The reasons for the formation of pigment spots on the body

dark spots on body picturesOften, people can observe a defect — pigment spots on the body. In most cases they suffer the fair population. The appearance of pigment spots on the body does not mean that you are suffering from any serious or chronic illness, in most cases, it is only a cosmetic defect. It should also be borne in mind that, before being subjected to this trouble different methods of treatment or disposal, they must first try to cover. If this method fails, then we can use other ways to eliminate age spots.

What spots? Undoubtedly, the spots is the colour change of the skin, with many interrelated causes. Very often, the pigmentation is associated with lack of vitamin-mineral complex in the body, in addition, there are other reasons for the formation of the specified defect.

dark spots on body pictures

What pigment spots appear on the body?

  • Diseases of the digestive tract and liver provokes appearance of pigmentation on the body.
  • The interaction of the skin and the various chemicals or reagents also contributes to the variation in color tone on the skin.
  • If the image of the spots, the cause may be hidden in skin diseases. Especially if the pigmentation on the body is starting to itch or flake.
  • Why age spots appear? This can be the consequences of various injuries to the skin (the trace of the burn or after removal of the boils or acne).
  • Age spots appear in a natural way, this lesion is a consequence of aging. This usually occurs after 45 years.
  • White pigment spots on skin is the consequence of a lack in human body skin cells responsible for melanin production.

Pigment spots on the back can take the form of freckles and appear in fair-skinned people. Often notice the appearance of such pigmentation when exposed to direct sunlight or due to genetic predisposition. If dark spots on the back increase in size and become not freckles, this effect may be associated with diseases of the endocrine system.

Spots on the chest may indicate diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, kidney or liver, thyroid. In some cases, this pigmentation occurs as a result of the use of creams and various compositions for skin lighten the skin.

pigment spots on the back of the photo

Pigment spot on the eye is caused by genetics of a person. Sometimes the trouble a very negative effect on the brightness and clarity of vision. It is very dangerous to discolor or to treat yourself of such spots. Their removal should only by a qualified technician. It is also desirable to remove pigmentation when it brings the most discomfort to the person.

Spots on the neck are most often formed by exposure to the direct rays of the sun or because of hereditary predisposition. Sometimes pigmentation on the neck evidence of chronic internal diseases.

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Spots in the groin in men is the first cause of the beginning of the disease of a sexual nature. Upon detection of such defects, you should immediately consult a doctor. Often it happens that the pigmentation in the groin in men is associated with occurrence of fungal infection. In some cases, a pigment spot appears in men with birth and stays with him for life.

age spots on skin photosSpots in the groin in women are also manifestations of diseases of the genitourinary system. Especially if the stain begins to darken, this is a clear reason for the visit to the specialist.

On the body of the child appear because of the decline in the health of the immune system. In the summer of this pigmentation can be due to the interaction of the sun. One cannot rule out a hereditary cause of the formation of pigmentation in a child.

Lets examine in more detail why there are spots on other parts of the body?

Pigment spots on the skin

Pigmentation of the skin is linked to all the above reasons. You should know that any ailment of the internal organs in the human body is a result of the change of colour of the skin.

pigmentation spots during pregnancy photos

If these spots do not cause discomfort to man and is not his fault, of them, of course, you can not get rid of. If spots hinder normal to live and function, you should use discoloration, treatment or medication removal.

Age spots on hands

In the formation of age spots on hands, causes can be:

age spots on hand photo

  • senile age;
  • the influence of the sun;
  • hormonal failure in the body (menopause, pregnancy, endocrine diseases);
  • use and application of funds for the care of the poor body composition.

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Dark spots on the legs

Quite often this situation occurs after waxing or use of creams or gels for the body inappropriate for the type of skin composition. In addition, dark spots on the legs can be associated with the use of wrong or uncomfortable shoes.

You should pay special attention to the pigmentation on the legs, which over time begins to change in color tone, or increase in size. In this case, future human actions are determined by an expert.

Pigmentation spots during pregnancy

spots photosIn most cases, pigmentation spots during pregnancy are associated with drastic hormonal changes in women. Quite often happens so that after birth, they eliminated themselves.

Also pigmentation during pregnancy may be associated with an acute shortage of vitamins and minerals in the body. In this case, you need to pay attention to a healthy diet of the expectant mother.

If spots do not disappear after delivery, you can use any media discoloration or treatment lack. In the period of breast-feeding young mother need to abandon any interventions in appearance.