Smooth soft skin: how to achieve

Smooth soft skin: how to achieve

In pursuit of smooth and delicate skin will help scrub.

Smooth soft skin: how to achieve

First thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities. And then you can begin applying the scrub. If You have a scrub with granules or grains, then before apply on face, mixed with a couple drops of water. Then, having smooth circular movements on the skin, wash away with warm water.

Scrub cream, conversely, does not need mixing with water. We just apply it in a thin layer to skin, avoiding eye area, gently massaging the skin and wait until dry. Then remove the scrub using a damp cloth and wipe the face tonic.

The frequency of exfoliation depends on skin type. For normal and oily skin enough only 1 times a week, dry — 1 time in 2 weeks.

Scrubbing is best done at night to damaged skin do not fall under the rays of the sun.

If the street is cold, wind or frost, that scrub better not to use it, as it is very big for her load.

Also you can make a scrub at home and using instead a special exfoliating particles of ground coffee, brown or regular sugar or salt. For the basics perfect simple water, cream, oil.

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