. When the exposure time of the paint will come to an end, remove the materials from the hair, wash your hair with shampoo, then balm strengthens. This will preserve the maximum bright effect, stencil painting, even when using temporary dyes.

Video: master class in screen painting

If you still find it hard to imagine how the technique is performed footage, video below for you will be a stick wand. Look carefully, because it does not show the normal pattern with one small stencil, and creative gradient. Skill successful painting in this style is acquired with experience, why don’t you practice and improve your skill? Video will help you understand how to do stencil painting quality is not on one strand, and throughout the volume, whether it be leopard print or block footage hair.

Photos girls with stencil colouring

For inspiration check out photos of the girls that took the risk and used the stencil painting. Be an experimentalist – not only fun, but also profitable, if you create something completely new and unique. Start with sample stencil painting on its own and after a couple of months will be able to sell your own layouts, advise on paint and the application method. If you are excited to treat this kind of fun, it can be an additional income.

Examples of stencil dyeing hair

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