Primer for nails

Manicured hands with neat nails is an important component of the image. Unfortunately, not every woman is endowed with this gift of nature. The situation is easily corrected by using extensions. Coating the drug – one of the stages of the procedure, followed by an overlay of gel or acrylic to the nail plate.

What is the basis for gel Polish

Being a colorless substance with a gelatinous consistency, the drug has a distinct «chemical» smell. Need a primer for gel Polish? The tool is used for any build-up or as a base to cover with shellac. The structure is largely similar to the base for varnish. However, primer for nails has features that are not available for regular basis.

Why the need for a primer for shellac

A special coating is applied on the master plate immediately after smoothing its surface. Why the need for a primer for gel Polish? Regardless of the type and manufacturer, the composition performs the following functions:

  1. Safety. Protects artificial nails from the appearance of unsightly yellowing, delamination of the plates. Liquid degreases, dries and prevents the penetration of bacteria that cause fungus.
  2. The subsequent consolidation of the coating. Primer for nails makes it possible to effectively grip the upper layer of the plate materials used for building. The application of fluid continues finding nail Polish in good condition.

RuNail Primer Primer Non-Acid

What primer is best for gel Polish

There are several varieties of liquid. Each composition has features which are suitable for use in a particular situation. The choice of drug depends on the materials used in building. In addition, primer for nails differently affect the state of the plate. The choice of composition depends on the characteristics of nails. One or the other type may be optimal in one case and to be contraindicated in another.


The fluid contains methacrylic acid. The proportion of the substance is from one-third to 100 percent. Why you need a primer for gel Polish? Acid makes the plate gently. Horny scales are raised and more reliable to «hold» an artificial covering. Minus acidic drugs increased toxicity. Contact of liquid with skin causes burning, redness, in some cases, to a chemical burn. Drug healthy, strong nails. If the plates are weakened, such a composition should be replaced. The acid liquid is used when building with acrylic.

Acid free primer

The composition does not contain acids, safely used with success even for not very strong plates. Protects nails, perfectly cope with their degreasing. The composition provides secure attachment of artificial materials to the surface of the plate. Nothing terrible will happen if a certain amount of money will be on the skin, the cuticle, the nail shaft. This option can be used for pedicure.

Acid-free primers


This «Lite» version of the tools called experts «bond», «bonder». The drug has a soft, delicate effect due to the absence in its composition of corrosive substances – colors, flavors. Prap does not affect the deeper layers of the plate, maintains water balance. Minus means that it lacks the power to ensure reliable adhesion between the materials and the plate. Another thing – the use bonder as a base for other primers. The dehydrator creates additional protection, for example, for brittle, weakened plates.

Price primer for nails

The composition, which is used to increase, you can buy in a specialized Department or buy in the online store by ordering the electronic catalog. When choosing a drug should be guided not only by the price of the product. Quality means guaranteed, in addition to its cost, popularity, reliability of the manufacturer. The price of makeup varies from 129 to 790 rubles.

How to use a primer for nails

Technology use is simple but requires dexterity. In addition to the composition, you need a lint-free cloth is used to remove excess from the brush. When applied it is important:

  • Cover the plate with a thin layer. The excess can nullify the effectiveness of the action.
  • Avoid spilling liquid on the skin, the cuticle. If this happens, you need to blot the area with a damp cloth.
  • Apply two coats of the product.

Application of the primer to the nails

How to apply primer under the gel Polish

The coating process means described in the instructions for use of the composition. How to apply primer to the nail? Standard technology includes the following steps:

  1. Unscrew the lid.
  2. Press the brush on the edge of the bottle. The amount of funds to be applied to the plate should be small. If necessary, you can remove the excess with a napkin.
  3. Attach the brush to the center of the plate. Let the liquid itself is distributed according to the nail surface. It is important to prevent contact with skin or cuticle.
  4. Cover the plate composition.
  5. Go to another nail.
  6. Tightly close the jar.
  7. Discard used towelette.

When to apply primer on the nails

The coating composition is preceded by standard hygienic treatment. Before applying the funds needed to push back the cuticle using the orange stick or pusher. Then sanding with a nail file plate is removed with a natural Shine. The dust from the work gets hard brush. Next on the plate is applied to a special degreasing agent, followed by coating drug.

Move aside the cuticle orange stick

It is necessary to dry the primer in the lamp

Primer for nails, applied a thin layer dries in a short period of time. The influence of ultraviolet light in this case is not required. However, the available primers for nails that require special drying. To find out for sure, you should study the manual attached to the product. Usually means that dry under the lamp, more affordable.

Video: a primer for nail Polish — how to choose


Elena, 28 years old

Decided to buy an extra top coat for gel Polish, manicure without although it stayed more than a week. Bought the drug that should cure under UV lamp because this thing I have. Means liquid, like water, bad for some reason dries. The result pleased me – the manicure has held up better, the price is reasonable.

Ekaterina, 32

Opened shellac on their nails capricious. The manicure was not more than a week, then had to adjust. The situation was corrected primer, purchased on the advice of the master. The thing is expensive, but the price is worth it. Means like water, easy to apply. Short-lived manicure is gone, and I am very pleased.

Olesya, age 36

Color nail gel Polish for almost a year, but the primer started to use a month ago. The price is high, but, as it turned out, it was worth the money. The composition is easy to apply, the smell is almost not felt, the coating dries quickly, good adhesion with the base. With a manicure go long until you get bored of the color.

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