Set for shellac at home

Every girl wants to wear a luxurious manicure that will last long. Traditional nail Polish begins to chip after a couple of days, so you have to constantly apply a new coating. Today, however, there is a tendency on their own or in the salon to make long-term nail art with gel Polish, because this manicure lasts up to 3 weeks.

What is set for shellac

What is included in the minimum set

This nail design combines the corrective properties of gel and traditional nail Polish. First kit, which can do home shellac, released the company CND. At the moment many manufacturers sell kits for long-term nail art, because women around the world prefer this type of manicure. Ready kits should include what you need for shellac to make it yourself at home. Equipment depends on the needs and level of training buyers.


In this set for shellac at home contains only the most necessary tools and materials. It is perfect for novice girls who first dared to make such a manicure at home. As a rule in the set has the protective agent, the top coat. This is an inexpensive option that is suitable to beginners, which will help to keep the budget (this is especially important if the gel Polish you don’t like it).

Indicative list of components of the starter kit:

  • UV lamp for shellac (power 18 watts);
  • nail color (choose color before purchase);
  • sometimes stencils (for French);
  • the basis under the lacquer;
  • binder (may be in initial set);
  • orange stick;
  • a special napkin.


Bazoviy kit for selaku

The advanced home kit is equipped with a large number of tools and materials. Often they are several shades of color coating. The advantage of this kit is that it includes all the most important procedures, materials of one manufacturer are well in tune with each other. This fact greatly simplifies the process of applying the shellac, makes the design more long-term.

What’s included:

  • UV dryer;
  • wipes, lint-free cloth;
  • coating color 1-3 species;
  • orange sticks;
  • the base coating;
  • binder.


Full set of shellac at home includes everything you need for a quality manicure under strict technology. Because of this coating will be as durable as the nail plates in this case, you will not harm. This set, as a rule, acquire the staff of beauty for work or girls who are constantly doing gel Polish and decided to expand its capabilities this way.

In the professional kit contains:

  • LED or UV lamp the desired power;
  • color cover (up to 10 different shades to choose from);
  • stencils (to make French);
  • special napkins;
  • orange stick;
  • foil;
  • degreaser;
  • liquid for withdrawal;
  • primer;
  • basis;
  • the finishing top coat.

Professional kit for shellac

How to complement the set for shellac at home

Some girls prefer not to buy a set of shellac with lamp, and make their own, purchasing everything separately. First of all, you need to determine the drying for the coating. Some people don’t know how to choose a lamp for shellac, what types of this equipment exist and what their differences. LED lamp is an innovative device that dries the gel in 30 seconds, does not consume a lot of electricity, does not require replacement of light bulbs. However, this option is better suited to professionals, because its cost much higher than UV-dryer (from 1500 to 7000 rubles).

UV lamp – it is a cheap variant of the equipment which dries the coating not earlier than in two minutes. Girls who are experimenting at home with long lasting nail design, such a device is suitable. It requires minimal costs, as prices for UV drying is quite affordable for every girl (from 800 rubles). In this case, the final price depends on the power of the device.

Very useful items will be: base, basis, reinforcing coating. Prices for additional funding range from 250 to 1000, it depends upon the brand of the manufacturer and other factors. You may also need a tool that slows the growth of the cuticle, which is an average of 350-600 rubles. Full oil will also be worthwhile and it will cost 200-300 rubles. Gel Polish can be ordered in online stores or buy cosmetic in super market at the price from 300 to 1500 rubles.

If you decide to complement a set of long nail art, don’t forget about consumables:

  • napkins;
  • saw;
  • foil;
  • replaceable bulbs (up to drying).

Everything you need for a manicure with gel Polish

UV lamp for shellac

Such a device is necessary for those who want to make a lasting gel Polish. Lamp polimerizuet coverage, it is important to observe the technology of applying makeup. There are two types of dryers, but for home use the best option would be UV. It is more affordable, but longer dry coating. In addition, the bulb need to change so that the quality of polymerization is not affected.

LED lamp

This kind of is an innovative equipment for a beautiful manicure. The coating dries in about 20-30 seconds. In addition, the led light are very long, which is why many professional salons gain such devices. The LEDs in the dryer do not require replacement, so that the quality of polymerization of the coating does not suffer, but the cost of such a device will be much more expensive than the standard UV dryer.

The color palette

The color scheme of shades that are included in kits for home shellac, is very rich: it includes more than a hundred different shades, so every girl will find a suitable option to taste. Color starting with the translucent shades and ending with rich and Mature, will be able to please any picky girl. To spice your image, you can combine several colors gel Polish.

Set gel varnish Shellac

This set is a useful acquisition for every lady, because the gel Polish combines the beneficial properties of bio-gel and the bright colors of traditional lacquer. As a result of applying composition to the nails, you will get high quality coating which is resistant to external mechanical impact, long retains its brightness and beauty. An added bonus of such a coating is able to remove from the nail plate without cutting, so you will not harm your nails.

The minimum set

Ready manicure

Some kits already managed to catch the fancy girls around the world, such as:

  1. Manicure set Compact from SEVERIN. Includes two kinds of color coatings, a small LED lamp with timer, necessary saws, mortar and so on.
  2. Set «rainbow» from the supplier Bluesky shellac consists of 14 items. 3 shades of color shellac, you can choose in the catalog and to set their dreams right from the warehouse.
  3. A set of «Professional» from Bluesky includes 18 items for 6000 rubles. Great way to save money for manicure!

Where to buy and how much it cost

Order the kit for high-quality shellac in the comfort of your own home via the Internet shops. Specialized cosmetic supermarkets also sell such products. The price sets are generated based on the number of items of the type for drying nail Polish, manufacturer of materials and other things. Starter kits cost from 2,000 rubles, the base from 3500 rubles, a professional no less than 5000.

Video: set for shellac lamp for beginners


Marina, 23 years: Friend gave me a kit to do yourself at home shellac. A set of «Beginner» from NOVA SHELLAC includes everything you need, no extra parts. I love to use! As a colored coating over, buy a new one and will always with a nice manicure that won’t wear off in two days!

Angelique, 34 years: I work as a manicurist, one day I decided to buy a set of means and tools to do shellac clients not only in salon but also at home. Gave 6500 for a set of Bluesky, but there is absolutely everything that I need. If I had to buy everything separately, you would spend a lot of time on the choice of materials and twice as much money.

Maria, 19 years old: My boyfriend gave me for my birthday a compact set for shellac at home. I was ecstatic, because the kit includes all the components of long-term nail art, it only remains to apply the coating on the fingernails and dry. If separate buying tools and materials, for the price we would have got only UV dryer!

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