How to apply a decoction of nettle hair rinse. Recipes masks

kropiva for hairIf the eyes are considered the mirror of the soul, the hair can be called a reflection of health. Because the condition of the hair can judge the proper functioning of the organism as a whole. To maintain your hair in perfect form, sometimes women need a lot of effort and time. But, buying again at the store caring a mask or lotion for the hair, think of the many natural, pure and healthy ingredients, we have prepared mother nature. One of those miraculous, healing herbs is nettle. The people there is a phrase that nettle replaces seven doctors, because she’s treated a huge number of different diseases. This herb has long been considered curative, because of the large multivitamin composition and a large spectrum of useful properties. Today we will talk about the benefits of nettle for hair how to prepare remedies with the ingredient and how to properly use lotions, tinctures, infusions and hair masks from nettles.

The beneficial effects of nettle on hair. Useful properties.

Nettle is a widely universal remedy for hair. Often practice a hair strengthening the hair for weak, damaged and brittle strands, because the leaves of plants contain special substances and active elements that help make hair thick, strong and healthy. What is the secret of this miracle grass?

  • Vitamins. Nettle is a highly concentrated multivitamin plant. So it became clear that for example, vitamin C and ascorbic acid in the leaves of the plant at times more than black currants or any citrus, and vitamin a (carotene) it is almost twice more than in carrots, sorrel or sea buckthorn. In addition, a large number of b vitamins, and Is.
  • Trace elements. In green leaves, stems and roots of plants contains sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, silicon, phosphorus and others. No need to be a chemist, a biologist, to appreciate the whole company «of various chemical elements.
  • Organic amino acid important for hair no less than vitamins. Thanks to them, nettle is famous for its restorative, antibacterial properties, and improves the immunity and resistance of organism against toxins, viruses, and even radiation. So, for example, lysine, tryptophan, histidine, provides natural protection, contribute to accelerated production of collagen to maintain the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin and hair, and are responsible for growth processes, so often used nettle for hair growth.
  • Chlorophyll in its pure form that is contained in the nettle leaves and stems, has a strong stimulating and toning properties, helps to speed up of metabolism, healing of wounds and stopping bleeding.
  • Phytoncides — antimicrobial substances that can cause the death of most pathogenic microorganisms.

To list all the useful and medicinal properties of nettle can be very long. It should be noted that, after drying, the herb loses none of its favorable properties. Nettle for hair, use of various means of caring for its basis, is particularly recommended:

  • for strength of hair and prevention of hair loss;
  • to stimulate growth;
  • for getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp;
  • to restore the structure of hair and eliminate breakage, cross sections and dryness;
  • to create additional immunity and natural defense curl;
  • to give the perfect curls and restore natural color and Shine.

Regular use of nettle broth for hair or other natural products will give your hair strength, health, manageability and silkiness. It’s time to start creating nettle a vitamin cocktail for your hair.

Rinsing hair with nettle

Due to the ever increasing abundance of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks on store shelves, many women forget about how natural hair care can be useful, affordable and convenient when it brings a stunning effect.

Systematic rinsing the hair with nettle can replace the whole complex of measures for improvement in a beauty salon. However, a decoction of the nettle hair is fairly aggressive to hair follicles, as the most useful components in its composition, penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layers and the structure of hairs. But definitely need to know how to make a decoction of nettle for hair properly and to follow some simple rules.

How to brew nettle for hair?

To prepare nettle infusion or decoction of the house very easily. To prepare the infusion of nettle for hair, the recipe and the mechanism is very simple, just pour boiling water over 2 teaspoons of crushed leaves of the plant , before use, let stand in a dark place to absorb the maximum health benefits of nettle. To prepare the broth, we need to take two confident pinches (about 100 g of dry or fresh herb per liter of water. If your hair is long, the proportions must be doubled. Then in a small saucepan bring to boil the composition, and to wait another 5-10 minutes. Remove the broth from the heat and leave the lid on for twenty minutes. After cooling, carefully strain. The broth is ready.

Now you know how to make the grass, left to learn how to rinse hair with nettle right.

  • Cup ready infused with the broth, add a liter of boiled warm water;
  • after shampooing or just for the day, rinse your hair with nettle water from the roots to the tips;
  • nettle pour some water on the hair, slowly, while lightly rubbing it into the scalp;
  • wet hair not dry and do not wrap , enough to wet the towel and allow to dry naturally;
  • a decoction of nettles hair it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week for a month, then it is better to do a one-month break;

a decoction of nettleNettle potion will help you solve many hair problems. For example, rinsing of oily hair will help to get rid of the excess fat on the skin and hair after such procedures strands longer remain light, voluminous and clean. To further reduce excessive sebaceous glands when brewed nettle broth, add a small amount of grape or Apple cider vinegar.

If often appears dandruff, accompanied by itching, dryness and tightness of the scalp, this problem can be solved in a few days once or twice a day to rinse the hair with infusion of nettle. When cooking the broth, you can add a pinch of grass mother and stepmother.

For the blonde girls who are afraid that after nettle solution remains greenish hue, can be combined with nettle and chamomile for hair, this conditioner will give Golden highlights to hair.

Using this simple recipe, how to rinse hair with nettle, many women will no longer need to spend astronomical amounts of money to buy modern products for the hair, which, moreover, filled with chemicals, and a visit to the trichologist and beauty salons. But, except for rinsing, there are plenty of recipes with nettles to preserve and significantly increase the health and beauty of your hair. Choose the appropriate way to care for themselves can be based on your preference or hair type.

Nettle against hair loss

Many cosmetics produced on the basis of nettle is not accidental, because its juice has a beneficial effect on the scalp, restoring the activity of cells, accelerating metabolic processes, improve blood circulation. The ideal option to stop hair loss and accelerate new hair growth, use of fresh nettles.

  • Grind the fresh herb with leaves and stems, so to make squeeze the juice. RUB the juice into the scalp and apply on the entire length, put on the special cap and wait an hour. After, rinse hair with warm water. Prepare nettle juice several procedures, he is well preserved in a cool dark place or the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Against excessive fat hair

To bring the sebaceous glands back to normal, use nettle hair mask with sea salt.

  • Rinse fresh nettle leaves with water and carefully grind in a blender or with a mixer. 100 g of the mix (about half Cup) add one teaspoon of sea salt. You can use crystalline kitchen. Mix thoroughly the composition and apply to the scalp, gently massaging. Cover your head with. Rinse the mask is recommended after 20-25 minutes. Repeat the procedure can be no more than 2 times a week.

Nettle oil for revitalizing dry, dull and damaged hair

In the beauty salons often use the oil of nettles, due to its rich composition and a wide range of impacts on different issues. For oily hair nettle oil is a rich tool, but also for healthy and strong hair it will only benefit, will create a natural protection from external influences, will give extra sparkle and Shine to your tresses, and also will permeate the follicles of vitamins, and proteins.

  • The easiest way to use — apply oil to entire length of hair before each wash and soak it for about an hour.
  • Another version of the hydrating mask is combination of nettle oil with honey. Mix in equal proportions, apply all over hair and leave for 40 minutes, rinse with warm water and shampoo.


Vital firming mask with nettle for all hair types

Enough to do 1-2 times a week this mask, the hair shone with vitality.

  • Mix the crushed into mush leaves of a nettle with egg yolk, add the vitamin B1 and B6, which is sold in capsules in any drugstore at a very affordable price. Stir the resulting mass and apply evenly on the hair. Soak the mask for an hour. Wash the head.

Mask of dried nettle

RUB hands half a Cup of dried nettle leaves, add a few tablespoons of colorless henna pour boiling water while stirring until you get a paste. To the cooled mixture add one egg yolk. Apply the mask on the hair and soak under a warm towel for an hour.

I hope that this article has adequately disclosed all the wonderful qualities of nettle for hair. Now you know how to wash hair with nettle recipe how to prepare a decoction of nettle in the home, and other useful tips. Healing properties of nettles were used by our ancestors, and now more and more women will enjoy from its use. It’s time for you to add to the list of rave reviews after using nettle means of caring for hair.

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