Causes and treatment of rosacea on the face

rosacea photoRosacea is a subcutaneous extension of small blood vessels, arteries and capillaries that appear on the face in the form of spider veins, veins and redness. In medical terminology, this phenomenon is called teleangiectasia. Although the disease is not associated with the presence of inflammatory processes in the body, but such undesirable defects on the face look ugly and women bring dissatisfaction and anxiety. Fortunately, modern cosmetology and folk medicine, there are many options and ways how to get rid of rosacea on the face. But first you need to find out what it is rosacea, what is the reason of its appearance, how to get rid of him once and for all to prevent.


To resolve this annoying defect on the face, you need to find and remove the cause of rosacea is evident. Most to the appearance of the blood vessels prone, dry, sensitive, light and subtle skin than it is thicker and fatter, the better insulated and protected the subcutaneous capillaries. Nevertheless, even the owners of oily and normal skin, can deal with such a problem, most often they have seen rosacea on the nose. As a rule, the reasons lie inside the body, so you need to carefully review your way of life to perform the condition, adjust your diet. Consider the most probable root cause and the factors causing the expansion of the walls of the blood vessels loss their elasticity.

  1. Genetic predisposition. Often, when parents or close relatives suffered from rosacea, then very high probability that genetically it was passed to you. Many, from birth, fragile and inelastic capillaries. Steady, constant expansion of the blood vessels under the skin, called telangiectasia, which can also be congenital. This form can be the result of some diseases:
  • syndrome, Louis-Bar (the presence of immune deficiency of the body);
  • disease Rendu-Osler (genetic weakness and pathology of small vessels, resulting in permanent bleeding);
  • encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis (such a complex term called the capillary formed by the tumor ).

Treatment of rosacea due to congenital or genetic factors is extremely difficult to completely remove it from the face is almost impossible. The solution will be periodic visits to the salons to temporarily eliminate external faults.

rosacea on face photos

  1. The impact of external factors. To appear or worsen rosacea may be due to some external influences on the skin. Some of them depend on the person, others do not. Here are some circumstances that can affect the state of the capillaries:
  • Climatic conditions. Frequent wind, extreme cold or heat, on the contrary, frostbite or burning very worsens the condition of tissues and vessels. Also, the capillaries very quickly lose their elasticity when there are abrupt temperature changes. After all, in a warm room the vessels are greatly enlarged, and when the skin is suddenly cooled, the extra capillaries begin to shrink. Especially it is not advisable to expose your skin to sudden temperature changes, women thin and light leather. Therefore, do not abuse the vicinity of baths and saunas, long hot shower, and wash in hot water( especially before going out).
  • Excessive, frequent stay in the sun. Ultraviolet radiation (sun or Solarium) not only contributes to premature aging of the skin, but leads to the appearance of spider veins and veins on the face.
  • Aggressive cosmetic treatments, improper care and damage, greatly injure and thinner the skin, reducing its protective function, thereby causing harm to the skin surrounding the blood vessels.

rosacea face skin photo

  1. Internal factors and diseases. Rosacea can be an external manifestation of inner problems, for example:
  • endocrine diseases ( problems with thyroid gland, adrenals);
  • problems with the nervous system (constant load of the capillaries due to stress, emotions);
  • hormonal imbalance (the transition to adulthood, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal means, and so forth)
  • liver disease;
  • hypertension.
  1. Bad habits. The negative impact of alcohol and Smoking on cardiovascular system is known to everyone. So addiction very quickly lead to rosacea. Vascular network often adorn the faces of the drinkers.

Before you find out the real reason, most likely, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. You may have to visit a dermatologist, endocrinologist, neurologist and other specialists for the survey. Further treatment will depend on the identified root of the problem, if it is an internal disease will need to take his medication, if no abnormalities appear to be the case in your lifestyle.

How to treat rosacea skin

Modern beauty salons offer many treatments to choose how to deal with rosacea on the face. Among them:

  • Laser removal of dilated blood vessels. Treatment of rosacea on the face is often carried out with the help of this very rezoljutivnoj and popular procedure, the doctor removes the asterisks and solder «problem» vessel in a few seconds without pain and consequences;
  • The ozone therapy. Defect is eliminated by introducing under the skin of oxygen — ozone cocktail, which, in turn, eliminates strain of blood vessels.
  • Chemical peeling, the principle of which is that causing the skin special product fruit acid that burned the top layer of skin with damaged blood vessels. After the procedure the skin needs some time to recover.

After the procedure and quick results, it is important for a long time to follow the skin and maintain its normal state. This is recommended for special drugs the treatment of rosacea on the face, such as a gel or cream the caffeine, ascorutin tablets, as well as strengthening the blood vessels with the help of vitamin b complex.

Treatment at home

To eliminate external defects on the skin, often use traditional recipes, in particular masks with rosacea on the face. Use natural, medicines from rosacea on the face, such as herbal teas, fresh plant and fruit.

The most common and safe remedy for the treatment at home rosacea of the skin is chamomile. Its healing properties are known and used for various cosmetic purposes.

  • Pour 1 spoon of flowers boiled water, leave to infuse and cool for an hour. Then, make a compresses on «superskie» areas of the face.
  • Berry mask from rosacea. Chop the strawberries, red bilberries, sea-buckthorn and raspberries and add the h boxes of potato starch. Apply this mix on the face.
  • Mask of potatoes. Shelled, raw, grated potato on the face for 20 minutes.

Mask with rosacea in the home environment must not contain aggressive components such as onion, salt, pepper, spices or citrus.

Now you know what is rosacea on the face and how to get rid of it. This visual defect is quite possible to resolve on their own, most importantly is to set a goal, promptly consult your doctor, eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, homework procedures, and to follow him.

Tune in to positive, and then, without a doubt, you will achieve a positive result!

Perhaps you have a secret method that helped to get rid of spider veins, share them response.

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