Red spots after pimples on the face

spots on face from acne photoPimples on the human skin always appear, no one is immune from defective phenomena. Ways to eliminate this disease invented many, but very often after getting rid of the main problem, on the surface of the skin are the spots of acne. Red spots from acne can appear as a result of squeezing pimples or as a result of its elimination of any cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations.

Spots from acne on face

Spots after acne is a very unpleasant sight especially if these stains a bluish color. Of course, to get rid of them wants every person who have this skin defect. Why spots remain after acne? This phenomenon blame people. Quite often after squeezing pimples red spots remain. This condition not only looks unattractive, but also negative consequences. It is important to remember that squeezing of pimples should be dealt with only by a qualified technician, but he is able to create a complete disinfection and hygiene of the operation. Self-squeezing pimples is usually carried out just clean, but not sanitized hands. The result of such indifference in the surface of the skin after the removal of pimple can cause an infection. As a result of these actions, and appear red spots. If you use folk remedies for acne, you can avoid the problem of staining, as in squeezing.

spots after acne photo

Stagnant spots after acne are mostly the result of a long inflammatory process that occurs under the top layer of the skin. Inflamed pimple in this case possess different types. It may be acne, swelling, white or red pimples. About acne on the face and how to get rid of them read details here. Inflammation that lasts more than 2 weeks will definitely cause spots on the face from acne.

Spots after acne on face can occur as the result of poor hygiene or the use of cosmetics is of inappropriate type of skin. Another common reason why spots appear on face after pimples is the late release of white pimples. After a stagnant pimple was removed up the appropriate pigmentation of the skin. Blue spots after acne occur due to excessive pressure of the pimple. Blue spot can be compared with a minor hematoma.

Red spots after acne

If the pimple left a red spot, then on the spot remote spot was once the inflammation. Inflammatory pimples are painful and cause a lot of inconvenience to their owner. It is important to consider the time that delayed treatment of the inflammatory process as a result will lead to skin pigmentation. The longer inflammation lasts, the more will appear red spot after a pimple.

When stains remain after acne, it means that the person is observed very sensitive skin prone to painful processes. If the pimple left a dark spot, it means that the inner layer of the skin has been damaged due to the enhanced mechanical effects (peeling, squeezing). When after acne left dark spots, it means that after bleaching of stains will probably remain a track that will appear in color in the impact of adverse natural factors (frost, drought, wind, sunlight).

stagnant spots after acne photo

Noticed that the red spots after acne is able to disappear in a long time. Stagnant water may be removed during the year, a slight pigmentation takes place within a short time, usually up to 2 months.

If the problem is bothering the person and it is desirable to remove as soon as possible, it is recommended to use the services of a cosmetologist, specialized in dermatological bias. How to deal with pimples, read this article. To eliminate spots after acne apply a variety of methods and services. Medical procedures (microcurrent therapy or fractional photothermics) not only eliminate the adverse disease, but also effectively influence the skin condition in General. After the course of these procedures, a person receives a young and healthy skin, devoid of even minor flaws.

In some cases, it is possible to use independent measures to eliminate spots after acne. In this case there are many recipes of traditional healers. Of course, before using any of the popular recipes, it is desirable to obtain the approval for the upcoming procedure with a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

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