Sexy makeup eyes men

Sexy makeup eyes men

Every woman thinks we are like men, only with makeup and hair. But men think differently. Today we’ll talk about what I think is sexy men.


Every scent we would smell differently. Therefore, we will not recommend you certain aromas, just tell about the latest research of scientists from Chicago that determined that men prefer that we smelled in the following way:

•In the first place is the smell of lavender with pumpkin pie

•Second place went to citrus aromas

•Honorable third place was taken by the smell of Jasmine.


As evidenced by the surveys, married men love it when a woman’s lips have the smell of mint and unmarried – the smell of alcohol. But when it comes to color, most men like it when women’s lips have a natural tint. Although there is a category of men who like bright red, pink, plum and Burgundy shades. In order not to scare the man, the lipstick should be applied using your fingers, slightly blurring the contours.

Sexy makeup eyes men


Also according to the testimony of statistics, men like when women face no makeup. It is better to pay attention to the condition of your skin. Men believe that the lack of makeup suggests that such a woman confident. Therefore, they believe a woman sexy and attractive.


Most men don’t like it when women wear eyeliner in blue or blue. While in these studies involved not only men from the former Soviet Union, the memory of which deposited the echoes of those times. If you really like this color scheme, use blue mascara. However, it should be applied to the tips of the lashes over a black mascara. Regarding the technique of the makeup itself, that men like most, when the eyes there is a light haze. Also they like long lashes and neat arrows.


Men prefer a light blush on the cheeks, but not the bronze cheekbones. If you want to please a man, apply on the cheeks a pink blush that will be able to refresh and younger.

Sexy makeup eyes men


Men think that red nails is a symbol of danger. The most attractive to them is a milky or pale pink.


Most men found the most sexy long, flowing curls of hair. In the second place straight long hair and the Bob and other types of short cuts. Almost all men like fingering a woman’s hair, so they don’t like the styling of hair, and false curls.

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