Stamps for nails

Manicure with a pattern has long become an indispensable accessory of any lady. For a creative nature nail art decoration is long lasting pleasant process of creation nails-masterpieces, more busy beauties to the fashion industry has provided an easy and quick option – the nail stamping.

What is the stamping nail

The technique of stamping – a modern opening for girls. With its appearance no longer need to apply to the master for drawing beautiful drawings on the nails. This technique involves precise image of small parts. A bonus to those who started stamping a unique opportunity to decorate phones, cards, pendants, earrings, watches and other items. If you wish, you can even decorate furniture, or a refrigerator. With the technology of stamping, it is possible to change the image daily.

Set for stamping

What is included in the set for stamping

The advantage of stamps for nails – save on a salon visit. In addition, due to the stamping, you can create interesting patterns. This technique is simple to master on their own, although successful initiatives need to develop a skill. Will help in carrying out technology stamping special set. Included, as a rule, are the following items:

  • Scraper plastic scraper, equipped with a comfortable handle that helps remove the excess paint. The tool has no sharp parts, only Shcherbina.
  • Metal discs for stamping – special plates, stencils for nails with carved figures. On one product can be of 7 engravings. Plate for stamping you can pick up at your discretion.
  • Stamps for nail Polish that looks similar to the print. Their main purpose is to move images from disk to the nail.
  • Special inks which are required for business. They usually are in bottles, like regular nail Polish, but they have a more thick consistency. These funds will not melt, so the drawings will be clear.
  • To set sometimes you can find special stamping printer that allows to print a drawing.

Trafarety TA Platini

Stencils and plates

In the technology of the stamp using special stencils for nails or disks, on which are engraved various pictures. These patterns when applying a stamp can become a great decoration. Depending on how many drawings there are on the disks, they can be produced in different variations. Generally, stencils for painting nails have 4 to 7 different patterns. Optionally, you can order a large rectangular plate with engraved design, which has no less than 10 different ornaments.


The most important tools in the stamping – stamps for nails that help to recreate a variety of patterns: from webs to a chess-Board, from the flowers to the asymmetric divorce. Stamps are original (Konad, Enas, Born, etc.) and unoriginal. In material they may be silicone rubber. Hard rubber, and it is not always able to follow the shape of the nail, therefore, such products are difficult to use for patterning. Silicone could change their appearance. Stamps can be unilateral and bilateral.


For stamping not fit the usual decorative lacquer. Also the stamping under the gel Polish may not always be able to go out, as this feature is strongly flowing and the picture is fuzzy. So you need to purchase special colored coating, which have a high pigmentation in this regard, the picture will be vivid, three-dimensional, clear. Mandatory requirements for nail stamping:

  • Density, to migration patterns, it did not spread.
  • Good pigmentation, high density, so that the pattern was smooth, not transparent.
  • Color. Choose bright colors that will stand out against the background of the main cover.
  • Better to Polish for stamping was frosted, otherwise the image will be translucent.

She uses stamp

How to use a stamp for your nails

When you create a manicure with stamping technique you must perform the following procedure:

  • Remove cuticles and give your nails the desired shape using the nail file.
  • Degrease the nail using nail Polish remover.
  • Apply the first base coat and then Foundation.
  • If the new disk, it is necessary to remove a film
  • Are defined with the engraving and cover it with paint.
  • Easy neat movement of scraper remove any excess Polish.
  • Press the stamp image and hold it in this position for a few seconds.
  • Transfer the pattern to the nail plate.
  • The course the fixers.
  • After completion of work, clean tools with solvent.


The average price of stamps in Moscow varies from 120 rubles for a simple set to 3000 for quality products. It is difficult to find a professional series of shops in the city, and is often bought via the Internet shops: aliexpress, and planet nails. Kit by Konad will cost you in the range of 1000 rubles. In addition, buy stamps, stencils, kits for stamping in the salons, where everything is sold for nail Polish.

Video: stamping with gel Polish

Photo nail design with stamping

Painting nails at home is now becoming popular among the fairer sex. To make a beautiful pattern, you will need a special stamping set, some free time and a huge desire to make your fingers unusual and unique. View the different designs created using the stamping on the photo.

Ideas nail art


Katya, 24 years:just recently learned what stamping Polish. Decided that I will no longer spend money on manicures at the salon, bought a special set Konad. The first time I tried painting the nails with a stamp, frankly, it sucks: couldn’t adapt to a set pattern. After a few workouts felt like a wizard. Make friends now.

Maria, 34 years:I don’t like to go to salon manicure, do not trust, and money is always a pity. So I have a lot of different tools. My latest find – stamping set. It includes three multi-colored nail Polish, scraper, Stamper, the disc engraved. I watched a few tutorials and a couple of days later she was able to do a quality manicure.

Irina, 43 years:I belong to the category of women who something constantly coming up with their nails. This time found a new fashionable now stamping for decorating nails. Purchased a set and separately bought lucky. To make beautiful patterns I got from the second time. Now, even in the way salons do not look.

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