Polisorb slimming

To lose weight and a healthier body is the goal and the dream of every woman. And those who have only 2-3 extra pounds, sometimes begin to lose weight far more serious than the real bbw. Any weight loss is a long and complex process, and often a proper diet and exercising not enough. In the body accumulate many harmful substances, the body periodically needs to be cleaned. Effective way course of drugs, or has absorbent detoxifying properties, for example, Polisorb slimming. This tool takes the top lines in the ranking of the sorbents.

Instructions for use POLYSORB for detoxification and weight loss


Powder for weight loss «POLYSORB» is an effective polisorbat, that is, a drug that functions resembles charcoal. «POLYSORB» are sold in powder form, but in order to cleanse the body and lose weight, the drug is dry. This medication is diluted with water to a pulp. The proportion of half a Cup of clean water to two teaspoons of powder. The drug every time you need to cook again, and to store as a powder. The best course for an adult – a week of daily use «POLYSORB». If you drink the drug longer, can appear the problem of constipation.

The drug

The main active substance of the drug, which is cleansed is silicon dioxide. When it enters the gut, then quickly binds between toxic substances and removes them from the body. Therefore, «POLYSORB» recommended not only for weight loss, but after the poisoning or with hangover (alcohol is also a toxin).

The second component of «POLYSORB» is succinic acid, which accelerates metabolism and improves your General wellbeing. Due to this course of therapy is not only effective way to lose weight. It will contribute to health improvement, will provide an opportunity to establish normal bowel function and get rid of the accumulated harmful substances.

How does tool for weight loss

The drug for weight loss

«POLYSORB» does not penetrate into the tissues of the body, not absorbed into the bloodstream. Due to the fact that the finished product is like a paste, it goes into the stomach in the form of a viscous substance and also comes from the gut, «taking» with the toxins that poisoned the body. In this case, «POLYSORB», when enters the stomach, increases the volume by four times. So there is a false sense of fullness, and the person refuses to eat. This is another advantage of Polisorb slimming.

«POLYSORB» does not act as a laxative, so do not be afraid that after his admission starts severe diarrhea. However, the urge to defecate may become more frequent, as appears not only processed food but also accumulated over a long time toxins. When is body cleansing for weight loss should drink as much water as possible – so the detox will be easier.

How to take powder

The optimum method of application is to drink the drug 3-4 times a day in small doses. The daily rate is 0.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. One can properly calculate your proportions (however, the number of drug should not exceed 20 grams per day). Make the product better in just over an hour before a meal, then the beneficial properties will be revealed in full.

Enterosorbent for weight loss


Abstract to the drug contains information about the diseases in which it is better to abandon the use of «POLYSORB». Here’s the list:

  • General weakness of the bowel (atony, absence of peristalsis);
  • bleeding the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the exacerbation of stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer;
  • acute gastritis.

If you have any chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract before the use of «POLYSORB» it is necessary to consult a doctor. In addition, you need to be careful to avoid allergic reactions to the drug components. Do not use Polisorb for weight loss pregnant and nursing.

Reviews of weight loss pills

Natalia, 38 years: Take Polisorb MP has advised me girlfriend. Can’t say that this is a «magic pill», but when combined with diet and gym help to lose weight. For six months, I lost 10 pounds. All surprised, considering my old photos.

Anna, 23 years: body cleansing – my old hobby, which helps to keep yourself in shape. Tried to use various tools, including «Polisorb». Helps. But they must not be abused – a week. I’m an adult, serious about their body.

Julia, 55 years: for a Long time, I have a bias to the cleansing means. And then it turned out funny: I have food poisoning, I was prescribed «Polisorb» as a medicine. I immediately appreciated the effect that it has on the intestines. A couple of times a year arrange fasting days with him.

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