Causes of dark circles under the eyes

in the photo the girl has dark circles under eyesDark circles around the eyes may be the cause of complexes and insecurity not only among women but men as well. However before looking for methods of masking, it is important to pinpoint the causes of under eye circles. Sometimes this cannot be done without serious medical examination, but it’s worth it, because under the eyes dark circles are symptoms of some serious abnormalities in the body, and it is better to start treatment as soon as possible.

Why is changing the color of the skin around the eyes?

Causes dark circles around eyes in women and men due to the fact that in this area the skin is much thinner and more sensitive, any exposure of the skin or change the state of the blood in the capillaries, once it becomes noticeable, resulting in a mesh of veins and capillaries easily illuminated and looks like a bruise.

We all know that after a sleepless night or systematic lack of sleep there are dark blue circles under the eyes. Such effects on the face just enough to remove: enough to sleep well or to make the brightening mask, using cosmetics or folk remedies. But what if sleep problems there, and the eye area has a dark color? Here are the most common reasons why dark circles under the eyes are not after regular sleep.

  1. Stress, lack of oxygen

The frantic pace in which most of us live, affects not only health, but also on the appearance of a person. Fatigue, both physical and emotional, eye strain, frequent stay in front of a monitor and a rare walk outside can be the reason that form under the eyes dark circles. This happens because blood deficient in oxygen is retained in the vessels around the eyes what are dark circles under the eyes and appear.

  1. Addictions: General, cosmetic, food

Alcohol, drugs, Smoking destructive effect on all tissues of the body, the effects of the constant intoxication of harmful substances harder to eliminate. As bad habits such more exposed to the strong floor of mankind, black circles under eyes in men can often explain this.

But women have a different, though less harmful habit of improper or insufficient care of the skin around the eyes. Here we include low-quality beauty products. The fact that these areas of the skin need not less, but even more care and attention than another person, and many women ignore this at least until reaching a Mature age, when wrinkles appear. Reasons why the under eyes dark circles in women can hide in one of the following items:

  • Negative impact on the skin: too hot or too cold water, stretching and rubbing;
  • Use of a cosmetic product, the ingredients of which is the allergen that accumulates under the skin;
  • Regular neglect cleansing the skin from makeup and dust;
  • Use for skin care around the eyes means, which are not designed for this;

Use for the prevention of the circles under the eyes will bring whitening creams and massages. In the winter time of the year, the volumes of subcutaneous fat around the eyes are reduced and skin is more thinner, so she is especially in need of nutritional support creams.

The abuse of fatty, spicy, fried and smoked foods, overeating at night can also be a reason women and men the formation of bruises around the eyes. Salty food also contributes to bags (swelling) under the eyes, because it retains moisture, causing the blood capillaries to swell and turn blue.

In addition to the normalization of food refuse of late intake of coffee and tea, add to your diet foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C or drink course ready vitamin complexes.

  1. Allergy

And while most tend to think that the symptoms of Allergy is just sneezing, runny nose, rashes and deterioration of health, causes of black under eyes can also be associated with allergies, and this result appears only after a certain period of time after contact with the allergen.

In addition to the above mentioned allergens included in the composition of cosmetics, they can contain food, dust, plants, animal hair etc.

  1. Disease

Causes of circles under the eyes can hide in our body much deeper. Change the color of the skin of the eyelids and eye sockets may indicate diseases of the following organs:

  • Kidney

Sometimes brown circles under the eyes is the only symptom that gives the disease, since the disease is insidious. In this case the disease may only be revealed after a series of tests. In diseases of the adrenal glands was also observed a darkening of the skin folds on the palms, groin, knees and areas of friction with clothing.

  • Liver

Liver disease can be the presence of bitter taste in the mouth, pain in the right side and yellowing of the skin near the eyes. In advanced stages turn yellow even the whites of the eyes and skin. However, the causes of yellow circles under the eyes do not necessarily indicate a definite problem with liver and gallbladder: cause they can and long-term Smoking.

  • Pancreas

In addition to changing color Podgainy symptoms of disorders of the pancreas is vomiting or nausea, diarrhea or constipation, pain or discomfort in the left side under the ribs.

  • The heart and blood vessels

Diseases that cause problems with blood circulation can cause dark circles under eyes due to oxygen starvation of tissues.

  • The thyroid gland

Endocrine disorder can be the feeling of thirst and frequent emotional swings and darkening of the skin around the eyes.

Also black circles around the eyes are caused by worms parasites that enter the body through food or water and reproduce in different tissues: the liver, the colon, and even in the spleen, eyes, brain, muscle blood vessels. This reason is especially prevalent in children who go to kindergarten. Among other symptoms can distinguish flatulence, pain in abdomen, and liquid and solid stool, weakness.

Anemia is another reason for the pallor and circles under the eyes, it is the depletion of cellular oxygen due to reduction of iron and hemoglobin in the body. Usually anemia is associated with malnutrition and vitamin deficiency (mostly iron in the body. Symptoms: dark circles under eyes in women, men and children, dizziness, weakness, pain in the head.

Temporary bruising under the eyes can be caused by any shocks of the body: the infectious inflammatory diseases, pain in the teeth, head, intestinal infections, fever, nervous breakdown, etc. Any condition in which the skin turns pale, associated with a clear translucence of the capillaries around the eyes.

  1. Heredity

It also happens that black bags under the eyes of a person from birth, and no diseases and abnormalities in his system. Then you should pay attention to the next of kin: if someone has a similar situation, it is likely that the bruising was passed down to you genetically. To get rid of them by yourself is almost impossible, but you can get them on masking or correction of various interior treatments.

Congenital bruising related to the fact that the skin around the eyes is so thin that through it you can easily see the capillaries and veins, even if they are in a healthy condition.

  1. Age

With age collagen production in the skin slows down and stops altogether, the skin loses its elasticity and with it the thickness of the epidermis, causing black circles under eyes become more visible. To stop this process completely impossible, but it is possible to maintain a nourishing funds and masks to slow the aging process.

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The bruises and dark circles around the eyes can be a symptom of timely threats of the body. Then you need to pinpoint the causes in men, women or children and make a treatment plan. If the circles around the eyes not related to the health and are the norm, not hurry to get upset. First, the modern achievements of cosmetology, allow quickly and easily to disguise dark circles on your face. And secondly, a fresh and radiant look, can compensate for this in full.

Be healthy and be yourself!

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