Pilates for beginners

Fitness centers have started to offer a new direction Pilates, sometimes even subdivided in several variations: on the mats at the gym. The promised benefits to the body and health, help in weight loss. What constitutes as a workout for beginners? What are its purposes?

What is Pilates

Girl doing gymnastics

This exercise system provides gentle load, created by Dr. Joseph Pilates, for whom she was named. As a teenager, he has developed training, which can improve physical fitness, improve health, increase stamina. Then Pilates began to raise people to their feet after prolonged physical inactivity.

  • The main principles of Pilates: concentration and breathing, the absence of pain.
  • The focus of the system is the back, so it is recommended for office workers who suffer from a curvature, degenerative disc disease.
  • Training of deep abdominal muscles is particularly helpful to women.
  • The exercises Joseph Pilates for beginners seem simple, but actually cause difficulty when running, as they require a perfect coordination between breathing and muscles.

Pilates for weight loss

Hard to believe that a light workout aimed at sports result, is able to assist in weight loss. The essence of Pilates – a deep study of muscles, concentration on the area of the press (the so-called «center»). If practised correctly, Pilates will tighten the contours of the body, especially the stomach, not only will reduce weight. The result comes after a month of systematic training.

Pilates at home for beginners

Girl doing Pilates at home

Before performing the exercises, you should «configure» the breath. Without this underlying principle, there is no point in physical activity, it will remain the usual gymnastics. Take a horizontal position, do not strain, palms put on the solar plexus. On the inhale expand only the edges, feeling like they diverge to the side, exhale to return them back. Thorax and abdomen still. Important points:

  • Exercises at home for beginners, performed on a special Mat on the floor, so as not to injure the back.
  • A person’s appearance for Pilates is not important, the main thing that was convenient. Foot recommended socks.
  • After a workout, perform a light set of exercises for stretching.


Start with the preparation of their body: pull out the spine, maximally lower the shoulders, pelvis, point to the lower ribs, removing the stomach inside. The abdominal muscles should feel tense, focused. While breathing smoothly, evenly, in the above-described system. This situation must keep throughout a Pilates class, whatever the situation did not take your body.

  1. Exercise beginners for the total workout. Pull your arms up to the tips of his fingers staring at the ceiling. Exhaling, open them, dropping in different directions parallel to the floor. Taking a breath, turn back.
  2. Exercise for stomach and back. Bend your knees, pulling the foot to the hips. When you exhale lift the body, rounding your lower back, stretch straight arms forward. The brush should be near the ankles. Make a few springy beats hands in the air, slowly lower the body back.

Gymnastics for beginners

Exercises for beginners

Given Pilates exercises for weight loss will work only if the regular of their performance. If you need to speed up the process of creating a perfect figure, be sure to connect to training active cardiopatico: jump rope or just jumping, energetic squats. The number of repetitions of each exercise in the Pilates for beginners is in the range of 10-15 times.

  1. Start with the spine and the press: from supine position, raise your abdominal muscles straight legs kept together so that they form an acute angle with the floor. Exhale – slowly lift your body, vertebrae by vertebrae from the neck. Straighten your back, hold for 10 seconds (beginner – 3-4) to position V and the Exhalation lower the body, then tense the legs.
  2. Exercise for oblique abdominal muscles. Lie on side, bottom arm pull up, touching his ear, the top can be put in front of him. On the exhale stretch the spine, trying to lift his legs by the thigh muscles and the press. Feel the burning in his side. Beginners should do 4-5 repeats. On the inhale down.
  3. The last basic exercise Pilates for beginners weight loss thighs and buttocks. Lying on your back, bend feet in knees. Exhale start to lift the pelvis muscles back of the thigh, then the body, lifting from the floor in the vertebrae to the shoulder blades. Hold this position, straining a press, inhale come back. Beginners repeat 4-5 times.

Girl does Pilates

Video: Pilates for dummies

As a beginner to learn this information in text form is very difficult to start in Pilates better with free video tutorials on the Russian language. Check them out below. All movements and highlights of inhalation/exhalation is explained in the video clearly and simply, so you will easily be able to repeat them. For ease of training divided into blocks, taking into account the level of training.

Full course

Basic level


The final complex


Alla, 22 years:because of the lack of time I decided to download a large video tutorial for beginners and try to do at home. With a trainer it would be better understood with many nuances faster, but that effect is felt already after the first week (2 workouts). The press constantly stressed, body aches, a month said the loss of 1.5 cm in the waist.

Ian, 27 years:When he signed up at a fitness center for Pilates, said that everybody, even the very beginners. Imagine the analogue of yoga: quiet music, relaxation. It turned out – the tension was crazy. He found many non-existent muscles. The body (especially the back) was sick for 3 days, then new workout. Do not lose weight, so at least the spine will strengthen!

Pauline, 30 years:Attend Pilates 4 years, 2 workouts per week. I like the fact that it gives my body. Disappeared back pain, migraine hurts less, corrects posture. The press has become stronger, which is impossible for me to pump after delivery. Pilates for beginners generally elegant replacement of complex fitness workouts – safe, but effective.

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