Ozone therapy – natural «antibiotic» for the skin

You have skin problems? The latest method in the field of cosmetology will help you to solve these problems, eliminate unnecessary wrinkles, rashes. This procedure is called ozone therapy.

In a modern environment and lifestyle, the skin of many people subjected to daily stress and unpleasant external influences.

That is why it was created and developed technology. The advantage of this process? And which problem areas can be put in order?

The most common is cellulitis.

Ozone is ideal for removing this problem only in combination with a diet, anti-cellulite massage, it is possible to wrap, binding sports. And then, the influence of ozone therapy is to rid your body of excess fat and orange peel.

Ozone therapy – natural

Under such stress and lifestyle it is not surprising that your body and skin are not in a very good shape. The skin becomes less elastic, loses its original beauty, youth, elasticity. In such circumstances it is not surprising that the appearance of wrinkles, acne, acne. Ozone therapy is the answer. Thanks to well developed technology, you can not imagine what will be changes in your body. Substances that are used in the ozone therapy have beneficial effects and stimulate metabolism, prevent aging. In the procedure applied by various stress mask, main ingredient olive oil, which provokes intensive work processes of the organism. The emphasis is on the production of collagen, which is responsible for firmness and elasticity.

Feature of ozone therapy is that there is an influence on the internal and external cells. They are well fed, excellent moisturizing, protection from exposure to stimuli from the environment. Is a dual cosmetic effect.

Ozone therapy for correction of facial problem areas, neck, chin helps to soften, improve complexion, get rid of aging and wrinkles of aging.

To the procedure of ozone therapy was most effective, before you begin, it is necessary to undergo a thorough cleansing of the face. With the introduction of rich ozone and oxygen mixture can reduce the swelling, softening tight knots, reduce soreness.

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