Oil for oily hair

There is a perception that the use of oils for greasy hair is not desirable. This is not so. It all depends on the oil and how to apply it and rinse. For example, such oils as coconut, castor hair very greasy and heavy oil. Therefore, their use is not recommended.

That’s what oil for hair recommends «Fashionable»: jojoba, grapeseed, almond, linseed, sasanqua (Japanese chamomile), olive, avocado, sesame, pumpkin, macadamia, argan, pistachio.

Let’s discuss which oils you can use for oily scalp and dry hair ends.

THE GRAPE SEED OIL. Has excellent moisturizing effect, rich in vitamins And Is. Oil is easy to apply, distributed over the hair and washed off. Despite the fact that the oil has a greenish tint, it does not paint hair.

JOJOBA OIL. Special oil in the plant world. It is a natural hair conditioner which moisturizes throughout their length. It is used not only for hair but also for skin, body, nail. Oil is perfectly absorbed and dissolves the remnants of cosmetics, resolves skin blockages. Has no shade, so is suitable for hair with any color. Jojoba oil is very popular in aromatherapy. The only disadvantage of natural product – high cost.

ALMOND OIL. The oil is transparent, so it’s perfect as a base for masks (for application requires more than other oils). Absorbs quickly into hair and rinse well. More affordable.

OLIVE OIL. A very affordable product at a reasonable price. The oil is rich in vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, F, K), minerals, contains vegetable protein. Olive oil moisturizes the hair and rinse well, so it is suitable for both oily and dry hair. This ingredient is well suited as a base for essential oils.

LINSEED OIL. The oil has a yellowish tint, but does not stain the hair. Great for all hair any skin type.

SASANQUA OIL. Very expensive, but effective oil, common in Japan. After applying this oil, hair becomes soft and smooth. Spreads easily and is washed off. You can add 1 tsp oil in a more inexpensive (almond, flax, olive).

PUMPKIN OIL. The product has a rich reddish-brown color, and when applied to hands green. Use the oil very carefully as it stains clothing. Has an aroma of roasted seeds and pleasant to the taste. The oil is very thick and well distributed. In addition to masks, you can use it in food. After using pumpkin seed oil the hair is very soft and smooth. Suitable for all hair types.

SESAME OIL. Oil perfectly smoothes hair, strengthens the roots, struggling with hair loss (when used regularly, for example, with the addition of the essential oil of Bay). Very light, well distributed over the hair, quickly washed away. After its application the hair becomes very soft.

THE AVOCADO OIL. Thick oil saturated green is one of the easiest. However, care should be taken to use bleached blondes. The oil moisturizes the hair and rinse very well.

OIL MACADAMI. Oil is good for oily hair as it is very easy. Additionally, it nourishes dry ends and roots vitamins. Oil macadami very liquid, so spreads well and is easily applied to the hair. After using the hair perfectly combed. The product has a slight yellowish tint and is recommended for girls with bleached hair.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of these oils, it is desirable to withstand the mask from these products as long as possible. In addition to mixing named oil can be in any proportions. With greasy hair after using the mask is recommended to wash your hair twice.

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