Sea salt facial: properties and applications

How useful face mask with salt and honeySea salt for face is very popular both among lovers of folk and home cosmetology. This is not surprising, because this product contains all the richness and health of the deep sea. And you might notice that after swimming in the sea improves condition of hair, nails, and, of course, the skin. No need to wait for vacations and trips to the resort to use use of salt for their own purposes. Today at home to cook a variety of recipes for masks, lotions or scrubs based on sea salt.

Properties of salt

Sea salt fine is the effect on the cells of the skin thanks to its composition and structure. Unlike regular table salt, the sea contains a huge amount of micronutrients. Salt water for the face is useful in the drying step. In addition, it reduces inflammation, tightens pores, evens skin tone and can be used as a scrub due to the shape and size of their shares.

Thus, the salt face mask and other products based on it are best suited for girls with oily and problem skin. The owners of normal or combination skin should be supplemented with salt nourishing and moisturizing products. But girls with dry or sensitive best to look at other recipes, or add salt to the recipes in small quantities.

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Any scrub includes at least two ingredients: a liquid or gel-based and solid abrasive particles. Depending on what you add to the scrub in addition to salt, you get funds with different effect on the skin. For example, honey and salt for the face, evens the complexion and make the skin soft and velvety.

Any scrub, homemade or cosmetic, means a sequence of actions upon application:

  • Clean the skin with cleanser or lotion;
  • Rasparte skin, taking a hot bath or after washing with warm water;
  • Apply scrub onto the skin, massaging over face for 1-2 minutes. Avoid contact with the area around the eyes;
  • Wash with water;
  • Proceed to applying the mask or cream.

These recipes will allow you to make a simple and peeling skin:

  1. Face scrub made of salt and soda

These two components are irreplaceable when it comes to black spots, inflammation and contamination. Can apply the scrub only on problem areas or on your entire face.

And soda, salt for the face are solid particles, so to prepare the scrub you have to mix in equal proportions with any liquid phase. It can be:

  • Boiled water;
  • Gel cleanser;
  • Any vegetable oil;
  • Sour cream, yogurt or kefir;
  • Egg;
  • Baby soap.

For oily skin you need to do peeling once a week, for other types less frequently, as needed.

  1. Face scrub made of salt

People with dry or normal skin can use a scrub based on sea salt, if mixed with cream, oil (e.g., olive) or egg yolk. Despite the fact that this skin is the least capricious of the upper dead layers must be cleaned periodically, this helps the sea salt.

Oily skin can be dry, if you add 1 tsp.l. sea salt the same amount of olive oil and lemon juice.

  1. Scrub-honey salt

Candied honey in itself is an excellent scrub and when mixed with fine salt, you can enhance the effectiveness of such tools. The mixture proportions of scrub: 1 part salt and 2 parts honey. This scrub is suitable for all skin types, if there is no individual intolerance of ingredients.


Of washing, wipe the face with water also affect the skin a positive impact. The easiest method is to dissolve 0.5 tsp.spoon of salt in a glass of water, pour in a convenient container and wipe face 1 per day for oily skin and less often for normal.

You can use sea salt for acne on face point. You need to prepare a more concentrated solution: 3 table.spoon of salt in a glass of water until dissolved. Moisten a cotton pad, apply it to the acne, pimples or black spots on a couple of minutes. After working with all the face wash with water.

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Well, one of the most popular home remedies with sea salt face masks.

  1. Radiance

Use cheese and mix it with milk or yogurt. If you have skin that needs extra nourishment and moisturizing, take high fat cheese and milk. But if, on the contrary, you have oily skin, use a low calorie cheese and yogurt.

Then add to the obtained fermented milk mix 1 tsp.spoon of honey and sea salt. Mix well and put rubbing gently on the skin.

After the 15 minutes, rinse the salt face mask with warm water and apply the usual cream.

  1. For skin elasticity

The first signs of aging or already rooted wrinkles can be mitigated if you regularly do this mask. Mix 1 tsp.a spoonful of honey, 0.5 tsp.spoon salts, 1 table.spoon of peach butter or oil to a uniform consistency and apply on skin for 15 minutes. Facial mask of honey and salt will give your skin elasticity and beautiful complexion. Thus it is possible to do and the owners of excessively oily skin, but instead of oil you should add lemon juice.

  1. For getting rid of blackheads

Mix your favorite facial with 0.5 tsp.a spoon of sea salt and the same amount of soda. Apply on the problem areas, rubbing, and leave for 10 minutes.

Facial mask of soda and salt is quite aggressive, so instead of store-bought masks, you can add cream, vegetable oil, raw egg yolk or even ready-made porridge with milk. The last ingredient nourishes and evens skin tone.

  1. For getting rid of acne

If you have an open or festering pimples, cause of the salt in these places is not desirable.

Before preparing the mask, you need to dissolve salt in water, to not have any solid crystals, otherwise they can damage the pimples bleed and will get worse. Order salt for acne on face has worked quite effectively, but without pain and irritation, the salt solution should taste: it should not be too weak or too concentrated

Next after you dissolved salt in water, gradually add to a solution of the clay, which can be found in the pharmacy (white or blue) to the state of sour cream. Apply the mask on face for 15 minutes and repeat 1 time a week.

Sea salt for facial acne will work more efficiently if you add a mask, peppermint oil, tea tree or aloe Vera juice. These three natural compounds are known for anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

If you have your own secrets of how to use sea salt, share them in the comments.

Stay beautiful!

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