Causes of peeling skin on the hands. Methods of treatment

peeling skin on handsGentle female, male caring – hands devotes thousands of words of praise. But peeling skin on hands can ruin the reputation of the most gentle and caring. When peeling skin on hands – it could not laudatory odes to sing, and to treat. But first you need to find the cause of the defect.

Why peeling skin on hands?

For effective treatment you must know why scaly skin on the hands. Do not panic – the process of renewal of the epidermis takes about 30 days. The new cells appear at the place of the dead. But if you do not resolve the causal factor is unlikely to rely on a favorable result. Nature always takes care of us, but only with the condition of our active participation in the process.

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Causes peeling of the skin of the hands can be internal or due to external factors.

  • Congenital dryness: dry skin type often, it’s more of a genetic predisposition.
  • Environmental factors: the effects of hot sun, cold wind and frost skin becomes rough, red, dehydrated.
  • Household chemical: peeling skin on the palms cause the detergents if you did not provide for the protection of (ordinary household gloves or barrier cream).
  • Improper care (or lack thereof): especially hurt the skin gels and Soaps with sulfates. When the skin peels off between fingers, most likely their owner is abusing the contact with water.
  • Diseases: endocrine (psoriasis, diabetes, etc.), fungal.
  • Beriberi, and malnutrition.

Most often the skin affected by several traumatic factors simultaneously.

Peeling skin on palms – how to cure?

Skin peeling of the palms of the hands are not only unattractive, it can cause the development of inflammatory process in the presence of cracks. In addition, the dryness and peeling of the skin of hands deliver a strong discomfort.

Read how to get rid of cracks on the fingers.

The main rule of care for dry hands, moisturizing cream. But this is only part of the complex to restore softness and elasticity. If only one cream was able to quickly eliminate all the disadvantages, it is unlikely that the problem would be so widespread. Unfortunately, this miracle cream has not yet been established. And existing, of course, perform their function, but requires additional procedures. In this case, the greater efficiency has ointment for skin peeling of hands, more rich and nutritious than its closest brother cosmetic cream. A wide variety of ointments available almost in any pharmacy. Well, if there will be extracts of medicinal herbs (calendula and Hypericum).

If you don’t help drugstore funds, prepare a mask for dry skin at home. Recipes, see the link /cuhaya-kozha-ruk/

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Peeling skin on the palms of the hands can be removed with a scrub. Ready or prepared independently of the coffee and olive oil – does not matter. You can use any scrub or peeling for the face. And not to forget the final hydration of the skin cream.

When scaly skin, the cleaning process (washing) is carried out using warm water. Cleansers should be soft (preferably baby), with moisturizing additives from drying out. Each washing process is completed by careful wiping with a soft towel or cloth hands, fingers, interdigital spaces.

Peel off the skin on the fingers is how to return beauty to the fingers?

If peeling skin on the fingers, then the thin sensitive skin of the fingers was subjected to a serious test. Or the owner was too keen on the diet and taking diuretics and laxatives (often scaly skin between the fingers when the lack of vitamins E and A). Perhaps the reason lies in the disease and need expert help: peeling skin on the hands can be a symptom of scabies or psoriasis.

Such a thoughtful analysis of the reasons must accompany any change in the skin. Peeling skin of fingers is a problem, which indicates the health problems or the wrong care. This problem requires a solution.

the skin peels off between fingers
Peeling skin on fingers can be eliminated as cosmetic preparations and folk remedies. The effectiveness of the latter has been proved by time. Safe and natural homemade recipes are able to cope with the most problematic skin.

Peeling of the skin between the fingers can be eliminated by using an oil bath. You can use cosmetic and other vegetable oils (olive, wheat germ, almond, flax). The oil should be warmed up a little to submerge the fingers and enjoy the procedure 20 minutes. During this time, dry skin is saturated with vitamins and fats. After the procedure do not have to wash your hands – enough to blot excess with a tissue.

Honey is a delicacy, and a remedy that quickly eliminates peeling of the skin. A small amount of honey applied to affected areas, washed off after 30 minutes.

An excellent remedy for dry skin is oatmeal. Gruel of oatmeal acts as a scrub: the mixture should be applied rubbing massage movements. And oatmeal broth can make a wonderful bath for your fingers.

Peeling skin on elbows — how to get rid of?

Many people wonder «why scaly skin on the elbows.» You should think, and whether there was provided the necessary care for this delicate area? Our elbows are in need of nourishment and protection exactly the same as other areas of the body.

Causes of peeling skin on elbows:

  • improper care
  • synthetic clothing,
  • allergies,
  • lack of hydration,
  • sedentary work at the table
  • beriberi and others.

It is obvious that the dryness and peeling any skin area cause all the same reasons – the external environment or internal violations. Accordingly, the care of the elbows should not be different from caring for any other area. Our elbows require cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. They get old and wrinkle, require utmost care.

peeling skin on elbows photos
When scaly skin on the elbows, many people mistakenly begin to remove flaking pumice. To not do this – the skin is badly damaged. Preferably use a gentle scrub or exfoliation, hard sisal washcloths. After each wash or scrub be sure to moisturize your elbows with a nourishing cream.

How to get rid of dry skin elbows here.

On one elbow, redness, peeling of skin? Brush them with lemon juice, sour cream or yogurt – this natural mask will lighten the skin, soothe and soften.

Soothe and disinfect flaky and chapped skin of hands baths with medicinal herbs – chamomile, calendula, mint.

But if the skin peels off and cracks in spite of the most thorough and careful care it is time to go to the dermatologist and pass the necessary tests.

Peeling skin of hands and feet or other areas is always a discomfort. It is so hard to pay a little attention to your own body, to not be upset at the most inopportune moment suddenly appeared uncomfortable. Peeling skin on the tips of the fingers or on the palms does not appear out of nowhere and suddenly. To eat right and healthy, drink water, protect your hands with gloves, moisturize creams – these simple rules in most cases, prevent dryness and flaking. The skin requires care and always thanks for the attention.

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