Oil for hair growth: useful properties, application recipes

Review of useful oils for hair growth

photo oil for hair growthThe hair always looked well-groomed and attractive, you need constantly to nourish, moisturize and protect. And you don’t have to stock a huge amount of expensive cosmetic preparations. Complete care and as a result impeccable hair, can be achieved by using vegetable and essential oils. They have a distinct advantage due to its naturalness and availability. Oil enriched with vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, this helps to protect hair and scalp from dryness and dandruff, nourish and moisturize them, but as you know, strong and healthy hair grows much faster. What kind of oil promotes hair growth, how better to prefer?

Burdock oil for hair growth

In many strengthening the hair associated with the use of burdock oil, and many believe that it is the best oil for hair growth. Because it is ideal and versatile tool that is suitable for any hair type. It is often used to accelerate growth. The main action of this oil improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, it two main factors due to which hair begins to grow faster. In addition, frequent use helps to strengthen severely damaged hair after aggressive ways of stacking or permanent discoloration. If you insist the shampoo together with the crushed roots of a burdock, such a tool is used for quick hair growth, hair fall and even baldness.

Castor oil for hair growth

Actively used and recommended by modern beauticians those who want to strengthen their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. The application of oil in pure form or together with other components has a positive effect on hair growth, increasing their density and overall condition. All because it contains large amounts of keratin. Used castor oil as burdock, is rubbed into the roots 2-3 times a week. Very effective to stimulate blood circulation and to massage the scalp using a mixture of oils: castor and lavender, but lavender just a few drops.

Recipes applications of castor oil, see the link /application-kastorovogo-oil-dlya-Volos-retseptyi-masok/

Sea buckthorn oil for hair growth

This oil is known for its protective, anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. But other than that, it is very rich in vitamin A, which enhances hair growth and vitamin E, it protects from the bad effects of external environment and UV rays. Often you can find shampoos and balms with the content of sea buckthorn oil, but to massage organic warmed oil into the roots and curls to strengthen and hair growth. Still well suited for the growth of eyelashes. Read more in the article «Recipes use sea buckthorn oil for hair».

Olive oil for hair growth

Olive oil can often be found in the kitchen of Housewives. But this is another popular tool that is used for hair growth and for treating excessive hair loss. In his composition of the oil is an incredible amount of nutrients which it supplies the hair follicles. Full and regular meals is extremely necessary if you want to make your hair healthy, strong and grew rapidly. Simple and effective mask for hair growth: mix olive oil with 1/2 lemon juice, use fresh lemon, not store-bought concentrate. Accelerates hair growth and a mask created from equal amounts of olive oil with honey.

Almond oil for hair growth

Sweet almond oil is suitable for girls with a weak, deprived of strength and Shine to hair. Usually such hair is slowly growing. For active growth, and in order to bring back the natural smoothness and elasticity is often recommended almond oil. Add oil to your shampoo, give him a scalp massage, use of masks, combining oil components, such as cognac, honey or aloe. Almond oil is good to have each girl and use it as the salvation for excessive hair loss and improve the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Detailed application instructions see the link /mindalnoe-maslo-dlya-Volos/

There is still oil that miraculously influence the structure and appearance of hair. Use of Flaxseed and coconut oil for hair growth. They are not in vain along identified because they have a similar effect, namely, save from dryness, breakage and after use, every hair is enveloped in some kind of oil film, thus longer retained moisture and nutrients.

Mustard oil for hair growth

Use this oil for faster hair growth, because it is a strong natural growth activator. Hair soon become longer due to the constant strong inflow of blood in prolonged use of this oil. Combine it with other oils and ingredients and the result will be noticeable after the first month of use.

Well-operated essential oils for hair growth has long been proven their effectiveness. Mustard can be used for masks not only in oil, but powder. Recipes, see the link /maski-dlya-rosta-Volos-iz-gorchitsyi/

Camphor oil for hair growth

As it has a slightly irritating property, it is used as well as the rosemary oil for hair growth. In addition, disinfected and dried scalp. Therefore, it is recommended for oily and mixed hair. Camphor oil will not be more than the home kit, as it is often used for medical purposes.

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Just try some oils to use, you will understand how to transform your hair for the better. Use of vegetable oils for hair growth. Select your favorite and enjoy its beauty!

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