Perfect legs

Perfect legs

Every woman dreams of the perfect legs, but not every knows how to properly care for them. Let’s see how to properly care for their feet?

Fighting with hair

Every woman’s dream – perfectly smooth legs. So you want the hairs on the legs do not grow as long as possible. Currently there are many types of hair removal. Today we will tell you about the most effective. This includes salon hair removal, which is ideal for all those who have the time and money to visit the beauty salon. For those who prefer to care for a home, you should pay attention to devices called epilators. Using the epilator you will not hesitate to do waxing where you want and when you want. There are many different brands of epilators, differing primarily additional features. Note the epilator Rowenta Soft Extreme EP8710, which, acting on our skin with the cold air flow, reduces pain, and with the help of vibrating balls makes micro-massage. This unique technology has prompted experts our natural reaction. They noticed that the man begins to RUB the place where he feels pain. Therefore, the massage head during epilation begins to rapidly massaging our skin, sending a jolt to help soothe your skin. Another very convenient appliance Perfect Aqua EP9330, which you can use even in the water. This is very convenient because the water itself is able to calm our skin and reduce the risk of irritation. This device also has vibrating balls that can make this procedure much more comfortable.

Struggling with bruises

Even the most beautiful legs can ruin one small bruise. If you lead an active lifestyle, rollerblading, skateboarding or bike, you always need to have a remedy of abrasions and bruises. It can be a pain, heparin ointment, the ointment against edema or caffeine. But if, nevertheless, a bruise on your skin, you can mask it in the conventional corrector.

Perfect legs

Struggling with vascular mesh

Spider veins are very visible on the legs, especially if they are untanned. If such a mesh has appeared on your legs, you need to go to phlebologist, who will be able to explain the cause of her appearance and tell you how you need to deal with it.

Struggle with dry skin feet

Dry skin of the feet, especially in the lower leg, is a very common problem that can occur in both summer and winter. To avoid this problem, use the cream as often as for the face or hands.

Struggling with swelling

Another problem of the modern inhabitants of the metropolis is swelling. If your feet swell, make the water balance in your body. You should drink two liters of water, and to abandon the sweet and salty and in the morning and evening to take a contrast shower. Can help also creams and gels containing menthol.

Perfect legs

Lengthen legs

Not as strange as it sounds, visually lengthen legs we can put on ordinary shoes in fashion, Nude.

Perfect legs

Align the skin color

Better align the color of your toe regular tan. If you are sunbathing in the summer, and overseas resorts you can not afford, can use a bronzer. This tool should be applied to the skin at least once a week, then you need to thoroughly wash hands.

Perfect legs

Provide well-groomed feet

Well-groomed feet can give a subtle shimmer. Use lotion or body cream not only before the ceremonial event, but also every day. Best of all, this agent should be applied directly after a shower, it is distributed and absorbed much better. Then your feet will delight you and others a satin sheen.

Do the perfect pedicure

Even in the most expensive shoes, your legs will look ugly, if they are neglected. That is why today in the fashion of the perfect pedicure. Please note spa treatment or pedicure, after which the skin of the feet will be as soft as a baby.

Give your feet a rest

If you like to wear heels from time to time, give your feet a rest. When sitting, take off your shoes and do gymnastics. To do this you need to rotate the feet clockwise to pull the sock, and walking on eggshells. Can just RUB his legs from the calf and thigh. Also wear comfortable shoes so you could always change your shoes if your feet get tired.

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