Shatush on dark hair

Drastic changes – it’s not about you, but to bring in the way of fresh want? Dark-haired beauties should not be afraid of a little experimentation. Hair coloring style Shatush chosen to any color. The main thing – to choose the right shade and treat yourself to a new hairstyle.

What is Shatush hair


The type of highlighting – Shatush on dark hair – allows you to color strands to obtain the effect of fading in the sun. Depending on the length of the paint is applied from the root zone at a distance of 5-15 cm. What is the positive side of this painting:

  1. The frugality of the procedure. The cost Shatush on dark hair in beauty salons reasonable, the painting can be done independently at home, study the instructions and selecting the required tone of the dye.
  2. The execution in the fastest time possible. The procedure is not too time consuming, half a day to sit in the chair the master is not necessary. Maximum execution time Shatush – 2 hours.
  3. The additional volume. The pomp and showiness of the hairstyle dye hair Shatush visually will increase significantly. If the girl is thin, sparse strands, such coloring procedure is very appropriate. Thanks to the light tips the volume of hair is increasing outside.
  4. Safe painting dark hair. You can always choose a gentle type of paint without ammonia. Plus strand of full-length and the roots are not painted, so hair stays healthier.

How to choose the right shade for dark hair

To determine the color of paint, you first need to make sure that your hair style is appropriate Shatush. Who is suitable for dyeing:

  1. Mature and young women. In the first case, the hair will refresh the image, and the second will add pizzazz. The dark color adds a little age to the woman, but the lighter shades will it vary considerably.
  2. Girls with any texture and density hair. If you have curls, curls or straight strands, subtle or strong hair, you’ll go a new style.
  3. For the length of the strands, starting from the middle. Shatush on dark short hair, fit, but not in the case of shearing under a boy or pixels.
  4. People with healthy strands. If there are split ends, dry and dull strands, the hair can be damaged externally. In this case, pre-haircut.


Shatush on black hair the right shade is the main key to the beauty of the image. For dark strands suitable natural colors:

  • ash;
  • wheat;
  • Rus;
  • honey;
  • beige;
  • chestnut;
  • gold;
  • pearl;
  • copper.

There are appliances of the gradient using the two colors similar in tone. To use this option staining to trust only to the master. Better to go to a professional salon who knows what kind of natural paint to use to achieve the desired effect. Not only the color matters, but also moisturizing, the respect for our own hair. The health of the hair glamor appearance after the procedure depends directly.

How to make Shatush at home

To make Shatush on dark hair at home, you need to:

  1. paint;
  2. thin comb with a few teeth;
  3. a brush for applying the paint;
  4. gloves;
  5. clips or large safety pins.


How to create a new stylish hairstyle:

  1. Prepare your strands need 2-3 weeks before the procedure. Use for pre-strengthening conditioners, masks, conditioners on a natural basis.
  2. On the day of staining is not recommended to wash your hair. It would be better if you do this a couple of days before the procedure. So the pigments of the paint will take better, and not so much to affect the hair.
  3. In case of heterogeneity of color, it is first necessary to align the base tone, that hairstyle was not similar to the colors of the rainbow.
  4. Follow the process of painting. Divide hair into 4 parts: neck, parietal, two temporal-lateral. Secure them with pins.
  5. Each zone is divided into strands with a thickness of 2-3 cm.
  6. Necesite little strands at a distance of 10 cm from the roots. The fleece should be loose.
  7. Prepare the dye (powder or ammonia) and mix 1:1 with the oxidant.
  8. Casually coat the strands with paint, a little blend. Do so with all the hair.
  9. Wait 30-40 minutes and rinse well with warm water.
  10. To restore the hair, apply conditioner.
  11. If you wore makeup «powder», that will take another toning shampoo composition. In the ratio 1:2 or 1:2.5 will connect with a weak oxidant (1,9%), powder and according to the instructions soak and rinse.
  12. Carry out the procedure Shatush every three months in order not to lose bright, elegant hairstyles.

Hair care after coloring

Whatever variation of hair Shatush, Ombre, Ombre, and which shades you prefer (blonde, redhead or brunette), there’s one rule. Important after the procedure to take care of your hair. To look impressive and does not look as if the strands burned out plus become dried, you need to periodically do the following procedure:

  1. Rinse the head when washing special tools or concoctions.
  2. Nourishing and moisturizing mask to pick up strictly in accordance with the type of hair.
  3. Be sure to use balm to give tips nutrition.
  4. After Shatush hair not in a hurry to go wash. After exposure to the paint they need to rest.
  5. Pick a shampoo according to hair type, hairstyle.

What is the procedure in the salons of Moscow

Decided to perform Shatush on the dark strands, to complement the bright color of brown or deep blue eyes to create a harmonious design, a beautiful and fashion look? The result, the salon will be great, will be able to have an effect, but rates depend on many factors. Affect the hair length, the dye is spent, the experience of the master, the status of the cabin. Elegant appearance can not be cheap, but sky-high prices don’t always guarantee a great result. Interested in the opinions of real customers master painting. Approximate prices:

  • locks is shoulder – 1400-1600 rubles;
  • average length (at the shoulder) – 1700 rubles;
  • long strands from 1800 and above.

Photo: Shatush on dark long, medium and short hair




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