Oil and hair

Modern cosmetic companies offer today a wide range of different tools, in particular for the hair. One of the traditional ways of treating hair is oils, mainly masks from oils.

Cosmetic natural oils are particularly valuable, because fatty oils are difficult to replace (it is impossible to create artificially). Therefore, buying something that needs to be applied to the hair, you should pay attention to its composition (the oil should be naturally derived from fruits, seeds, grains).

Most often in the cosmetic composition includes mineral oil (petroleum product), which clogs the pores of the skin. It is advisable to consider this when selecting hair products.

Vegetable oil to deeply nourish and strengthen the roots of the hair become shiny and grow faster. And all because they contain vitamins and fatty acids. In addition, such oils, if used properly, to avoid burdening the hair. The effect of the masks with vegetable oils will be much better if you use essential oils (except for own use, help to penetrate into the scalp related components).

Use vegetable oil for the hair, depending on the purpose. For example. If you need to saturate the hair, add Shine and soft, the oil should be applied in 30 minutes or 1 hour before washing.

Hair treatment. If your hair is weak, thin and brittle, and if they are damaged, then you can safely use an oil mask with added vitamin A and E (sold in pharmacies in liquid form) for 3-6 hours or overnight. Depending on the oil (e.g., flax does not like it), before using it better to heat (avocado, jojoba, Kukui, sesame, macadamia, almond, sasanqua, black cumin).

Note that heat should be just the oil you want to use for the procedure, moreover, does not need butter bring to a boil. It is recommended that after applying the mask, wrap head with a package and cover with a towel.

Cunning use of oil masks. First, using such masks. Need to pay attention to the roots. Second, the scalp should first be massaged with fingertips and then the rest spread over the entire length of hair. Thirdly, the hair shone after the procedure, the oil should be applied to dry and brittle areas of the hair. Fourthly, hair loss, oily mixtures can be applied only in length.

After using the mask with the oil, you can use a hair conditioner or a cosmetic mask. However, if the hair will then become heavier or dirty, you can only apply shampoo (soft gentle) without subsequent rinsing.

If your hair is dry, damaged and porous, the oil should be applied to clean, slightly damp or dry ends. Before you wash your hair, you can apply a mask of oil, and then need to apply the oil on dry ends (almond oil, jojoba, grapeseed oil).

The use of essential oils. Very efficient and simple method when used correctly. After essential oils, hair grow better and no longer dry.

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