Recipes masks for hair from falling out

homemade mask against hair lossHair loss or in medical terms, hair loss, always happens for a reason. In most cases, the reasons for this deficiency is the maintenance of an inappropriate lifestyle or illness. There are many ways to stop hair loss, but they will all be in vain if people do not configure a correct diet.

Homemade masks against hair loss have many advantages over the purchase. First, the products of which are prepared with these tools, there is always at hand from the hostess, thus the mask gets low. Secondly, the person knows exactly what is his remedy as he prepares his own. On the effectiveness of homemade masks are not inferior to even the newfangled tools.

Homemade masks for hair loss

  • Garlic mask for hair loss. Garlic is a unique product which helps people to fight with different ailments and problems. Garlic is recommended for use in hair loss. Mask this product stimulates blood flow to the head, infuses hair with nutrients and nutrition hair loss. Effective mask for the hair is prepared thus: take 1 tbsp. spoon ground garlic mass and pork lard. After cooking the mixture is rubbed into the hair roots, contains there for 20 minutes and then thoroughly washed with water using shampoo. Repeat the procedure twice a week for the duration of the course of treatment is several months.
  • Yogurt mask from hair loss. Dairy product since ancient times is one of the best products to treat problem hair. Yogurt can be used alone, but you can add it to other ingredients. Best effective cream for hair loss contains the main dairy product — 200 ml, egg white and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder. The drug is applied on the head for half an hour and then washed off with moderately hot water with shampoo. Repeat masking is necessary every 3 days. The course of treatment is not less than 2 months, and prophylactic course is 1 month.
  • Salt mask from hair loss. Salt, especially sea, contains in its composition a lot of useful substances, which give strength to hair. Salt mask is simple in its application, only need the grains to be rubbed into the scalp. The effect of head massage, which improves blood flow and stops hair loss. If the head has traumatic injuries of the skin, this mask cannot be used. If there are no contraindications, then salt is rubbed into the head 1 time per week for several months.

A treatment mask for hair loss containing essential oils, such as castor oil or burdock. This product is rubbed into the skin, and then the head is wrapped in cellophane and is insulated with a towel. The hair mask contains at least a couple of hours and then, washed in normal mode. Read more about the use of these oils for hair growth read the link /oil-dlya-rosta-Volos/

Folk mask against hair loss can contain different products. For example, a great option is a mask containing 1 egg white, a couple of teaspoons of honey and a small amount of olive oil. The drug is applied on the head for 30 minutes. Repeat the course of treatment is necessary once a week for 2 months.

All effective folk mask against hair loss will be effective, if after their use in humans does not occur adverse effects such as itchy scalp, dandruff or skin irritation.

Among the majority of various onion and mustard mask for hair loss reviews received the most flattering. So what are these unique?

Onion mask for hair loss

Onion acts most positively on the structure of hair. This product is kills the pathogens, improves blood circulation, strengthens follicles of hair.

Onion mask for hair loss is prepared very simply: it is only necessary on a small grater to grate fresh onion. Then, the resulting drug is rubbed into the scalp with light massaging movements of the fingertips. The head must be covered with cellophane and a soft towel. The tool contains on the head for about half an hour to rinse.

onion mask for hair loss - the recipe

The mask can be effective to use a couple times a week, as a rule, the recommended duration of the course is 2 months.

This means there is only one drawback — the peculiar smell of hair after using the mask. Unfortunately, to eliminate it almost impossible, can only weaken the pungent smell by rinsing the hair with water with vinegar or citric acid.

Mustard mask against hair loss

Excellent action has a mustard mask against hair loss. In this case, you can use a powder and prepared mustard. Some recipes mustard masks shown in this article /maski-dlya-rosta-Volos-iz-gorchitsyi/

For the preparation of medicinal product from the liquid product is taken 2 tbsp of the main ingredient, it has added the same amount of water, after which the mixture is instantaneously applied to the hair.

fall hair pictures hair mask of mustard
Powdered mustard 2 x tablespoons of mixed with the same quantity of plain water and olive oil, resulting in a tool that you can add egg whites.

In the case where the hair falls out from the mustard mask, you must stop using this drug. It also happens that hair falls out after the mustard mask on the background of a sharp dryness of the skin. In this case it is important to remember that this folk remedy can be used only on oily hair, but for dry and normal hair you need to choose another drug.

The mask is used once a week, the course duration is 2 months.

And what are You known for strengthening hair? Share your deepest secrets with us.

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