Oil for skin

Oil for skin

No one, even the most expensive cosmetic products cannot give an effect equivalent to natural oils. All because vegetable oils are composed of the same chemical elements that the body produces to repair the skin.

Olive oil

The natural fountain of youth is the vitamin E contained in olive oil. Therefore, the oil applied to the skin of the face is recommended at night. It is better to use for dry and normal skin. For oily skin it is not recommended for use in pure form, only in disguise. Olive oil good wrinkles.

Almond oil

This oil is suitable for oily and sensitive skin and also for dry. Almond oil helps to rid the skin from peeling, heals inflammation. The product is applied both in pure form and in masks.

Geranium oil

Geranium oil perfectly smoothes wrinkles, is perfect for many skin types: dry, oily and sensitive. Especially recommended for inflammation, and skin prone to couperose. Oil is used along with the cream, also with it you can do massage.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Therefore it is well suited for the skin type with oily, irritated skin and infected acne.

Natural medicine is applied at night to inflamed spot spots and pimples. After applying oil it is not recommended to go out in the sun, because you can get burned.

Lavender oil

This oil can be used for all skin types. Lavender has the ability to heal small scars, soothe inflammation in the form of spots, helps to normalize lipid balance of the skin. Lavender oil added to the mask, with him doing massage, applied in pure form on the skin.

These five natural oils are most beneficial for the skin. Therefore, to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin, it is recommended that at least two times a week to do the mask and massage using these oils.

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