Sea buckthorn oil for hair: properties and prescription masks

Sea buckthorn oil for hair and faceSea buckthorn oil has long been used in folk medicine. And even now, during the latest tools and technologies, its use can often hear the recommendations of cosmetologists and trichologists for Wellness, strengthening, recovery and healing hair and scalp. In addition, it is a great natural stimulant hair follicles, and often use sea buckthorn oil for hair growth. Difficult to find this oil, which is so widely used in cosmetology in various directions. Today we will tell you more about what’s in it for hair sea buckthorn oil and how to apply this miracle cure.

Medicinal properties for hair sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn berry is unique, its wealth and healing qualities you can talk for a long time, we will discuss the basic healing properties of sea buckthorn oil for hair.

  • Healing and regenerating properties. Oil from the fruit of sea buckthorn is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. She can heal minor wounds and damage, which also promotes regeneration and cell renewal of the scalp. With the help of sea buckthorn oil really to repair badly damaged and exhausted hair, which is often subjected to coloring, bleaching, perms and other styling damaging the hair structure.
  • Sea buckthorn oil rich in vitamins a,B,C and E, also palmitic, linoleic, and allmilitarynews folic acids. It is rich in phospholipids — substances that are involved in various metabolic processes. Oil is used for treatment and prevention to the hair more manageable, soft and shiny.
  • Sea buckthorn oil is a nutrient and moisturizer. It has a favorable effect on dry hair and scalp. Used sea buckthorn oil for hair and to treat dandruff.

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Application of sea buckthorn oil for hair

In folk recipes and cosmetics often used hair mask with sea buckthorn oil. The purposes for which it is usually recommend:

  • dry hair, devoid of vitality and Shine;
  • for the treatment of dandruff;
  • for quick recovery from inflammation, scratches and damages on the scalp;
  • for slow-growing hair;
  • suggest sea buckthorn oil from hair loss and baldness at an early stage.

A hair mask based on sea buckthorn oil can be purchased at pharmacies, beauty salons or meet in the store, but they are easy to cook by yourself at home. We will offer you some of them.

  1. Sea buckthorn oil from excessive hair loss.

To prepare such a mask, nothing but sea buckthorn oil is not necessary, which can be purchased ready-made. Before use 3-4 tablespoons of oil to determine in a convenient bowl, and heat in a water bath, then RUB into the scalp massage movements, then to distribute sea buckthorn oil on the hair throughout the length of the thin layer. To wear a special hat or plastic bag and warm towel. Wash off the mask is possible after 1 and 2 hours with shampoo and warm water. With a significant loss it is recommended to apply sea buckthorn oil on the hair overnight. To repeat the mask 2 times a week, for prevention is enough 1 times in 1 or 2 weeks.

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  1. Sea buckthorn oil, and dimexide for hair growth.

If you have hairs growing very slowly or you want to speed up their growth, you will fit this mask. Dimexide in the mask several times increases its effectiveness and with regular use already for a month and a half to achieve a visible result.

To begin with, the security systems need to be diluted with cold water in 1 : 10 ratio, mix thoroughly and add 3 tablespoons of warmed oil of sea buckthorn. Apply on thoroughly the roots of the head and sustain for at least 20 minutes.

  1. Mask for damaged hair.

With this recipe the hair to return to its former appeal and restore the natural moisture.

Mix in a common dish 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn, burdock and castor oil. Heat the mixture of oils on a steam bath, for greater efficiency, add a few drops of vitamins A and e. Apply the mask starting from the roots gradually spreading along the entire length. Insulate your head and leave for half an hour. Wash with a shampoo. Repeat the procedure every 3 or 4 days before shampooing.

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  1. Mask for fine hair, prone to dryness.

Easy and simple way to improve the condition of dry, lifeless and unattractive hair.

For making masks, you first need to prepare a decoction of burdock. Pour 3 tablespoons of dried burdock liter of water, then bring to the boil and leave on low heat for 10 minutes. Ready broth drain and let cool slightly. Add 4 tablespoons of the oil of sea buckthorn berries. Apply each time for half hour before shampooing on the roots and ends.

  1. Mask against dandruff.

If dandruff appears infrequently, use for the prevention of this mask.

Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil and of sea buckthorn oil and apply to 40 minutes on the roots of the head. Sufficient to use once a week. Suitable also signs of dandruff.

Hair masks, which include sea-buckthorn oil should be prepared immediately before use, as the air it can be damaged.

Before use, check all components for individual portability.

Sea buckthorn oil — wonderful, affordable and simple remedy to make your hair well groomed and attractive!

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