The reasons causing the peeling of the skin on the face

peeling skin on the face photoSkin problems are not always the way. Even barely manifested a pimple can ruin the mood. And if you peel off the skin on the face is covered with blemishes, it causes not only emotional, but also physical discomfort. How to recognize started peeling the skin of the face without looking in the mirror? Than it can turn? We asked these questions, and here’s what happened.

Why peeling skin on face

Skin peeling on the face — not the most pleasant phenomenon. Irritation, redness, itchy skin — here is the set of associations that occur when it is mentioned. What could be behind the emergence of such an occasion? In fact, to start the process of peeling of the skin may the following factors:

  1. The skin type. According to statistics, people with dry skin often feel all the «charms» peeling. The basic reason is the imbalance of fluid in the deep layers of the skin and, as a result, the absence of sufficient moisture. If you are the owner of this type of leather will be useful for you this article.
  2. The weather and climate. In winter and in summer, many influenced by natural phenomena. So, during the cold weather the low temperatures provoke the peeling of the skin, in the summer — hot sun is a source of trouble. In the transition between seasons can cause inadequate intake of some vitamins.
    flaky skin under eyes photos
  3. Low-quality cosmetics for the skin. By choosing the means to care for face, carefully study the composition, if you have already watched the reaction of the components and know exactly what. If You first used the product and got redness and peeling of the skin, eliminate in the future the brand of Your chosen funds and go to another manufacturer.
  4. Allergies. Peel off the skin of the face may when Your body felt the presence of the allergen obtained from food. Sometimes these same substances that cause an allergic reaction, there may be other popular places, such as wool, animals, house dust etc.
  5. Damage to the skin. Surely You have noticed as the place for the cuts and abrasions start to heal covered with dry epidermal cells. This is a natural process, because of wounds not receiving liquid distributed inside the skin. The same is true in relation to skin lesions associated with infectious diseases.

Note that almost each of the cases referred to in paragraphs 2 to 5 facial skin is not only flaky, but itchy. However, the cause is the same, but the impact on her will depend on which part of a face has suffered from what. Below we consider the basic options.

When the skin flakes around the eyes

Consideration any health problems begins with learning the symptoms and, consequently, identify the causes. In the case of the skin around the eyes to affect peeling may already known weather phenomena, imbalance of vitamins and a poor selection of cosmetic products, and some other factors.

The most dangerous for the health of the whole organism is considered a prerequisite for the ciliary infection of mites or scientific one. The problem with this disease lies in its detection, i.e. to detect in a laboratory and not at home. You can get ready to sound the alarm, if in addition to the peeling of the skin around the eye is the veins on the eyelids, redness at the corners, the appearance of small water bubbles, also if You feel uncomfortable akin to what one experiences reading in the dark or, say, simply not enough sleep. This is the syndrome of «dry eye» when there is a feeling as if sand in eyes poured out».

in the photo the peeling of the skin around the eyes
Medicine is known one disease that similarly swollen and peeling skin on the upper eyelid is blepharitis, which is in some sense «relative». but is slightly harder and will subsequently acquire a chronic form. Blepharitis willing to stick to people with weakened immune systems and the owners of the defect, which was not at the time fixed. Favorable environment for the development of the disease are also constant exposure to wind, dust or conventional smoke. Observe symptoms of this disease can often in the morning — these include crusts on the eyelashes, «glued» eyelids, soreness from itching on the eyelids, and profuse lacrimation.

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Peeling skin around the mouth? – Find out why

The skin around the mouth is very thin and sensitive. Lips are the first responders to the process of dehydration and lack any kind of vitamins and minerals in the human body. In this sense, skin is the most vulnerable area of the face. Causes of peeling skin around the mouth. The core was already listed in the previous paragraphs. There is also «domestic» factor is dryness. The habit of licking his lips is typical for many of us, interestingly, in the windy summer conditions or cold winter weather, when the risk to expose the skin around the mouth of danger increases. However, in the warm period also need to contact with the lips more careful, as the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can harm them with equal probability.

in the photo the leather in the corners and around the mouth flakes
It is believed that in women the skin around the lips is slightly thinner men. In this regard, the percentage of men and women who have had skin peeling around mouth, clearly to the benefit of the beautiful half of the Earth. But this does not mean that among the «stronger sex» is not the case of unpleasant situations. No, men who have the same background, and women can detect it on your face Horny scales of the epidermis if the skin is weak nutrition.

What to do if peeling skin on face

Every part of the body prone to skin diseases and disorders. In particular, almost any area of the human face, as well as the adjacent bodies have a tendency to appearance of them peeling.

To begin, consider what is above and see what scaly skin on the eyebrows. Select several features not included in the standard list that applies to all of the skin in General (weather, moisture loss, lack of vitamins, poor cosmetics).

  • peeling skin on the nose and on the wings photothe beginning of allergic reactions or development of skin diseases – these include diseases such as eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, etc;
  • the loss of dermis is elastic – as a result, bonding of dead skin cells and the formation of scales;
  • drinking excessive amounts of paint for eyebrows or a lightening agents for hair skin near the eyebrows;
  • the abuse of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes;
  • not well moistened the air in the room – a comfortable life of our skin without it is unthinkable.

Against the background of these seemingly minor problems with the skin on the eyebrows, more dangerous skin lesions of our ears. Why is the skin scaly ears? The reasons may be the following.

  1. Improper care of the ears. Remember that sulfur (which, as we think, and makes them dirty) is a natural barrier against microbes and viruses. If the protection is weakened, it can trigger the occurrence of dermatitis of the ear.
  2. Infection and bacteria. The ingress of microorganisms in the ear of the person – the second stage of spread of disease, promote skin peeling in my ears and around them. Ear dermatitis, described above, can lead to eczema, where treatment is more difficult and proceeds more painful with the cracks inside the shell.
  3. Fungus. The appearance of such a visitor on Your skin is one hundred percent a sign that soon will welcome in guests, and peeling. To get rid of it will have the most modern drugs and solely by the efforts of the doctor-dermatologist.

One of the most common variants of the article are cases when the skin is peeling on your nose and around the nose. Here are the reasons the same notorious and trivial, with only one difference in that the peeling of the skin on the nose can be caused by frequent contact of the nose of the patient’s runny nose with a cloth handkerchief. The rest – the standard set.

Peeling of the skin on the neck, in addition to the main unit characteristics, causes allergic dermatitis associated with wearing synthetic scarves, shawls, etc. On the chin scaly skin due to perioral dermatitis, accompanied by acne. Redness and peeling of the skin on the face is of the following stages of disease progression.

That’s got to the point. And most importantly, we want to tell You is a good doctor, takes the STI clinic for their work schedules. So if scaly skin on the face, the expert first instance, because he available a variety of techniques and procedures that will help to diagnose the most reliable.

If You decide to risk the health of their skin and to sacrifice it for experiments in the field of traditional medicine there are several ways to deprive yourself of necessary sometimes to get rid of dead skin cells. It is only important to know that it does not cause tools new reactions when the skin is suffering. Among the tested people methods and components — nourishing mask made of honey, butter and bananas, as well as skin mask with aromatic oils. They also add a teaspoon of honey, leave on skin for about 10 minutes and after that remove with a cotton pad.

You know what to do when the skin flakes and itches? Then we ask You to fill in your beauty recipes. Share your ideas, thoughts, observations, and personal experiences and advice each other on how to avoid skin peeling. And let it always remains radiant with health and youth!

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