Recipes of masks and scrubs from coffee

The mask of coffee and coffee groundsSpring will come soon. And each of us, women, wants to at this time look slim and beautiful. It’s time, dear ladies, to do them. Let’s talk today about coffee masks. Most doctors say that drinking plenty harmful. A different opinion about this product have beauticians. Use coffee the form of all sorts of masks and scrubs help to maintain a slim figure, improve the complexion, helps the hair. Coffee first came to Russia thanks to Peter I, which he consumed in the Netherlands. But the wide spread of coffee received after the Patriotic war of 1812. Might guess Peter how to use his women.

How to make a coffee face mask?The mask of coffee for the face

This mask increases circulation, which helps to improve the complexion. Skin elasticity is improved. You need to take the raw coffee grounds and mix with ground walnuts (2 teaspoons). This mass is put on face that clean. Make a gentle massage of the face, hold the mask for 15 minutes. Should wash with warm water and rinse a face with cool. Coffee you can prepare homemade facial scrubs.

The mask of coffee for body (scrub against cellulite)

Mask-scrub of coffee for bodyCaffeine is able to break down fats and enhance skin elasticity. Take two cups of coffee grounds and mix with 0.5 cups of sea salt. For pre-steamed areas, apply scrub and massage for three minutes. Then rinse with warm water. It is necessary after the massage, apply your favorite cellulite treatment. This scrub will help to clear your skin, causing the cream is more effective.

It is also possible to breed blue clay with mineral water and add this mixture coffee. Will also make a great homemade body scrub of coffee.

The mask of coffee for body

Ground coffee two parts mix with liquid soap or shower gel one part. The effect of this scrub is simply amazing, the skin becomes smooth and silky, and the flavor just care.

Mask with coffee for hair

The best recipes of masks, coffee faceCoffee mask and conditioner based on it are beneficial to the scalp and hair. They are perfect for dark hair. For the mask and rinse it should take the coffee without additives, only natural. Take two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and mix with a liter of warm decoction of chamomile. Stir until coffee is dissolved. Wash your hair with shampoo, and then rinse according to the composition.

Another recipe masks for hair with coffee. 1 packet of henna, Basma, take two tablespoons and half a Cup of strong coffee, everything should be well mixed. Apply on hair and keep for half an hour. Will make a great shade for dark hair color. You can also change the proportions, it all depends on what shade you want.

All our recipes are quite similar with some cosmetics of known firms. So, we are quite budget can pamper themselves and meet the spring fully armed.

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