Peach oil for the face

The dream of the women and girls of any age – it’s smooth skin with a slightly pink tint without flaws. This effect will help to achieve peach oil is used beauties of all times and peoples. Today, manufacturers offer this product with different quality and price categories, however, to buy it can afford any woman.

The beneficial properties of peach oil

Peach extract

Cosmetic peach oil in its composition has vitamins D, E, C, B, pectins, carotenoids, proteins, carbohydrates, organic acids, minerals. But the most valuable property is the contents of polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids (arachidic, linoleic, stearic, oleic, palmitic. With this composition peach oil is good for the whole body, especially ideal for skin health.

Produce oil by the press of peach pits, then filtered. The light texture of the product helps well absorbed by the skin without clogging pores. For this reason, is widely used as cosmetic oil for the face as the basis for creating or rejuvenating a nutrient medium or in a pure form. Women often use the product at home to create creams, filling, nourishing dry and prone to skin aging. Peach oil for the face brings benefit:

  • gives youth, restoring the structure of the upper layer;
  • nourishes the necessary trace elements;
  • eliminates irritation;
  • normalizes the function of sebaceous glands;
  • increases local immunity;
  • oxygenates;
  • is a natural antioxidant;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • removes toxins from the epidermis.

The use of peach oil in cosmetology

In modern cosmetology are very widely used peach oil for the face due to electricity generation and moisturizing properties. It godovoe the product is suitable to nourish and cleanse any skin type. It is ideal for aging, inflamed, sensitive dermis. Use peach oil from wrinkles around the eyes, morning care, peeling of the skin, as nourishing masks. Not less effective substance for softening the lips, especially if you mix it with other vegetable cosmetic oils.

Peach seed oil

Peach oil instead of face cream

Natural products have been used successfully in the manufacture of home-made cosmetics: creams, scrubs, creams. Peach oil for the face is applied in pure form, if it is necessary to saturate very dry skin, prone to peeling, inflammation or to remove makeup. In other cases it is better to mix the raw material with other natural products for improve the effect. Several recipes of homemade creams based on butter peach:

  1. For inflammation and skin lightening enrich peach oil (1 tsp.) essential oil elixir grapefruit or lemon (1-2 drops), lubricate the face daily before sleep. After 15 minutes, remove the remnants of the mixture with a cotton pad.
  2. For oily skin before bedtime do this procedure: spread 1 tbsp of cottage cheese with peach base (1 tbsp oil). Mass of the person apply, after 15-20 min remove the swab.

Facial mask with peach oil

Despite its nutritional value, cream and mask with peach oil for the face have an easy structure, is well absorbed. In addition, they are easily removed with such cosmetic problems as a variety of rashes, pimples, small blood vessels. Oil mixtures are also used as lotions or compresses. Effective recipes of homemade masks:

  1. Mix 1 tsp. of oily extracts of the seeds of peach with 1 tbsp of drinking water and 1 tbsp oat flour (ground oat flakes). Leave for a few minutes, then massage. After 15 minutes clean your face in any way.
  2. Warm peach oil until warm (1 tsp), add lemon juice (1 tsp), mix moisten a cloth napkin, a quarter of an hour apply on face, then Pat the remnants of cotton pad.

The girl makes the mask

Peach oil from wrinkles

Plant material generated from seeds of peach, is a unique substance that promotes the preservation of youth. Thanks to vitamin E, which is part of slowing the aging upper layer of the skin, smooth’s fine lines. Regular use of masks contributes to the natural restoration of the aging face. To make the house hypoallergenic blend of anti-aging, follow these steps:

  1. Dilute with warm water until the consistency of porridge blue clay, add the peach oil (1 tsp), essential oil extract of tea tree (2 drops). Apply the thoroughly mixed ingredients to the skin, make a gentle massage, leave to dry. After you need to rinse the part with water, then smear the face cream.
  2. Mix 1 tbsp of heavy cream, 1 teaspoon of cosmetic raw materials of peach and 1 tbsp of rice flour. Consistency mix until smooth, apply to the face after. Mask, penetrates into deeper layers of the epidermis, heals problem skin, prevents dehydration of the cells, which leads to rapid aging. Part keep 20 min, after take a cotton pad soaked in herbal decoction.

Peach seed oil to the skin around the eyes

Peaches and nuts

The most delicate area of the face that requires special care – the skin around the eyes. This area immediately indicates age, health, state of mind. Around the eyes there is a bad mood, expresses facial wrinkles, fatigue, which is given to the dark circles and insomnia. Helps to take care of these areas of fat extraction of seeds of peach, which saturates cells with biologically useful substances, promotes hydration of the tissues.

  1. For high-quality care for centuries daily massaging with fingertips in this area with a combination of jojoba oil and peach (1 tsp.), enriched with a couple drops of essential oil extract of Santal, roses or limetty.
  2. Mix half tsp. of fresh aloe juice and parsley, raw peach and a few drops of vitamin E until smooth. Cotton swab apply on the area around the eyes, after 10 minutes rinse the remnants of makeup.

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Natalia, 29 years: the Treatment of small abscesses, are from time to time on the face, carried out by different means: the pill, smeared them different ointments, but nothing helped. After the regular consultations of the dermatologist learned that peach oil effective for acne. Began applying it at night, and after a month got rid of the problem.

Victoria, 45 years: From wrinkles for many years saved peach oil it fights the signs of skin aging better than my expensive cream. Specifically monitored the effect was taking pictures of the face close to every day. After a month got a great result, which surprised me and impressed my friends.

Anna, 23 years: I Have peach oil is always on the dressing table. This is the most effective remedy for everything: face, hands and even feet. Well absorbed, 5-7 minutes have not felt greasy and in the morning, no bags under the eyes and other signs of fatigue, even if I don’t get enough sleep.

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