Permanent mascara

One of the main elements that adorn the face of every women are thick beautiful lashes. A person with such eyelashes gets some kind of a mystery, and look immediately attracts attention. Of course, nature is not everything that makes a gift of luxurious eyelashes, so women armed with mascara to enhance its appeal.

The first mascara was invented by the company Maybelline in 1917, and it was made of vaseline and coal. However, this novelty quickly became popular among women. Therefore, the ink began to improve, and only in the thirties were able to move in this direction and to create a waterproof mascara. With regard to modern mascara, it is able not only to tint lashes and increase their volume, lengthen and curl. And today we have such carcasses not be surprised. However, not so long ago appeared quite different, a permanent mascara, and women immediately began to show interest in her.

Permanent ink has a number of advantages over conventional ink. And although on the surface permanent ink is very similar to regular mascara, she looks more natural and no clumps at all. In addition, permanent mascara, no flaking and lashes get a nice curve and shape. This ink you will not have to apply daily, at the same time you save time for its application and removal. You can easily visit the pool or sauna, your mascara will not flow and not smeared at the most inopportune moment.

Of course, after this description, the idea is that all women should rush to buy this mascara, and it does not go back to using ordinary mascara. However, it is not so simple. This mascara is quite expensive, it also contains some specific components, which in the shops you can find not always. However, you can buy online.

The process of applying mascara only takes about half an hour and its effect lasts for about a month. However, experts recommend before first independently apply this mascara, read the instructions and learn to do it properly. Practice, you may be able to do this procedure independently.

You should also consider certain recommendations of specialists who will help you to correctly apply the permanent ink. Most importantly, you after applying this mascara a few days did not visit the sauna or steam bath, and generally try to ink no contact for about two days with water and do not expose lashes other aggressive mechanical influences. Also remember that for permanent mascara can be applied ordinary. Moreover, you cannot curl your eyelashes with tongs and brush them with a brush.

Nowadays, many women opt for permanent mascara. This is evidenced by the numerous positive reviews, which is probably worth listening to.

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