Pain in hair removal. How to make the procedure less painful

how to make hair removal painlessUnwanted «vegetation» on the female body, is often cause for concern. Ago. ladies use a variety of methods and means for removal of the hated hairs. It is believed that the most effectively remove hairs from the root, so many women choose the procedure of hair removal. However, this procedure is quite painful, and in this case never fit the expression: «beauty requires sacrifice», especially when it comes to handling the most sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini area.

Many women have no idea what can be painless hair removal, is something in the area of science fiction. However, to date, there are medication and non-pharmacological means with the anesthetic effects to the pain of epilation. It’s time to learn all the available techniques to reduce the pain when removing hair.

What can numb the skin before epilation?

What to pull out hair is painful, provided by nature. But in all ages people have sought to remove excess vegetation. In the days of Cleopatra, Eastern beauty used tweezers to remove excess hair, and in those days girls were looking for ways to numb the pain of hair removal». For example, most often, for some days prior to the procedure, the skin was steamed out, and then every 3 hours rubbed different oils to saturate it, so the hair easier removal and the process has taken less discomfort.

Modern methods of anesthesia are more diverse and effective, consider some of them.

The use of pain pills

The level of your suffering during the hair removal depends on skin type women and the degree of sensitivity. Some quite a bit to endure to fully complete the procedure, while others experience pain so intense that they are forced to permanently abandon the hair removal. The easiest way to reduce the pain of epilation is to take drugs, anesthetics inside. These medications are used to relieve pain and spasms in the joints and muscles in other situations, these include the pills:

  • Analgin;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Tempalgin;
  • Of Ketoprofen;
  • Indomethacin;
  • Diclofenac.

If you want to take a painkiller for hair removal in the bikini area, you should pay attention to the last two tools, they seem to be very effective. These pills can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription, then you need to take for thirty, forty minutes before the session, be sure to following the suggested instructions and recommended dose.

Not to say that many pain pills very adversely affect some of the internal organs and systems, so abuse this method is not recommended. Also do not forget about the existing medicine side effects and contraindications, so if in doubt, what kind of medication suits you, consult a specialist.

Lidocaine when epilating

How to reduce pain during epilationMore safe for health to use pain relievers locally. For these purposes there are many different drugs, particularly popular is the spray «Lidocaine», which can easily bought at the pharmacy. It is believed that more effective is a drug the Hungarian companies than the Russian production. It is often used in beauty salons as a local anesthetic when waxing, epilation and other painful procedures.

So, in order to properly use lidocaine spray, spray it on clean skin for some time before plan hair removal. To achieve best results, apply the product on the skin, wrap it with film and leave for a couple of hours, then proceed to the procedure for removal of hairs.

Sometimes, the pharmacy is no lidocaine in the form of a spray, you can get a vial of this medication. If you still have an empty bottle with a sprayer, you can easily create your anesthetic spray for hair removal, just poured the contents of the vials.

And not forgetting before use, carefully read the instructions and to test for the absence of allergic reactions.

Pain cream for depilation/epilation

As a method of pain relief, you can use a special cream for pain relief hair removal/depilation, which can be bought in a pharmacy, shop or beauty salon. Apply them is very simple, just a couple of hours to be applied onto the intended area where you will be removed the hairs, then go to the procedure with the least pain.

How to make hair removal painlessWell established cream for analgesia during waxing and other procedures — «EMLA». It is based on components of lidocaine and prilocaine, its application has a long action and it has the minimum number of possible «side effects», because it applies only in the thickness of the epidermis. According to the manual, the tool should be applied a few hours before painful procedures. To enhance the effect, you can wrap skin wrap for deeper penetration. If there was a choice, than to anesthetize the skin before bikini waxing, in addition to the cream, you can use the patch «EMLA» which has a similar composition and effect as the cream but easier to use in relation to sensitive areas. For 1 session, it is recommended to use no more than 3 patches at once.

Another means designed to block pain receptors, the cream Light Dep. It is made for the water component, with the addition of anesthetic components, suitable for sensitive zones, except that the effect of the cream is already apparent after 15-20 minutes. after application, which saves time in the procedure.

It should be noted that a significant disadvantage of the anesthetic hair removal cream is its high cost and uneconomical.

The use of different nozzles on the epilator

Many manufacturers of electric appliances for removing hair care of how to make a hair removal epilator is painless, and specially came up with all kinds of tips on the appliance.

  • Massage nozzle acting on the skin, knocks the flow of pain signals through the nerves, after such a «diversion» becomes easier.
  • The cooling nozzle is a great way how to make hair removal painless. In addition, the cooling effect during the procedure will help to avoid irritation after hair removal. If no heads, but had a desire to shave my legs epilator no pain, you can use the method: grind a certain area with ice before impact.
  • Head of the thinned discs reduces pain due to the fact that does not during the procedure at the same time pull from a large number of hairs.

Hair removal leg epilator can be painless, if the procedure to take a hot shower and thoroughly RUB your skin with a loofah.

How to do painless hair removal in the bikini area? Tips and advice

Probably, many women, the topic of hair removal in intimate, most sensitive area of the body — the bikini area, will cause a shudder. What are the options procedures read here. But, on the eve of the beach season, one way or another we need to think seriously about the long-term, effective removal of unwanted hair, and want to do it as gently and painlessly. Therefore, we offer some useful tips on how to numb the pain of hair removal in the bikini area and stay pleased with the result:

  • The day before the proposed procedure, exfoliate skin with a scrub. This procedure will make the skin softer, smoother and hairs as day.
  • Try to spend epilating procedure immediately after a month as it is believed that in a week’s time after the next menstruation, the pain threshold in women is slightly higher than on other days.
  • Use solid types of wax, as when carrying out waxing at home and in a beauty salon. This wax is considered higher quality and is affected by the softer and less painful.
  • Take pills, especially for girls with a low pain threshold or very sensitive to various influences skin.
  • Distract yourself from the pain. It is believed that if you listen to music, talk or sing to your favorite motive, the pain will move easier.

Anyway, today, waxing without pain is very real, there are many ways and analgesics, which are effective and safe for the body. Every woman can find the best remedy, be it pain relief ointment for hair removal, spray or cooling tip on the device.

Have a smooth, beautiful, attractive body — a natural desire for anyone watching their appearance women. Progress does not stand still, today it is possible to make long-term body hair removal is absolutely painless and without side effects.

Be well-groomed, beautiful and attractive at any time, any place!

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