Pyridoxine hair

Hair – aesthetic figure of the human condition. Their grooming speaks of precision, affects self-esteem. According to trichologists, hair condition, you can judge the health of a person, the lack of nutrients. What vitamins for hair growth are needed – obviously. Find out what and how substances affect the state of the hair.

What is pyridoxine

Lush, thick curls, their growth, the lack of deposition of the strands – the dream of every loving woman. Active «friends» for curls, we often look for in cosmetics, by reading the recommendations on the packaging, studying the composition. More useful for proper growth of hair is pyridoxine. The so-called doctors is sold in pharmacies and vitamin B6. Thanks to him, faster growth, eliminate hair loss and various problems with the strands and scalp.

Vitamin B6

Why we need vitamin B6 for hair

B6 is a very valuable vitamin. It provides nourishment to the hair roots, nourishing them from the inside. The result is visible externally, and it is judged on the effectiveness of the drug or composition. The pyridoxine hair don’t need to take in other medicines. Pharmacies, it will serve in the manufacture of homemade masks to feed the roots or scalp treatment. The substance is simply added to the usual remedies that promotes healing of the strands. The systematic use of vitamin B6:

  • strands moistened to the required condition, getting rid of dryness;
  • the roots begin to better absorb the necessary nutrients delivered to their bloodstream, strengthens, stops hair loss;
  • active growth resumes;
  • are inflammation and irritation of the scalp, notably dandruff disappears;
  • fat metabolism comes back to normal, reducing greasy film on your hair, returning it to a valuable protective function.

Instructions for use of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 for external use produced in different forms: capsules, tablets. At home application can be use both types. Before independent use of pharmacy pyridoxine hair you need to read the instructions and consult a trichologist. Suggested use mask, adding shampoos and other cosmetic products for hair care. Pyridoxine-vial can be used even during pregnancy (if indicated).

Pyridoxine hydrochloride in ampoules

In ampoules

With the release of the drug in the form of ampoules may contain one to 10 or 50 mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride. Pharmacological action – fill the deficit of vitamin B6 to improve metabolism in the body. There are special recommended indications. B6 in the instructions is mentioned as a means of treatment and prevention of dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other problems. In pyridoxine has contraindications – hypersensitivity to the drug. Make sure that you have a deficiency of vitamin B6, otherwise you can cause damage to your nervous system.

Pyridoxine in shampoo

Vitamin B6 in ampoules can be added to shampoo. To do this, 3 vials to infuse 250 ml of the shampoo or conditioner. One shampooing such number of shampoos a lot, so reduce it in proportion to 1 ampoule. It is also possible and the balsam (conditioner) to cultivate valuable composition. Shampoos with herbs well suited for this mixture. They will strengthen the effect of pyridoxine. Rules:

  • the caused mixture need to hold the head 5 minutes after rinse with warm water;
  • to achieve the effect of medication, repeat the procedure after 4-5 days;
  • total use vitamins 15 times.

Vials of the drug

Hair mask with pyridoxine

The best way of action of pyridoxine – hair mask with vitamin B6. It can be oil, vitamin, nutritious, strengthens. Can be used as home-cooked, and ready mask for the hair. Add 1 ml of the drug from vials into one application. Depending on the purpose for the masks used:

  1. burdock, almond or sea buckthorn oil;
  2. other types of vegetable oils;
  3. add in the honey, lemon juice, beaten eggs.

Good effect on damaged hair strands provides hair mask with vitamins B1, B6, B12. Not only a lack of pyridoxine, and thiamine (B1) adds the strands of problems: dryness, brittleness, dullness. With a low intake of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) is not ensured the recovery of skin cells on the head, hence the dandruff. Recipes masks a lot, but it’s best to cook them with a combination of herbs.

Can be rubbed into the roots

A hydrating mask with vitamin B6 not just possible, but encouraged gently RUB into the hair roots. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the weakened hair. Rubbing pure vitamin b group, is inappropriate. The composition is sold in vials of the drug may not provide the desired effect. Only masked water-soluble vitamins can help deal with problematic locks and disorders of the scalp.

Tablets from Health Aid


Pyridoxine tablets is also well suited for hair care. It is used inside (on prescription) frequent loss of hair or an increase in the magnifying glass. Take pills after meals for two weeks. Recommended daily dose for the reception of women and 1.5 –2 mg. For men, the norm in the day of 2-2,5 mg. But before taking pills, try to consume foods rich in vitamin B6.

Which food contains vitamin B6

The highest content of vitamin B6
product group mg / 100 g
a) vegetable origin:
sunflower seeds, saffron Of 1.00
beans 0,90
soybeans, walnuts, sea buckthorn 0,8-0,85
the sprouted grains of wheat, horseradish, hazelnuts 0,7-0,75
garlic, sweet red pepper, pomegranate 0,5-0,60
b) fish products:
tuna, mackerel, sardines 0,7-0,80
C) meat products:
chicken liver, lamb liver 0,90
beef liver 0,70
kidney bovine, chicken, rabbit meat 0,45-0,50
beef, lamb, pork fatty 0,3-0,35
d) cereals
barley, millet 0,5-0,55
buckwheat 0,40

Video about vitamins for hair growth

Reviews about pyridoxine hydrochloride hair

Inga, 29 years: Reading in online pyridoxine hair loss helps. I decided to try a (very rained and they almost did not grow). Bought pyridoxine and stabbed several times. The result – no. I bought a vial of B12. 2 ampoules of both vitamins were mixed, was applied to a wet head after washing. And the miracle happened. The effect of over 1 cm per month, stopped falling out!

Olga, 34 years: Suggest to buy pyridoxine in tablets (is very inexpensive). 21 days an increase of almost a centimeter (taking up to 4-5 tablets per day). Hair from Niacin (B3 or PP). I thought to buy, but in our pharmacy found only ampoules for intramuscular injections, bought pyridoxine in tablets by the advice of the pharmacist. The result is great!

Tatiana, 37 years: Read the description of the user, if you want to take B6. I almost «burned» – in a decoction of herbs poured a whole vial, overdose inflicted on the head, held it under wrap and a towel on top covered. The solution is concentrated. Had the scalp to treat an itch. A few drops you have 1 rinse. Treated with vitamins Doppelgerts, also with B6.

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