Retro style clothing

Retro style clothing

retro style clothingHardly anyone of the people strictly adheres to a dress code. For every scenario there is your style. On walks with the children, we adhere to sports style, at a dinner party and classic. What is retro clothing?

The retro style is, as a rule, memories of the past. Few who would not like to try on old things that were fashionable in the days of our mothers and grandmothers. Sometimes, wearing clothes from the past, man falls in love with her for a long time. But each person is different, and retro style in clothing is selected based on exactly this fact. What kinds of are classified retro style in clothing?

  • Style NEP — obligatory stockings, dresses, drop-waist (which can perfectly be replaced by shirt-dresses) and strongly-fitting head headdress (this can be a hat or cap). The female form is welcomed with a long cigarette holder slim cigarette and be sure to short haircut. This whole image is filled with arrogance and disobedience someone.
  • Retro style clothing for 30 years — the image of the woman becomes softer and more sensitive. Clothes observed a formfitting dress or a wide skirt, but must be the presence of fishnet stockings. Shoes only high-heeled shoes, it can be studs, and flat platform. The appearance of women changes dramatically — brightly painted lips, thin eyebrows and curly hair to his shoulders. The image takes sexy and tantalizing, even vulgar nature.on the photo of the dress in retro style clothing retro style
  • The postwar years — a retro style clothing changes completely. Now held in high esteem modesty and elegance. Clothes popular dresses and coat length to mid-ankle shoes just in low heel, and the hair is monotonous — strapped tight hair in a straight ponytail or stabbed in a bun. This method does not last long, and soon modesty is replaced by playfulness. Appear fluffy skirt with a pronounced waist, exposing the neckline on the blouse become fashionable small bags, thin straps and a hat with a wide brim. Wide range of fabrics: there are noble velvet, silk, satin. Colors of clothing becomes varied and colorful. how to dress in retro style modern wardrobe in retro style retro style clothes photo
  • 60-70 years — in this period the retro style dresses become incompatible. Appear jeans, tight shirts, mini skirts and suede boots. But this is a fun way to quickly get bored and again in the fashion comes back femininity: dresses in polka dots or plaid, Capri pants, blouses with bare back and many other attractive things. In addition, you receive the following innovations: big glasses, small scarves and headbands. style retro dress photos retro style dresses pictures Retro style clothing retro style dresses pictures Retro style clothing

Even now, many years later, retro has a leading position among fashion designers. This is not surprising: going back to the past, people always think about the future.

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