Remove facial hair forever

facial hair in womenEvery woman wants to be beautiful and attractive, paying special attention to face care. But often, a picture can ruin hair appeared on the face of women, and a lot of this experience psychological discomfort and inconvenience. In modern beauty salons offer many different procedures to remove hair from the face permanently. But there is also a large number of folk methods and recipes and removing facial hair at home is also quite real and possible. Consider this article the best and most effective methods of getting rid of unwanted «vegetation», I hope you will find something suitable and useful.

Causes of facial hair in women

For starters, I would like to refer briefly to the question why do women grow facial hair.

Growth of hair all over the body inherent nature. Someone they can be barely noticeable and the hair darker and more dense, remarkable in themselves and others. Pay attention, if you notice excessive hair growth, not specific to you earlier. The causes of this phenomenon can be different, for example:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • puberty;
  • menopause;
  • long-term use of hormonal drugs;
  • a hormonal imbalance or pregnancy;
  • stress, improper diet, prolonged disease, the environmental factor.

About the problem of the appearance of antennae in women and girls, as well as methods of disposal, read the link /kak-izbavitsya-ot-usov-devushke

Before getting rid of hair consult your doctor endocrinologist. If the problems with hormones is not likely, it is your physiological feature and remove facial hair permanently will not be a problem.

How to get rid of facial hair

Remove facial hair forever painstaking work and can take more than one day. Which method to choose from the numerous?

Methods of disposal, presented in a modern beauty salons:

  1. Remove facial hair with laser. Using a laser beam removes the hair bulb and root, thus stopping hair growth permanently. The process should be repeated several times. For light and fine hair, the procedure may be ineffective.
  2. Electric epilation of facial hair. Technology is that destroy the hair follicle under the action of current by means of special microscopic needle. The process is quite painful. For complete elimination you need to make from 5 to 10 procedures.
  3. Photo-epilation. The principle is similar to laser hair removal, but is carried out using special laser frame and is ideal for short and dry hair.

Possible methods how to remove facial hair by yourself:

  1. Shaving. The easiest, but inefficient procedure. There is a risk that after the treatment the hair will become more dense and dark and their number could double. Effect after shaving lasts only a day.
  2. Plucking with tweezers. The effect lasts longer than shaving, but using this method forever hair disappear, and after the thicken.
  3. Depilation cream. The procedure is not recommended on the face because of the probable occurrence of irritation. The effect of hair removal is unlikely.
  4. With the help of wax. Using a special wax or wax strips of hair are removed along with the follicle, so the result will delight you for several weeks until the resumed growth of new hair. With the regular repetition of the procedure, the hair becomes thinner and their number decreases.
  5. Discoloration of facial hair. Simple and cheap method though does not remove hair permanently, but make them inconspicuous. The procedure can be done in a salon, it is also possible discoloration of hair on face at home. There are many proven ways, which I would like to elaborate.

How to lighten facial hair

Lightening the facial hair makes the hair weak, thin and unobtrusive. Result can be achieved by several methods, the most popular of them:

  • Bleaching facial hair with hydrogen peroxide. So, to prepare the bleaching mixture we need to mix a teaspoon of 6% hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 teaspoon of ammonia and a drop of liquid soap to the consistency. With a cotton swab to apply the solution on the desired areas with vegetation. You should rinse after 20-25 minutes, it is possible to do this, use a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice. After, to remove the dryness on the skin, apply a nourishing cream, better child or chamomile. The procedure must be repeated 3 to 7 times until the desired result is achieved.
  • How to remove facial hair cream based on pergidrol. Perhydrol is a concentrated 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide, it need only 2-3 drops. Next, add half a teaspoon of vaseline and lanolin. For faster operation, add 1-2 drops of ammonia. Apply the mixture to the hair sections and leave until dry, about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • An even easier way how to bleach facial hair, buy special gidroperit lightening in a bottle. Or to make most. 1 tablet peroxide mixed with 2-3 drops of water, the same amount of ammonia and 3% peroxide. Apply with cotton swab and rinse after 10 minutes.

Attention! Before each procedure it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction. This ready mixture is applied on the arm and wait 15 minutes. If you do not experience any redness, itching and burning, you can start the main process. If the Allergy on the face is manifested, read what to do in this case.

Several ways to remove facial hair in women folk remedies:

  • Massage into trouble spots the juice of unripe green walnuts or green wild grapes. With regular use, hair will become much smaller over time, they can disappear forever.
  • The shells of walnuts or pine nuts to fill a strong alcohol of 70 degrees. Leave to infuse in a dark place for a week. A tincture to put on a night of unwanted hair.
  • Big spoon of baking soda to dissolve a half Cup of hot water. Moistened with gauze to apply at night as a compress.
  • Add in the fresh ash soap to form a pasty consistency. Apply for 20 minutes every day for at least 2 weeks.
  • Nettle seeds crushed and pour olive or vegetable oil. Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Regularly oiling the hair sections.

To solve this problem and not to suffer the question of how to remove facial hair, you can use one method or combine several.

Now you know the most popular methods how to get rid of facial hair, they will become even more beautiful, tender and charming!

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