The causes flaking of the scalp. What to do?

the flaking of the scalp photosAmong the multiple ailments of the scalp flaking has a leading role. Often dandruff is a provocateur peeling of the scalp, but this is only the apparent cause of the disease. The same ailment may be caused by absolutely other reasons which in turn, is the basic premise of the prescribed treatment.

There are several varieties of the process where the scalp flakes off, but all of this disease the mere fact that such a state brings a certain discomfort in any way. Of course, in addition to painful condition, this feeling is reflected adversely on the person’s mood, especially for women, because peeling skin is not a very pleasant sight for others. Of the many reasons to get rid of the disease immediately after the first symptoms, but before you can begin effective treatment, it is necessary to establish what prompted the head for such a reaction?

Why peeling skin on the head?

Consider the main reasons the state when flaky scalp. But it is important to emphasize that all of the following reasons are shared or otherwise, a person must diagnose the disease only a specialist, to find out by themselves the occurrence of peeling is unlikely.

  • Improper care of scalp or hair. The most common cause of appear on the surface of the head ailments. Often people use cosmetic care products that do not suit this type of skin. Continuous use of the «wrong» drugs leads to the violation of the integrity of the skin of the head, which leads eventually to disease and the emergence of external problems.
  • Allergic reaction. Itching and flaking scalp can be caused by the action of the allergen on the surface layer of the skin. Allergies can be as cosmetic products and other products or substances.
  • The dryness of the hair and scalp. Often the scalp flakes and itches due to the fact that a man too often uses hair dryers, Curling irons, straighteners, hair dye, etc.
  • Skin diseases. When there is an intensive peeling of the scalp, the causes of this condition can hide in infection or viruses. This files most often among the human population who are faced with this problem, is the place to be a fungal infection. But it is important to remember that the flaking of the scalp and itching can be caused by other skin diseases such as eczema, ringworm, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis.

Reasons which have induced the disease to develop, there may be hypothermia of the head, and constant human interaction with chemicals, and poor diet.

Flaky scalp what to do?

When there is severe flaking of the scalp, first and foremost, you need to actively care about proper hair care. For example, if You used the new-fangled and advertised shampoos, try to replace them with ordinary herbal shampoos. Often the cause of disease lies in the fact that people are running after fashion, thus causing their appearance significant damage.

For the correct and effective treatment is that the healing period is required to exclude from care a variety of cosmetic tools like hair sprays, mousses, hair dyes.

flaky scalp photo
In the case when very scaly scalp, can come to the rescue anti-dandruff shampoo. Just buy the tool need not in cosmetic stores and in the pharmacy. In the shampoo have to be medicated ingredients.

When there is flaking of the scalp and face, it means that the body «gives the signal and his impotence. Correct remedy for this condition will become a natural cleansing the body. Do not have to use medication, you can arrange a fasting day on watermelon or apples.

Often people who have dry skin of the head and face, ask the problem why scaly skin on the head. The answer is simple, the body lacks internal and external humidity. In this problem, you need to drink more fluids, and the room use a humidifier.

See the article «Nourishing, moisturizing, revitalizing mask for dry hair».

In General, the problem of what to do, scalp flakes, must decide specialist. If proper care and regular healthy way of life does not resolve the trouble, you should undergo a complete examination for the presence of skin disease with the appropriate specialist physician.

How to treat peeling skin on your head?

Mainly, the treatment of flaky scalp is to use topical treatments to eliminate the underlying cause of disease. That is, if the nuisance caused by dandruff, prescribers who treat dandruff of the head. If the disease is triggered by a fungal infection, without the use of hormonotherapy ointments is not enough. Traditional methods of getting rid of dandruff here.

If it starts to peel off the skin behind the ear, then we can talk about explicit infected by ringworm or eczema. In this case, a panacea corticosteroid creams or mousses. The main objective of these funds is to relieve painful symptoms and eliminate the source of infection. Strongly peel off the skin in the ear when progressing skin infection. Treatment of this condition is to use external ointments or creams, plus the patient is assigned a hypoallergenic diet.

scalp flakes: why and what to do
Flaking of the scalp and skin can occur with eczema. This disease is very dangerous and is treated mainly strong medical drugs, so at the slightest manifestations of the disease should contact the honey. institution.

Often peeling of the skin of the face and head may be formed in nervous disorders. Treatment in this case must be complex: a dermatologist and a neurologist.

During the treatment of skin disease, the doctor will advise the patient to use special equipment for the care of the head. Shampoo from flaking of the scalp should include in its membership or tar, or drugs ketoconazole. These funds have a great healing effect.

The folk Treasury of recipes, there are proven means to fix this problem. Basically in this case you use herbal teas, for example chamomile, celandine, calendula. Do You know any effective remedies to get rid of peeling skin on the head? Share them, and You will save many people from painful condition itching and flaking.

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