Simple and quick hairstyles for long hair

hairstyles for long hair photosThe pride of the women are long and beautiful hair. And if you put them in a beautiful hairstyle, looks would acquire charm, uniqueness and exclusivity. But often the winner of this beauty tormented by the question: how to make yourself attractive, not spending a lot of time. How to make a hair fast, but beautiful? Which hairstyles for long hair simple?

What to do simple hairstyles for long hair? The easiest hairstyle for long hair consists in the following steps: comb hair brush to separate top section of hair and backcomb it at the roots, smoothing, lock varnish, or other means for hair styling, and after slay this beautiful strand with a hair clip. Fast, simple and romantic!

Simple hairstyles for long hair

  • Wavy hair — apply for straight hair mousse or foam for hair styling, then do a springy motion with his hands on the long locks, drawing them from the bottom to the roots. After gathering the hair into a ponytail, securing them with elastic band or barrette. And for vanity it is possible to produce a few wavy strands at the base of the temple.

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  • Side swept hair — apply hair styling for straight hair, then divide hair parted in the middle, more interesting would be if parted to separate so that the left side seemed wider than right, or Vice versa. Then — at your discretion: leave the hair free or do a ponytail. byistryie-pricheski-на-dlinnyie-volosyi-01

Quick hairstyles for long hair

  • A daring tail — to wear my hair high up, much to pull from on top of the head and fixed in place with a scrunchie.


  • A simple tail — comb straight hair, pull them at the base of the neck and tie with a scrunchie. pricheski-na-dlinnyie-volosyi_2
  • It is considered that the most rapid haircuts are tails, the variety of tails big set. In addition to the above tails, you can give yourself a naughty look with the following hair: divide hair parted in the middle, each side of the parting lock in the form of a tail or at the neck, or way up high.

See how to make beautiful and simple hairstyles for long hair video:

Easy hairstyles for long hair

  • The hair comb with the tilt to the right or left side and hook the Bobby pin at the base of the shoulder.
  • Flowing straight hair, too part hair. This hairstyle is simple and straightforward, the only thing you need to do is regularly comb your hair throughout the day.

Hairstyles braids for long hair

Popular hairstyles for long hair from the braid. Here already it is necessary to show imagination and to choose which image You like. Or are You an innocent girl, with two braids on the sides, or a femme fatale with a scythe, braided inside out. Hairstyle braids for long hair also use the majority of the women can braid multiple braids and throw them over her shoulders, and you can use braids to arrange a basket on his head. There are many options, just need to choose the right.



The glamorous magazines presented images of hairstyles for long hair. They look very extravagant, but usually you can make them on their own. Data hairstyles for hair easy and simple, but the stylists do it as if their own is impossible. Each hairstyle has detailed instructions. If you follow exactly in line with each paragraph, you can build yourself a beauty that will be the envy of all the beauties from the covers of various magazines.


How do You updo? You have already done yourself? Write in the comments.

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