Recipes homemade facelift masks

self-lifting for the faceAfter 25 years on the skin first wrinkles appear, they are growing, the skin expands, becomes less elastic and loses its healthy radiant color. To avoid old age is to date not possible, but to delay and reduce its symptoms will help a facelift. What is it? This is a variety of beauty treatments to skin tightening that can be performed in the salon, surgery, massage or self. Non-surgical facelift at home, the proper implementation and basic recipes – the subject of today’s article.

The rules of the facelift at home

  1. Cleansing

A mandatory component of all lifting procedures is the cleansing of the skin. Dirt clogged in the pores can cause after lifting the appearance of acne, pimples, blackheads and other unpleasant consequences.

In order to better remove the dirt from skin, pre-wet the face with herbal decoctions, and then use the scrubs. Purification is necessary not only to masks for the face lift, but as preparing the skin for massage and gymnastics from wrinkles.

  1. Food

After the procedure, lubricate the skin nourishing cream preferably with a rejuvenating effect.

  1. Regularity

Do not expect instant results: the epidermal layer is thick enough to reach deep in his cells, the need for regular repetition of lifting facial masks at home.

  1. Considering the individual characteristics

Before use of a component mask, for tightening of facial contours, make sure that no allergies to it. To do this, apply the product on the back of your hand, wait 15 minutes and if no unpleasant symptoms feel free to use it for the face.

  1. Heat

Some of the ingredients lifting masks are better exposed to the skin in the form of heat. These include butter, honey, cream. However, the temperature should not exceed 36-40 degrees, otherwise useful properties can lose.

  1. Massages

Combine mask for skin with uneven circular facelift at home, and also do not forget about proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and frequent walks in the fresh air and reducing stress in your life.

Lifting facial masks at home

Find the recipe is easy if you know a few basic products that have the desired effect. Combining them in different combinations, you can get the ideal suitable for your skin type lifting mask in the home. We will offer basic and most popular recipes.

  1. Protein

Chicken egg white is for drying and tightening of the skin, but in combination with other, more oily components, it can be used for dry skin. Protein includes vitamins P, amino acids and various proteins.

  • + Lemon and honey

Divide into separate containers the yolk and white, slightly whisk the last fork for uniformity, add to it 1 tsp.a spoonful of honey and 1 tsp.teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply on lcio in several stages, waiting until the mask dries. Just get about four layers. Not to talk or Express emotion facial expressions during the procedure. Time with the mask – 15 minutes.

Lemon, mattes the skin, whitens and dries the skin.

Honey nourishes the skin, prevents oxidation.

  • + Fresh cucumber and oil

Separate the pulp of the cucumber without the seeds, mash it into mush, mix with protein and add a small amount of olive oil. The duration of the mask – 15-20 minutes.

This lifting facial mask at home works well for dry skin type.

Cucumber, thanks to its high content of vitamins of groups B, C, many minerals, etc., the ability to adsorb harmful substances, regulate water-salt balance and many other unique properties, is a proven tool for rejuvenation. The previous generation used the cucumber for skin tightening, laying slices on the face, even when he had no idea about what lifting.

Olive oil has a wide inventory of the main vitamin of youth – vitamin E. They are recommended to lubricate the face and hands instead of cream, especially when dryness of the skin.

  1. The yolk

If the egg whites are responsible for the beneficial effect on oily skin, on the contrary the yolk moisturizes, nourishes and repairs dry skin. The yolk includes fatty acids, vitamins E, A, B, D, and amino acids and useful minerals.

  • + Cream

Add the yolk to 1 table.spoon cream of high fat content, stir and apply to the skin. For a more thick and comfortable texture, you can add wheat flour or ground oatmeal. The duration of the mask about 15 minutes. For combination skin or making a firming mask for the face on some individuals add egg yolk instead of whole egg.

Cream, in addition to many vitamins, elements, and proteins, comprising phosphatides, the main source for the compilation of cell membranes. Their number directly affects the skin condition. Phosphatides are also in butter, eating that every day, you can keep the skin young and healthy.

  • + Banana and vitamin E

For more effective lifting face skin at home buy in a pharmacy liquid vitamin e capsules, is quite inexpensive, but comfortable to use and effectively slows down the aging process.

The pulp of banana contains vitamins C, B, E, organic acids, magnesium, potassium and choline – a component that relieves the skin from signs of stress.

For the preparation of lifting facial masks at home, take the pulp of half banana, mix it with a tablespoon of cream and a few drops of vitamin E. the remainder of the capsule do not leave until the next time, and pour into shampoo, conditioner or any other cosmetic products for the face and hair.

  1. Gelatin

photo lifting maskGelatin is an analogue of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. It is able to penetrate deeply into the layers of the epidermis to even out skin tone, leveling dark spots, moisturize and conceal shallow wrinkles.

Before using gelatin as a component of masks for skin at home it is necessary to prepare. Pour 1 table.spoon gelatin 6 tablespoons warm (not hot!) water, leave at least 40 minutes. The gelatine needs to swell and look like a very dense jelly. If he formed immiscible lumps of gelatin can be heated in a water bath.

  • + The grapes and butter

Swollen gelatin to mix with the pulp a few grapes and 10 drops of oil of wheat germ, apply to skin and rinse off after 15 minutes.

The wheat germ oil can be found in almost any drugstore at affordable price. It promotes the formation of new cells and rejuvenation. Also used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Grapes in addition to the content of vitamins is composed of pectin, through which are removed from the body of radioactive elements. The latter cause the appearance of radicals and accelerate aging.

  1. Persimmon

Tightening effect this fruit can be estimated by tart, wagamama feeling in the mouth. The same tightening, but in a good way, the effect of persimmon has on the epidermis.

  • Starch +

In a non-metallic bowl, mix the persimmon pulp and 1 tsp.spoon of starch, apply on skin. Mask time: 15-20 minutes. Mask from a persimmon for the face lifting effect, regardless of skin type and age.

  • + Milk

Milk, cream and persimmon mixed in a ratio of 2:1:2 in a non-metallic bowl. The duration of the mask 15 minutes.

  1. Ginger

Ginger root affects the skin at the same time on several «fronts»: antivozrastnogo, health, nutritional, anti-inflammatory. The mask of ginger for the face with lifting effect not be kept on the skin longer than 15 minutes, and the maximum amount of ginger juice to unaccustomed skin is 1 tsp.spoon.

  • + Yogurt, citrus and honey

One tsp.spoon juice of ginger root, add a small amount of orange juice (preferably organic and fresh), yogurt and honey. The proportions unimportant, should get a not too liquid consistency. Don’t be alarmed if you feel the skin warming effect.

  • + Spinach, mint, banana, honey

To juice the ginger, add the spinach leaves, mint and the pulp of half banana, mix with a teaspoon of honey and whisk the mixture with a blender.

  • + Dill, strawberry (banana), oil

This is one of the recipes face mask cream at home.

Mix all ingredients using a blender, add up to 1 tsp.spoon ginger juice and apply on the face, including skin around eyes. As oil you can use grapeseed or olive.

Remember that a beautiful woman is, first of all, well-groomed woman. Experiment with masks and the techniques of rejuvenation, share your impressions in the comments and stay beautiful!

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