Causes of peeling skin on the feet. How to get rid of?

peeling skin on feet photoThe appearance of any person is very important to a positive inner state of his own, especially this statement applies to women. Some trouble to bring not only anxiety but also physical discomfort. Quite often, the peeling of the skin on the feet refers to the specified ailment. If the skin on your feet starts to peel, then this problem must be rectified immediately, otherwise the usual flaking can cause itching or burning sensation on the skin of the feet. But before you take the necessary and effective methods of treatment of this disease, you must find out the root cause why scaly skin on the feet.

Why do feet skin peeling?

It is important to note that the majority of people at least once met with the problem of peeling on the feet. Causes can be several, from cosmetic problems to severe diseases. If a cosmetic defect, you can handle yourself, then the disease should only be treated under a specialist. But what would have been prescribed treatment, without revealing the reasons that prompted the formation of the disease, no media cannot be used.

In the most common cases, the peeling skin and itching on the feet can cause the following causes:

  • dry skin can naturally excoriate not only on the legs but on other areas of the calves. Especially people suffer from dry skin during the hottest time of the year. Lack of moisture is the main reason, when hard to peel off the skin on legs;
  • the lack of fortified substances in the human body;
  • disease fungal in nature. As a rule, fungal diseases starts peeling between the toes and on the feet, but if time does not take treatment measures, the scaling extends to the lower leg and thigh;
  • abrupt change in climatic conditions can cause severe peeling of the skin of the feet;
  • physical alteration on human skin (frostbite, burns from exposure to the sun) cause a peeling of the skin and causes intense itching;
  • regular interaction with chemical or harmful substances. Often dry, scaly skin on the legs appears after visiting the pool. Such a condition is and those people who work with pesticides or are exposed to continuous interaction of harmful substances;
  • malfunction of the nervous system — frequent stress disorder, anxiety;
  • effects of treatment with some drugs, especially those people who were treated with strong medications that have many side effects.

skin peeling on feet

All of the above applies to the General and most common causes of disease, but there are reactions, which are expressed in the skin. Peeling skin on Shin of the legs can occur due to allergies. But at the same time, it is important to realize that when peeling skin on Shin of the legs, this can be caused by any disease, such as herpes, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, eczema etc. in addition, the trouble can occur after infectious diseases, when a human body is significantly weakened and suffering from a shortage of many fortified and mineral substances.

Peeling skin on the feet

Peeling the skin of the foot is called the those reasons mentioned above a hundred. More often than not this reaction occurs because of disease or allergic reactions. When peeling skin on the feet, the cause of the disease can lead to the hide and in the internal condition of the body. Disturbance of function of the cardiac system causes such discomfort. If peeling skin on the feet, then the reason may lie in the use of wrong or uncomfortable shoes. If the person is a big part of day time in shoes made of synthetic materials or rubber, it can be formed, and peeling of the skin, and the appearance of fungal infection.

Peeling skin on toes

Painful condition is also called the main causes to which you can add the use of inappropriate or allergenic cosmetics or stay in a room with low air humidity. In most cases, when a person appears skin peeling on toes, he should urgently consult a dermatologist, because the condition is a symptom of a fungal disease.

Peeling skin between the toes causing discomfort to the person, because the fingers are in constant interaction with each other, so all the pain is when the man wears shoes. Untimely treatment can aggravate the situation, so at the slightest sign of discomfort, you should contact the appropriate specialist.

What to do if peeling skin on feet?

Only after it turns out the reason for the formation peeling can be used radical measures to address it. Inflamed skin requires proper care and maintenance, so the main treatment lies in the correct and proper care for skin of feet. Eliminating the cause of the disease, it will be possible to speed up recovery. And yet, when peeling skin on feet what to do?

peeling skin on the feet

  • Proper nutrition. All human health depends on what he eats. When you have skin problems it is necessary to strengthen the diet foods and dishes that contain in their composition vitamins and all minerals. It is important to pay special attention to fluid intake, increase its worth to those who may have dry skin. Others need to stick to the standard liquid, equal to two liters per day. But drinking the liquid need in the form of fortified beverages — fruit drinks, kissels, compotes, etc.
  • The use of glycerin soap. When a person has flaky skin on the soles of the feet, all hygienic procedures should be carried out only with the use of glycerin soap. Discontinue the use of the latest cosmetic products that often do more harm to the skin than still use.
  • Lubrication of the foot skin cream. In this case, a great option to serve as a simple children’s cream fat composition.
  • The removal of dead skin particles on the skin of the feet. Especially it is necessary to carry out this manipulation, when the peeling skin on the soles of the feet.
  • The use of clothing and shoes made from natural materials. In the case where peeling skin between the toes, use the «right» shoes and clothes are the main panacea for the relief of painful condition.
  • Foot bath-based softening ingredients will help to eliminate the discomfort and get rid of the disease. Daily baths based on lemon or cabbage juice — the key to the softness and tenderness of the skin on the feet.
  • Wraps. Easy peeling on the heels of the feet can be eliminated if you daily apply the wraps for the legs. Recipes in this case, many magic properties have wraps on the basis of sour milk, a mixture of vegetable oil and chicken egg yolk, the mixture of beet and carrot juice. The above products are applied on clean skin of the feet, then gently rotate the leg with a plastic bag and put on socks. Keep this poultice should be about half an hour and then legs to wash the soap and apply on top of cream.

It is important to remember, if it continues to peel off the skin on my feet, and all necessary measures are undertaken, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Dermatologist to find out the cause of peeling on the feet using special skin tests and prescribe appropriate treatment. When long-term manifested by peeling skin on the feet, treatment should only be medical in nature, after all, the main reason for this fungal infection. To eliminate the disease prescribe creams and hormonal remedies that address the symptoms and resolve the root cause of the disease. But all drugs are appointed only on an individual basis, so self-treatment in this case is prohibited.

Share your experience on how You got rid of the peeling on the skin of the feet, perhaps Your advice will be a real straw man stretched out of a difficult situation.

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