Signs of sensitive skin and caring for it

sensitive skinFor some women sensitive skin is a real problem and a nuisance. It tend in the least unfavorable factors of nature or everyday life to become inflamed, peel and itch. This type of skin should be treated with extreme caution when leaving, it selected appropriate cosmetics. But there is a misconception that those people who have sensitive skin, caring for it is not required. Very sensitive skin needs daily care which is chosen with appropriate care.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

The main feature of this type of skin is that under the influence of some factors (washing with hard water, the effect on exposed skin wind and frost, the use of certain cosmetic products and the like) on the surface of the skin starts flaking, redness. Very often dry and sensitive facial skin under the influence of these procedures becomes a feeling of tightness or there appear red patches. Sensitive oily skin under adverse conditions begins to become inflamed, it appears fine pimples or inflamed acne.

care for sensitive skin

If the skin is very sensitive, to assist in this can several factors.

  • The use of cosmetic products of different characteristics and from different manufacturers. Human skin gets used to any tools, and the sharp and frequent change in conditions can cause sensitivity.
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc) also make the skin sensitive. Even if the disease is completely exhausted, the skin may remain relevant for a lifetime.
  • Nervous shock of a person or stressful situations also affect the skin condition.
  • An integral reason for the sensitivity of the skin may be the consumption of harmful products. These include dishes from the category of spicy, fatty, salty, spicy. Abuse of strong tea, coffee, various sodas or alcoholic beverages as well as Smoking negatively affects the internal and external part of the skin.
  • Well, of course, a bad environment too makes a negative business. Air pollution, adverse precipitation, excessively high humidity or scorching sun — causes dryness and sensitivity of skin.

Cosmetics and products for sensitive skin of the face are matched only with an appropriate inscription. It is important to know that the use of cosmetics for different type of skin can considerably worsen the situation.

How to care

Care for sensitive skin must be minimal. Just as the skin begins to react negatively to the surrounding changes, she immediately needs help. The use of cosmetics and cleansers should be at a minimum.

how to care for sensitive skinVery sensitive skin requires proper washing. In the morning you can use plain water, which for softness, you can add a weak decoction of chamomile or nettle. Evening wash should be neutral water, but if the person applied cosmetics, it is recommended to use special means for washing — tonics, foam, lotion. Tonic for sensitive skin should not contain in its composition of chemicals and alcohol based ingredients. The main goal of drugs is to remove impurities from the surface of the skin and wash away makeup. Care for sensitive skin, it is important to only warm water. The excellent properties of washing with a weak tea brewing or water from a natural source. It is good to use a special soap for sensitive skin. It is designed with all the features and requirements of this type of skin.

Many cosmetologists are not recommended for use day creams for those who have observed the sensitivity on the skin. If a woman is accustomed to using concealer, it should be strictly for sensitive skin. If it is possible to do without the latter, you need to actively use it. The main rule of care of delicate and sensitive skin — the slightest impact on her beauty and caregivers.

Peeling for face for sensitive skin is contraindicated altogether. But if such action is required, a peeling for sensitive skin should be carried out in special shops. Never use exfoliation products that contain abrasive particles and chemical compounds. The latter can cause the delicate skin of significant harm. Face scrub for sensitive skin must also meet the above requirements. At home peeling this type of skin can replace the conventional soft MITT, you want to hold gentle and circular massage movements over the surface of the skin.

Definitely several times a week apply a mask for sensitive facial skin. All used masks for sensitive facial skin must be nourishing, moisturizing. They need to care for the skin, and not to burden her. Clay for sensitive skin is not used, as it tightens the skin, which is quite undesirable in this case. It is also not recommended to use the mask of the film.

Widely used oils for sensitive skin. They enrich the skin with all the nutrients, and the internal state act as softeners and humidifiers.

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