Causes redness and irritation of skin around the eyes

red skin around eyes photosThe eyes are often the impression about the person. But when there’s redness around the eyes, it delivers a lot of inconvenience to the person and his companion.

The skin on the eyelids and under the eyes is the most delicate and tender throughout the body, and therefore most feel external stimuli and aggressive environment are more prone to allergic reactions. Is redness and scaling around the eye may indicate the presence of certain diseases of an infectious nature or pathology, and on breach or failure in a particular system, one or even several.

What causes unsightly irritation of the skin around the eyes, it is skin reaction to an allergen or non-specific symptom of any disease? In this you have to understand, if you want to get rid of this problem.

Causes of redness around eyes

To assess the situation, you first need to understand how often there are changes in the skin around the eyes, or is it the first such case, and also what other symptoms are present except for the redness, for example, dry eye, redness or itching, swelling and heaviness in the eyelids. The more information, the easier it will be to determine the cause of this disease.

All causes of eye irritation can be divided into: external factors and internal.

For starters, let’s consider all possible external stimuli.

  • The influence of the environment very often cause peeling and redness of the eyelids, because our eyes are not separated from external influences. The skin is exposed to natural influences, temperature extremes, and exposure to harmful substances floating in the air. Frost, snow and strong wind, dust, smoke, sand and salt water leads to irritation on the eyelids, drying out delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Some people are prone to allergic reactions on the skin, the eye area and under eyes is no exception. The most common allergens are pollen, feathers and dander, dust, household chemicals, and also means on care of a skin, decorative cosmetics. Especially often happens when the cosmetic product is chosen correctly, are composed of aggressive chemical. components, or they have expired possible use. If there is swelling of the lower or upper eyelid, redness and itching of eyes, dryness and peeling, tearing, it is likely that the skin there are allergic indications and they should be treated with antihistamine therapy.
  • Insect bites leave the skin microdamages, which in turn provoke the appearance of flaking and red spots.
  • Due to a long stay at the computer and in a room with stale and dry air, being in a room with very bright or too dim light, you may encounter redness in the corners of the eyes and the appearance of spots and flaking on the skin. Usually, this is more noticeable in the evening, after a hard day. This is due to fatigue and overexertion of our main visual organ.
  • Another reason why you may see discomfort in the eyes and the skin around them is a constant use of contact lenses, or the wrong material for the correction of vision, as well as poor care.

In addition to external stimuli, do not rule out the possibility of internal disruptions in the body or the presence of pathological conditions in the skin. The most common «internal» reasons:

  • Infectious diseases (conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis, ciliary defeat mites — Demodex, etc), as well as viral diseases (eg. flu or SARS). The weakening of the immune functions of the body leaves its imprint on the skin including. Parasites and viruses are likely to attack weakened, emaciated body, which often leads to redness and flaking of the skin around the eyes.
  • Beriberi, or lack of use of Vit. b, A, E and D, sometimes becomes the cause of the redness. Therefore, if your daily diet doesn’t include foods with a complete vitamin content of foods, take vitamins or supplements.
  • The disruption of the internal organs and systems, in particular endocrine, hormonal failure, violation of the intestinal microflora (dysbiosis), as well as poisoning and intoxication leads to changes in the dermal layer under the eyes.
  • Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, overwork, stress, lack of fresh air.

Anyway, for clarification reasons, it is best to consult a specialist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist or allergist, especially if there are different discharges from the eyes, appeared itching, flaking of eyelids, redness of the skin, the eyelids swell and hang, self-medication can lead to deterioration and even blindness.

Redness around eyes in child

In children the skin around the eyes is more delicate and sensitive, and children’s eyes even more intense, and sensitive to external factors and changes inside the body.

Redness under the eyes, the child may appear due to long crying or fatigue, for example, from long watching cartoons.

in the photo, the redness around the eyes and on the eyelidKids can unconsciously RUB your eyes when sleepy or when I feel discomfort, therefore, should not be allowed to handle the children had dirty or especially to the mucous got a speck of dust or microparticles.

In addition, the redness under the eyes are usually the result of allergic reaction or infection, like conjunctivitis.

In children of school age, eyes can become inflamed due to overexertion during lessons, due to the enhanced load on the visual system in reading, copying from the Board or drawing.

You have very young kids infants, redness under the eyes can be quite alarming and may indicate some disease. All because the mucous membranes are not yet fully matured and not formed, are prone to damage and inflammation. The detection of hyperemia of the skin on the lower or upper eyelid in a child should be seen by a specialist.

How to eliminate irritation around the eyes?

peeling and redness under and above the eyeBefore you start to take independent measures to eliminate redness, it is better to seek the advice of a physician. To take any medication before visiting a specialist is not recommended, unless you are sure that you have the aggravation of allergies. Then you can take the most simple antihistamines like suprastin or claritin. If the red skin around the eyes and scaly and itching, to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of allergies will help a special cream, such as gestan or fenistil. If the condition is familiar to you, you probably know how to improve the state of your eyes and skin. Faced with this situation for the first time, entrust your treatment to a dermatologist or an allergist because allergies can wear acute, and treatment need hormonal remedies and medications to boost immunity. In addition, there are cases when the background of allergies there is a secondary bacterial infection, then antibiotic treatment will not succeed.

Before turning to the specialist, you should follow some prevention methods that will help at least for a while to eliminate the inflammation, relieve the itching. Here are some of them:

  • To unsubscribe from cosmetics. It’s not just about creams and lotions and decorative cosmetics. The upper eyelid is red, itchy and flaking, it’s probably a reaction to the mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner.
  • If the redness under the eyes in adults, accompanied by watering and photophobia, it is better to protect the eyes from bright light. Refuse at the time of treatment stay at the computer and watching TV, when going outside, wear sunglasses.
  • Irritation at the corners of his eyes appeared due to the long surge of view, it is possible to solve, if you give your eyes a rest. Turn off the computer, put a book or notebook, and lie down with closed eyes for a while. Always keep in mind about this rule, take periodic breaks when a constant load on visual organs, there is also a special gymnastics for eyes. Long stay in a stuffy room can also cause redness in the corner of the eye, so try more often to get some fresh air and ventilate the room.
  • If peeling skin under the eyes from lack of vitamins, then you should reconsider your diet, or consult with your doctor about taking vitamin complex.

How to get rid of peeling skin on the face here.

At home, to cope with the redness of the lower/upper eyelid on the outside will help some recipes of traditional medicine.

For example, a highly effective different soothing compresses and lotions.

  1. eye irritationThe easiest way is to wipe the skin around the eyes with gauze soaked in cold water or an ice cube wrapped in a cloth. This procedure moisturizes the skin and vasoconstriction.
  2. Well soothe lotions from chamomile or parsley. Fill with flowers or chopped parsley hot water. Gauze bandage or a cotton swab DAB in the infusion and apply on the inflamed place. Parsley can be replaced with dill, it is also good for irritated skin and eliminates puffiness.
  3. To relieve fatigue and calm the skin will help wiping green tea, cucumber juice or lime water.

For whatever reason, inflamed eyes, it tells about some of the problems in the body. To prevent a repetition of this unpleasant situation, you definitely need to think about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and strengthening immunity.

Health and clarity to your eyes!

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