Short womens haircut on curly hair

Wavy curls fine curls or small springs – the majority of owners of wavy hair were fortunate to have gorgeous locks. Short or long, natural curls give the flavor, emphasizing the sudden touch of sexy style, exquisite taste «curly sue». Season fashionable women’s haircuts 2015/16 asks girls to plunge into the world of retro, remembering the feminine, soft lines; to make a journey to the future with asymmetric, clear proportions and hair coloring in ultra bright tones.

How to choose a haircut for curly hair

Curly by nature hair, and joy, and «headache» of their owner. Porous, friable structure, and besides dryness, susceptibility to breakage – among the negative factors, requiring constant care of the mistress for his «wealth». Structure curly hair is more porous due to the wave form: the number of outstanding scales at owners of curls more. Fat natural lubrication is not enough to seal off the hair, so curly hair are more prone to the effects of environmental factors.

Short haircuts for owners of charming curls – stylish, fashionable and secure way to take care of your own hair. Properly chosen hairstyle will add sophistication to repair the damaged structure will emphasize individual style and youth. To decide fashionable women’s haircuts, you need to consider a number of factors:

  • Structural type of hair.
  • The degree of springiness and density of curly hair.
  • The shape of the face.
  • The peculiarities of physiological structure.
  • Figure.
  • Age.

Of course, the important role played by their own tastes and preferences, according to fashion trends. Upscale hair stylist, before a magical transformation of the owner of curly hair, be sure to check the degree of elasticity: this is the difference in length between the stretched fully aligned by strand and twirl in a free state.

Ignoring hairdresser this factor leads to disastrous results: in the free state curly hair «Bouncing», violating the ideal proportions of hairstyles. So, wanting to make a short cut, take care of the choice of a hairdresser. In this case attention should be paid to the following points:

  • A professional definitely will pay attention to your hair, not yet starting the process of creating hairstyles: determine the type, thickness and structure, find the density, the degree of springiness.
  • On the basis of information obtained he will recommend a haircut. The feature of curly hair is that to do «this hairstyle as the girl in the magazine» is not always possible. Rather, what can be done, but the result is sometimes far from the expected.
  • Women’s haircuts for curly hair properly perform «dry» without pre-wash.
  • To give volume to the hairdresser should remove only the upper hard layer curly hair.

Depending on the structure of the hair

For tendrils and curls is distinctive, different from straight hair structure. They are distinguished by the fineness, the lower the density, porosity and friability. All types of curly hair are divided into 3 groups (this classification proposed by the famous American hair stylist Lorraine Massey):

  1. Cool twisted hair – coils, springs.Especially clearly manifests itself this type of hair in short haircuts: hair sticking out in different directions, forming a fluffy cloud. Very easily electrified. The scalp is dry, the hair cuticle is weak. Require careful care: shampoo minimum, maximum moisturizers.
  2. «Botticelli Curls». This curly hair of medium thickness, which easily change volume under the influence of external factors. Brittle, prone to hair loss. With proper care, a good hairdresser, this hair type is ideal for most short cuts.
  3. Wavy hair. Often, accustomed to constant styling with hair dryers, irons, hair reminiscent of the structure of the owner in humid climates, forming a cloud of air. This type is suitable short haircuts how to, curly hair, and with sharp geometric proportions for straight hair.


With short haircuts for curly hair is easy to highlight the beautiful eyes, to soften the jawline or cheekbones, to place the emphasis on the attractive qualities of your species. By choosing a short haircut, you must consider the lifestyle. Agree, extravagant female hairstyle «punk» slightly strange looks on the head of the kindergarten teacher or business-woman.

Carefully one should choose the form of haircuts for girls who wear glasses: the thin, delicate frame, «lost» against the background of short lush stacks of small curls, and a massive turn of the young «waiter» Ludmila Prokofyevna of «timeless Office romance». Depending on the shape of the face, select the appropriate options for short female haircuts for curly hair:

  • A square face. Angular lines, a wide forehead, often massive jaw «hide» the graceful curls of these steps with oblique bangs. Loose curls will give ease.
  • A round face. Voluminous head, asymmetrical, slightly shaped bangs that elongate the face. Avoid female haircuts caret. Perfect length – mid neck.
  • Oval. Here, there are no restrictions: any haircut from ultra exotic punk style with a vibrant coloring to classic Bob or Cessna.
  • Women with chin-heart perfect short haircuts that create volume on curly hair in the lower part of the face and ears. This will balance the facial proportions. Kara, a short cascade and its variations – your choice.
  • Oblong face visually round hairstyle will help with horizontal lines, asymmetrical accents.

The stature and growth

When choosing haircuts for curly hair consider the features of your own physique:

  • Female figure-pear combined with a short length of hair, focusing on the lush parts of the body.
  • Lush haircuts with a lot of small curls will not fit petite women with fragile figure.
  • Full chubby girls are better to stop the choice on a neat, classic versions with open temples and an oversized hood.
  • Tall girls with broad chest is better to give very short haircuts Garcon or fouettés.

Fashionable short haircuts for curly hair 2015

The trend of the season 2015/16 in the world of hairdressing – stylish short haircuts with effect negligence, exciting sexuality and elegance. Leading designers offer to create your own, unique style for curly hair, based on two postulates:

  1. «The world is ruled by asymmetry». Long bangs that elegantly develop curls, asymmetrical haircuts proportion – the basic version, which allows you to create your own hands a lot of variations of hairstyles.
  2. «Styling makes every woman a Queen.» Light curls, sloppy wave, lying on the head, carefully styled curls for retro hairstyles, elegant curls for classic office style – variants of the same hairstyles with different styling methods.


Bob in koucheryave hair

The history of the hairstyle is obliged to the French hairdresser Antoine de Paris. Back in 1909, it caused shock and condemnation: at the time short hair was not a trend. Triumphal March around the world she started with the light hand of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. Since this win for many women hair – at the peak of popularity. Years pass, change certain parts and modifications, and Bob invariably adorns the head of international celebrities and stars of show business.

This type of short haircut looks great on curly hair. Female Bob hairstyle will decorate the girl of any age hair type. Looks good graduated ladies cut for thin and brittle hair, giving volume to the back of the head. Suitable for any type of person: extra-long strands and oblique asymmetrical bangs adorn the chubby beauty, extravagant shaved whiskey with ragged tips will soften a square face.


Kare for curly hair

Popular and fashionable is a womens haircut caret. Graduated clipped the back of the head adds volume, and the elegant curly strands beautifully framed chiseled features. Short Bob runs up to the line of the cheeks or chin. Stylists in the 2015 season offer to stop the choice on asymmetrical a-line hairstyle with long side bangs. Made by skilled hands, the hair gives a flight of fancy styling: with wet hair, careless curls or elegant retro hairstyle will enhance the beauty of the owner.


Pixie for curly hair

Easy to clean, incredibly stylish short Pixie haircut looks beautiful on curly, thin and soft hair. Not suitable for women with irregularly shaped ears, because the main focus is on close-cropped whiskey, and the mass of hair no longer than the ear. Distinguish this feminine hairdo volume, elegance and style. Curly hair, carelessly arranged with the help of styling tools, will help the girl to look younger and a little rowdy.


Fuete on koucheryave hair

Elegant, trendy and looks very young for curly hair short haircut fouettés. His dance name it owes technology implementation: the shortest part of the hair starts at the crown, gradually lengthening to the ends of the hair in a spiral. Bangs in this embodiment, the haircut is not short, asymmetrical, laid on its side.


Cascade for curly hair

The layering, the ease and lightness distinguish the short cascade. Owners of thick, hard to comb curly hair this hairstyle will help remove excess volume and ease styling. Thin strands due to the different lengths will look three-dimensional, emphasizing beautiful, correct proportions of the face. Ripped, straight, thick or milled bangs will be the accent that each individual variant styling will help create a unique image.


Aurora haircut for curly hair

This short haircut – the fashion of the 80-ies of the last century. Retro style is experiencing a resurgence in popularity: in the style of disco, this hairstyle gives curly hair needs volume on top and a stylish hairstyle highlights the trend of the season. Ladies who want to make a haircut Aurora, need stylist high-class – it was considered very difficult for technology implementation.


Asymmetrical haircut for short hair

Asymmetrical a-line short haircuts – the latest fashion trend of the season. Playing with the hair length – short/long – hair stylist creates a real masterpiece, from which the female part of the population will be beside himself with envy and men with admiration. Short head and long strands of asymmetrical bangs, curly MOP of hair above the right ear and manicured almost to zero the left edge of the hairstyles – some of the many options for stylish haircuts.


Garcon on short hair

Very short length curly hair in the haircut Garson makes demands on its fans: the beautiful form of the skull, is a well-groomed skin, delicate facial features are indispensable for the beauty of the image. The ease and simplicity of maintenance, the elegant lines distinguish this hairstyle. For everyday style, use a wax which will soften unruly curls. The evening option allows you to fool around a bit: using the gel, usherette hands hair, giving volume.

Features of the care of short wavy curls

For quality care for short curly hair, you will need:

  • Comb, preferably made of natural materials – wood, ivory, with rare teeth. This will help prevent excessive electrification of the hair, will help keep not pulling from the root, a significant part of the magic of the curls.
  • Hairdryer with diffuser. Using a dryer is highly undesirable – it makes hair brittle. If necessary, use a nozzle with a diffuser, which raises the curly strands at the root, giving the required volume.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, mask care for curly hair. If you have the strength and desire natural remedies – herbal teas, body wraps, masks with added vitamin E – ideal analog of the purchase cosmetics for the hair.
  • Styling tools. Weight gels, waxes and oils, welding scales curly hair will help to cope with unruly curls and make a stylish hairstyle.

Curly hair dry, so when caring does not require daily washing with shampoos. So that the curls lay naturally and beautifully, do not brush the curls until completely dry. Refrain from rectifying means, making the choice in favor of the trend of women haircuts for curly hair. Regularly cut the tips of the tendrils: they have a tendency to delaminate in 2 times faster than direct.

Video: short haircuts for curly hair

Elegant haircuts for curly hair, always stylish and up to date. Beautifully matched color, good length, proper installation with emphasis on the bangs and your curly hair highlighted the unique, sophisticated look owner. When choosing a hairstyle, the stylist must take into account the structure, thickness, not forgetting the wishes of the client. Want to know what «intelligent haircut», how to add volume to the curls and cut the curls so they looked great – see our video:

Photo of short female haircuts for curly hair

Kare – form women’s haircuts, ideal for wavy, curly short hair. Cascade and fouettés, Garson, Aurora offer stylists-hairdressers the girls with the curls. Focusing on the extraordinary lines of hair, exquisite styling, unusual styling, the designers create a variety of types and variants of the same basic haircut. The main trends of the season autumn-winter 2015/16 women’s short haircuts for curly hair shown in the photo below:

Short haircuts for curly hair 2015

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