Shapewear for belly and waist

Well-chosen spanx allows you to visually make the silhouette more slender and fit. Due to corrective things – grace, belt, bodysuit, bra – you can hide a few extra pounds, raise the buttocks and Breasts, thin waist, to make the stomach flat.

How to choose shapewear

The types of compression shorts

The first thing a woman should do when choosing slimming underwear for abdomen and waist is take measurements and determine your size. It is necessary to consider that the body tend to change, so it is very tight the product is not worth buying. Also it is not recommended to choose too loose the model as they will not be involved, that is not able to perform their mission. What else should be considered to girls when selecting correcting underwear:

  • better stay on the models without seams, as they will not be visible even under tight clothes or pants;
  • slimming shapewear piece is tight fitting shape, it’s not the clothes that you can take for growth;
  • since most of slimming underwear for belly and waist are made of synthetic materials such as spandex or lycra, it is better to choose a model with natural inner lining, so that the body can freely breathe;
  • not worth the risk and order slimming pants, body shirt also, belt or bra on the Internet: it is extremely important to measure such things, since even your size may cause discomfort or wrong to sit;
  • color corrective underwear should be neutral and invisible under clothes, universally considered black and body products.

Women’s Corset

Women's corsets

Common type of adjustment underwear has a waist corset. It can be used to reduce the waist and make the Breasts higher, to give a beautiful shape back. Due to the fact that the corset has a rigid structure, it is impossible there are many – this is another advantage of the subject of the female toilet. The main thing when choosing corrective corset to get the size right. To do this, measure the waist circumference and the area under the breast:

  1. Waist measures: bend your arms at the elbows, fasten them to the body, the intersection is the line of the waist. Don’t need much to pull yourself a measuring tape between it and the body should fit the finger.
  2. To determine the girth of the under bust: place the measuring tape horizontally on the body, so she rested in the armpits. If the lady has a big bust, the bust should be lifted and placed the tape right under it. To measure it in the breath.

Spanx for thighs

To emphasize the beauty of curvy hips or add volume to flat buttocks will help corrective panty push up. This lingerie looks very tempting and original, because it leaves most of the buttocks bare. In addition, there are panties with special inserts, but they are only suitable for business meetings, but not for a romantic rendezvous. Overweight women can find a model in the manner of drawers that will hide the shortcomings of the hips and legs will be protected from rubs.

It is better to buy panties made with natural fabrics, especially if they are women for the summer. To determine the right size possible by removing the two measurements – circumference of hips and waist:

  1. Place the measuring tape horizontally and cover a maximum protruding point of the buttocks is round your hips.
  2. Take measurements with the waist just not pulling in his tummy, cover it with measuring tape, 2 cm above the navel. Then add to the result of 2 cm – this margin need to be able to move normally and breathe.

The types of slimming dresses

Slimming belt for belly

After weight loss and childbirth on the abdomen are often left with unsightly saggy skin in need of time for the return of elasticity. To wait it out will help slimming belt, which is able to conceal the protruding sides, align posture, to visually create the effect of a flat stomach. Many models in addition to the above capable of lift the breast, making it more attractive. However, wear the slimming belt permanently impossible, to avoid problems with the internal organs and spine. How to choose the spanx for stomach:

  • make sure that the material models included at least 15% spandex to provide a good elasticity of the underwear;
  • pay attention to seams belt for belly: they must properly adjust the waistline;
  • bone belt for belly has to be flat so they will not bulge during movements of women;
  • be sure to carefully choose the size of clothes, so as not to harm your health.

Slimming underwear for fat women

Models for full ladies

Women with the problem of excess weight always easy to choose beautiful clothing that accentuates their strengths and hides weaknesses. Selecting shapewear for belly and waist, you must consider the body type and what areas are problematic in the female body. As slimming effect and the degree of correction of this kind of underwear is different, every girl can find a perfect option.

A strong degree of correction

Shapewear for full with a strong degree of correction is suitable for women who have significant weight. Such models are made of hard material and firmly hold the body shape that ensures a strong slimming effect. In addition, many products provide an additional massage effect. Some companies produce belts, bodysuits, corsets, perfectly supporting the back, forming a beautiful posture.

Slimming shapewear with a strong degree of correction has a drawback – it is forbidden to wear daily. This is because such shorts, grace, bras are hard elements that figure becomes more slender appearance. Such insertion in case of frequent/long periods of time exert strong pressure on the skin and blood vessels, resulting in obstruction of blood circulation. If you have never used corrective things to start wearing them better gradually (2-3 hours a day).

Breathable jerseys

Breathable shapewear moderate correction

This type of thing combine materials of different densities, which provides for the correction of relief of the body. Shapewear for waist and belly average degree of density is, as a rule, lycra, stretch fabric and spandex. It is important when choosing to give preference to models that inner surface of which is made with bamboo, cotton or other natural fabrics.

Average screed, according to a female reviews, ideal for young mothers after maternity leave and girls of average build who like to wear clothes that flatter. Breathable slimming kombidressy, trousers and belt while helping hide the body ladies fat folds. Lingerie makes women’s figure look more slender, graceful and toned.

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