Ombre on blonde hair

Women are willing to great lengths to constantly look stylish and striking beauty all around, so often changing their hairstyles. A new technique of staining Ombre for blondes and brunettes looks original and charming. The name of the image means the shadow and involves a combination of flowers with a soft transition.

What is Ombre

Ombre on blonde hair

Modern stylists recommend girls to focus on the natural and choose natural shades for hair coloring. Ombre – Ombre (is a sharp or smooth transitions from one color to another, for example, from chocolate brown to Golden). It should look like strands burned in the sun. Color options can be many: dark tips on brown hair or more dark roots on light hair. Can be dyed hair once in two or three different colors, or make a horizontal bar.

For Ombre for blonde hair fit almost any shades with Golden, beige or brown palette. You can also paint the white curls on the ends in bright blue or pink color, this will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The dip-dyed many stylists and designers use to transform the fair sex successfully for many years. Hair coloring in Ombre style and BROND – hit of the season, replacing the French highlights. Due to the absence of sharp boundaries, you will be able to wear longer hair without additional coloring.

The types of hair coloring technique Ombre

The technology is divided into several types that suit different type of appearance girls. For example:

The technique of staining Ombre on blonde hair

To get beautiful hair, painted in a fashionable style, you should adhere to certain rules. The process is divided into two stages: whitening and toning. How to paint Ombre hair:

How to choose the right shade for blond hair

Staining Ombre on blonde hair

Before you put on your locks dye, you should choose a harmonious shade. There are a few tips for those who want to do Ombre. First of all, let define a sharp or a smooth transition from one tone to another would you like to receive? Think about how many transitions you need. You can choose two or three shades, but the first option is preferable if you are going to dye strands of their own. It is also worth to note the line at which you will apply the dye to get a clear picture.

Before creating a new hairstyle, it is worth considering the structure of the hair, the length, the features of a haircut. In the technique of staining Ombre looks best on long hair. Smooth transitions from one tone to another will give visual volume to the hair, and the game of shades always looks a winner. However, girls with short and medium length hair can also experiment. To get a color close to natural, it is better to make a blurred. Blondes in dark colors can be dyed as the ends and roots.

Special attention is given the skin tone. If it is dark with olive or tanned shade, choose shades of beige and pale brown scales. Golden shade perfect for girls with white skin. Many choices of colors women with brown hair, because they can lighten and darken with different colors. Very popular is the uneven method of dyeing strands in gold, copper, red and other colors, improvising at will.

Video: how to do Ombre at home

Hair care after coloring

If you decide to paint, which is called the dual (in the salon or at home), then you might need to know about how to care for hair after coloring:

  • do not use shampoos with sulfates (these compounds wash off the dye);
  • try to rarely use a Hairdryer, Curling iron, Curling (negative impact on the state of the hair fibre);
  • will definitely buy in the drugstore vitamin complex and take it for relief of all problems from the effects of the dye on the hair;
  • wash your hair every day, not more (this is not only prolong the effect of the staining, but will help to control the metabolic processes in the skin).

Rus girl

The cost of the procedure in the salons of Moscow

The price of hairdressing services depends primarily on the status of your chosen institution. If it is a famous Metropolitan beauty salon, the price will be significant. Coloring light hair technique Ombre can cost differently, depending on the length. The complexity of the work will also affect the final price for the rendered service. The professional level of the stylist – another factor influencing the cost of staining the strands in the salon. In addition, the use of natural shades or, on the contrary, unusual and bright, too, will be taken into account.

In a luxury salon service can cost you more than the sum of 10 thousand rubles. If the salon for the middle class, the price varies from 1,5 to 8 thousand roubles. For example, Ombre short strands without clarification is 1-2 thousand rubles. But if your tresses to the waist and you want to make a painting «regrown brondirovanie», then it will have to pay 6-8 thousand rubles. The average length of using the natural colors of panels will cost you about 3 thousand rubles. If the technique is complex, using several bright colors, the price is calculated individually.

Photo: Ombre on blonde long, medium and short hair

Options of hairstyles


Anna, 22 years:my older sister did Ombre on short blonde hair. Looked very nice and natural. It is better to entrust the painting to the professionals, because at home you can spoil your hairstyle. Is a procedure inexpensive, so I decided to follow the example of the sisters. I made a horizontal stripe on light blonde hair, I was satisfied.

Olesya, 19 years of age:the Natural shade of the locks I have brown. Wanted prom to change dramatically to classmates to remember me luxury. The stylist suggested that I paint strands in a fashionable technique Ombre, made the roots of light and discolor the end. It all looks just fine, especially if to provide the artificial hair volume. At graduation I was on top!

Irina, 33 years: I Have long medium brown hair. Seeing the street blonde girl with dyed in chocolate color tips, I wanted to do something similar. For me, with curly locks, this painting is a perfect way of expression. In addition, hombre is a real trend in the world of beauty, so I look now is not only beautiful, but also stylish.

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