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Coffee wrap for cellulite at home.Wrap with coffee is a popular procedure for many beauty salons. After the skin becomes more smooth, elastic and soft. But the main feature of this natural product for the skin – fighting cellulite. If you love the smell of coffee and are not afraid of losing their aristocratic pallor in the course of treatments, you will surely like the coffee wraps. Moreover, they are not necessarily performed in the salon. All you need for a home alternative, we list below!


Wrap with coffee is definitely a magical procedure that can not only bring pleasure, but also to cope with the several skin problems. However, it is not at all moving in the same positive way. It is not recommended to experiment with a hot wrap to the following people:

  • Have diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, gynecology;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Girls during menstruation;
  • Diabetics;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Allergy sufferers who are allergic to coffee;
  • With cancer;
  • With varicose veins;
  • Fungus on the skin;
  • With obvious irritation on the skin: scratches, rash;
  • During inflammatory diseases, especially at elevated temperatures.

Even if you do not belong to persons from the above list, but during the coffee wraps at home was feeling unwell, should immediately stop the procedure and to understand the causes of the uncomfortable condition.

Another important detail is allergic to the components of the mixture. Below we will explain what else you can add to coffee for the wrapping. To avoid an allergic irritation, before the first procedure is recommended to test to make wraps on a small area of skin and watch her reaction.


wrap the honey and coffee

Coffee has a number of properties which it would be foolish not to use for skin beauty.

First, the ground coffee grounds can be used as a natural scrub, removing the dead cells from the skin.

Second, coffee stimulates circulation and renewal of skin cells.

Thirdly, coffee can relieve the swelling and to break down fats not only from within but also partly outside.

It is not surprising that widely used coffee wrap cellulite and sagging skin.

How to wrap at home?

First and foremost, you should have everything you need to the relaxation process is not interrupted in search of some teabags all over the apartment. Coffee wrap for weight loss at home you can spend as simple as possible, and can be supplemented by various means and ingredients for the most complete enjoyment.


  • Ground coffee;
  • Hot water;
  • Food film;
  • A warm blanket or warm clothes.


  • All of the above;
  • Scrub;
  • Massage brush;
  • Blue (white) clay;
  • Honey;
  • Essential oil;
  • Vitamins;
  • Etc.

The algorithm procedure is extremely simple:

  1. Take a warm bath.
  2. Scrub and massage gently wipe the whole body or only strategic sites, which will be applied to the coffee weight. Scrub, by the way, can also be done from the ground coffee, brew it in the amount of 2 tablespoons of pre-hot water and using solid residues of the coffee. Many combine these two procedures: do not wash off the scrub after the massage and immediately wrap the skin in cling film. If you’re not a number, skip to the next paragraph.
  3. Wooden brush for cellulite massage are passed on parts of the body, which will cause the coffee ground. This process will improve the circulation and increase the effectiveness of the wraps.
  4. Apply the prepared blend for wraps skin with a hand, glove or brush on the skin.
  5. Wrap the body or on the parts with cling film and put on top of warm clothing.
  6. Then you can do your chores: clean the apartment or just lie down under a warm blanket. The main thing – to keep you warm and to last 40-60 minutes.
  7. The course consists of 12 procedures, with regularity 2 times a week.

Recipes body wraps for weight loss coffee

The easiest recipe is to pour a glass of hot water (not boiling water), 90 grams of ground coffee, stir and infuse. When the mixture has cooled to a comfortable body, but slightly warmer temperatures, it can be used. Will bring a more diverse mix wrap coffee at home, so you can choose yourself and your body something to taste.

  1. Orange oil

Although cellulite in the nation and was nicknamed the orange peel, the fruit is on the contrary able to deal with such a manifestation of the skin. If add to the already prepared coffee mix 3 drops of orange essential oil, mix and apply under plastic wrap on the body, can enhance the effect of the coffee wraps for cellulite at home. Instead of orange you can buy oil of lemon, grapefruit, etc. Remember that you should not be allergic to citrus, and essential oil applied to the skin in its pure form.

  1. Honey

Honey — coffee wrap slimming enjoys no less popular than pure coffee. The fact that the composition of honey contains a lot of useful vitamins and compounds that have a positive effect on metabolism and the skin’s appearance.

coffee wrap celluliteIn order to hold the wrap coffee with honey, you will need liquid honey. Since honey has the ability to sugar, before using it must be carefully heated in a water bath, without leading to a critical temperature at which the honey will lose useful properties, or leave on a hot battery. Once the honey has become liquid, remove it from the heater.

Mix the honey and coffee mixture evenly and apply to the skin after the scrub and massage. Honey is recommended to gently RUB the skin to form a white foam. Then wrap the body in plastic and pass an hour in the heat.

  1. Honey and pepper

For spicy taste lovers and enemies a long the result is like pepper wrap with coffee and honey. Prepare a mixture of the following composition: coffee grounds, honey, a pinch of pepper. Apply it on the areas with the problem areas with cellulite for the above-mentioned algorithm. You can suffer and hour, if you have an iron will and confidence in their skin. Otherwise, increase the time gradually, from 15 minutes onwards.

  1. Clay

White or blue clay can be found in pharmacy or specialized stores in a dry and divorced. It should be mixed with cooked coffee ground and applied to the skin, as in all the recipes above. It is also useful that such coffee wraps for weight loss at home, they are very effective at combating stretch marks.

There is not a single recipe coffee wraps for weight loss, but cooking is limited only by your imagination, experiment with the composition as you like: add cinnamon, green tea, chocolate, mustard, olive oil, ginger, Shilajit etc. Proceed to their preferences and lose weight in a fun.

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