How to care for oily skin: tips and recipes

Rules of home care for skin.The skin on our face is the most open part of the body, and therefore it is more vulnerable and subject to constant influence of external factors. Pollution, cold, frost, UV radiation and many more can contribute to skin problems. Therefore, it is important proper care of the skin, responsible and systematic.

But, the fact that the concept of «care» every woman has a different value, because there is no single regime or set of tips on how to care for your face. Every lady should know what type of skin peculiar to her, what are her options and needs, and then doing an about face and body will definitely easier and more enjoyable.

Our today’s article is completely visited, favorite female subject: how to properly care for the skin, what measures should be regularly conducted to support it shining and velvety, as well as different care for different skin types.

What you need to know about the skin?

If you decide to thoroughly understand the issue of proper skin care, you should know some basics of the structure of skin, its varieties and processes day in and day occur in skin cells.

So, our skin is a complex organ consisting of 3 main layers, each of which performs its function: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis (or subcutaneous fat).

The epidermis is the upper basal layer, which in turn is also divided into 5 layers with a different number of rows of cells. It is in the epidermis contains the pigment that determines skin color and enhances it during a Sunny day.

The dermis is the skin itself, that is connective tissue, which contains lots of nerve endings, capillaries, blood vessels, hair follicles, and also, there are fibers of collagen and elastin, thanks to which the skin remains soft and elastic. But, not all cosmetics are able to penetrate and affect the lower layers of the skin.

And the last layer, called the subcutaneous fat consists of a lot of fat accumulation, laced with blood vessels and glands. This part can be called the repository of most nutrients and other substances, which also depends in what condition is your skin.

Knowing the structure of the skin, it is easier to understand how to care for the person and what you should focus. For example, if you feel more wrinkles and they become deeper, you need to urgently help the body to increase the production of collagen and elastin to strengthen the dermis. If the skin is dry, aging, has all the signs of vitamin deficiency, scaly and itchy, in this case it is necessary to throw all forces on the nourishment of the subcutaneous fat, i.e. the daily care of the skin should definitely add additional hydration and nourishment.

Skin is a living organism just like you and for well-being she needs oxygen, vitamins, nutrients and energy. But all kinds of irritants and pathogens can cause deterioration and lead to unpleasant problems and premature aging.

Stages of care for skin

Each and every woman wishes to retain its charm, freshness, youth and attractiveness, as long as possible. But, for some reason not everyone wants to spend time on daily care of skin. Unfortunately, women often spend more time choosing the outfit or new haircut, though no one, even the most expensive and elegant clothes will not be able to get back the health and youthfulness of the skin and first wrinkles treacherously begin to show your age.

So, to then grab his head and immediately start looking for the «super» means to care for the skin, it is necessary to undertake daily facial care at home, given their individual characteristics and needs.

And now we will talk about «minimum» that daily need to follow a women, taking care of your face. It includes 4 main stages is:

  • Cleaning. It is extremely important to pay attention to the cleansing of the skin, because day in and day on the surface collects dust, dead skin flakes and other waste products of cells, various microorganisms and other harmful substances, and if we’re just going to smear the face cream, we’ll just «chase» back into the skin all these harmful particles, which means soon we will get inflamed and unhealthy skin. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly clean the skin, so just ignore this fact. The main thing you need to remember is that it’s important to cleanse 2 times a day-morning and evening, it is possible to use different cleansing gels, mousses, foams and lotion.
  • After cleansing you need to tone the skin that is to RUB the skin with a special tonic or lotion, which is matched to your skin. This is necessary in order to remove the skin from the remnants of cosmetics, to disinfect the skin or to remove minor inflammation, moisturize and tone, cleanse and tighten pores. Procedure toning, should be a must during the morning care of facial skin. Tonics are alcohol based (usually used for podsushivanija oily skin) and no alcohol (suitable for all skin types, including sensitive). Recipes homemade tonics, see the link /domashnie-losonyi-dlya-litsa hotel/
  • Moisture (protection). Home care for skin should include daily use of a day cream. It is necessary to apply on face and neck about an hour before going outside. In addition, the cream contains active ingredients that moisturize the skin and saturate it with useful elements, after using the skin is a special film, which performs a protective role against negative external influences , dirt, dust and germs.
  • Power. In the evening care for the skin in addition to cleansing and toning the skin, must be provided by the diet. Usually for this purpose use a special night cream, which in its composition contains various nutritional components such as oils, extracts and extracts of useful plants, fats and acids, vitamins, and others with a nourishing cream for a few hours before bedtime to face, neck and décolleté.

These are the basic rules of skin care face. Each of these steps is important and necessary to maintain the skin in perfect condition. But again I want to note that caring for the skin you want based on its type, requirements and the availability of some of the shortcomings. Therefore, let us consider the main features of skin care.

Oily skin

Oily skin have women who have an increased activity of the sebaceous glands. A huge plus of oily skin is that wrinkles have owners of this type appear much later than in women with normal or dry skin. However, such leather has its drawbacks. For example, excessive oiliness leads to the appearance of unsightly Shine, enlarged pores, various inflammations, pimples, blackheads, etc. this is Especially true at a young age about 30-35 years, after this age, the amount of fat, usually are reduced.

Therefore, the question of proper care of oily skin, especially important among young girls.

The girls with extra fat tend some area of the face (usually the nose, forehead and chin), considered to be the type of person mixed. They will also be useful to learn how to care for combination skin to prevent the development of inflammatory processes.

Therefore, the main objective of oily skin care is getting rid of excess fat allocation, and providing the face clean and fresh.

The proper care of the skin should always start with cleansing. We cannot allow the sebaceous secretions together with the dust and dirt accumulated in the pores, it is a direct way to the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Therefore, to correctly clean the face every day, it is extremely important for women with oily skin.

Cleanser is perfect gels, foams, mousses, specialized for this type of skin. Also, a good option for further purification, becomes lotions and tonics, dried (matte effect.

For oily skin there are plenty of masks that can be purchased ready-made version or make your own at home. Especially often in the same home remedies there is blue clay, the juice of citrus fruits, dairy products, some fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, all these ingredients will help to prevent pimples, draw out impurities from the pores and dry the skin.

Also, owners of oily skin, cosmetologists recommend a few times a week to carry out the procedure of peeling and deep cleansing with special scrubs and brushes.

Dry skin

Dry skin is especially prone to peeling, redness, itching. Usually, this skin is very thin and vulnerable because the sebaceous glands work very poorly, and therefore, natural protection in the form of fat is practically absent. Therefore, it is important to know how to care for dry skin make the skin as long as possible retain the moisture and was to provide support and protected. Recipes masks for home care, see the link /maski-dlya-suhoy-kozhi-hotel litsa-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

Dry skin, like any other, need daily cleansing. The only water treatments should be very sparing, for cleaning in any case you can’t use soap, it is best to wash with water at room temperature. For purification it is best to use emollients, lotion, a gentle cleanser or creamy facial cleanser.

Proper care of a person of this type must necessarily involve the use of deep day moisturizer cream. At night, you need to apply to the skin nourishing cream, rich in vitamins and nourishing oils. Several times a week, it is recommended to pamper your skin with a nourishing mask of honey, olive or almond oil, sour cream, egg yolks, and various herbs. Read more in the article «What are the methods and means to moisturize dry skin».

With the right approach to daily skin care, she will long remain clean, radiant, healthy, young and beautiful. If you know how to observe the face and to choose the right tools to care take care of themselves easily and pleasantly.

Love yourself and your skin!

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