Nails payp

A few years ago in Vogue peculiar and unique nail shape pipe, which is modeled through the use of artificial materials. It combines many advantages: simplicity, beauty, practicality, elegance. With the English word «pipe» is translated as tube. Nails pipe during simulation, compressed, becoming like a narrow tube. Properly performed procedure can correct even the most inexpressive shape of the nail plate, turning them into elegant perfection.

Features of nail shapes pipe

The procedure is resorted to very many girls, despite the importance of naturalness in the appearance of women. Long nails payp – an ideal option to accentuate the natural elegance of hands. It is durable, versatile and beautiful with a flawless shape. Modeling the pipe – a great way to make your fingers more graceful, outstretched. However, correction of such capacity can not be.

Nail form pipe

The main feature of this form lies in the transverse arch of the nail, which is called the s-bend. Under normal simulation conditions, it is no more than 30%, and when the pipe is more than 50%. In this regard, the free edge gets the shape of a tube. This bend is created at the time when the process of polymerization, although the composition remains pliable and soft. At this point, the nail shrinks in the stress area on the sides, thereby giving the tip of the arch form. The sides of the nail plate must be parallel when filing.

When fixing the paper pattern on your fingers, it must be raised slightly so that the open end is facing up. Then shape the nails payp will look unmatched. Modeling can only happen with the help of acrylic or gel, it is impossible to do on tips. Pipe differs from other forms because the tip can be designed as you like: almond-shaped, oval, stellaamyshim, square, rectangular. And all the variants overcame great due to the semi-circular bending.

Methods of increasing payp

Nail form pipe is very popular, but some artists have mastered this technique. The artificial nail plate is formed with gel and acrylic. However, many were convinced that the first material does not properly form the tip. In this regard, previously used only acrylic. But thanks to the development of the nail industry has a lot of helium systems, which meet the requirements of plasticity and strength.


Acrylic nails payp

Acrylic – eco-friendly, thermoplastic, wear resistant polymer, which hardens under influence of air. This material lends itself well to sculpting. By changing the reagent, you can adjust the appearance properties of the polymer: transparency, speed of solidification, density. Earlier this material was used for making dental fillings, which confirms its high performance.

When acrylic artificial natural nails pre-prepared: disinfection, degreasing, sawing, and application of the primer. Further, under the nail is inserted to form, rolled in a cone. The brush is moistened with the monomer, acrylic powder in the form of a ball. Then the material is evenly distributed on the form, simultaneously building a nail design. Are clamped by special tweezers the edges. When the acrylic dries, the form is removed, the nails rasp, respecting the parallelism of the sides.


Nail gel payp

The gel is a polymer having a high degree of sensitivity. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays occurs the solidification structure of the material, it becomes a solid medium with jelly-like. Working with the gel is considered to be more time consuming and requires special skills. Gel coating is more fragile, so I need to drink less intensively than in the case of acrylic.

During gel extensions nails prepared for the procedure according to the classical scheme: disinfection, drinking, application of bonder or primer. Further, is inserted a conical form, the top applied layer of base gel, which polymerized in the UV lamp for a few minutes. After the modeling layer the nails are clamped by the tweezers to obtain the bending of the lateral faces are in UV light for a minute.

Then the form is removed, strubtsinku to nails took the form of a tube. After the final polymerization of the material in the lamp, removed the sticky layer of the nail plate zapilivaetsya, degreased and covered with a gel coat. The last layer of the material also need to cool the ultraviolet lamp. You can then proceed to design.

Step-by-step modelling technique manicure

Modeling the pipe is not on tips and on forms. Strength is not created by increasing the thickness of the polymer, and the creation of the correct geometry. After preparing the natural nail plate, it is necessary to use form, to apply the material, simulating the free edge. At this stage it is important to make the full width of the future of the nail, which will affect the strength. After simulated length, cuticle area, free edge, the stress area, the line of the tunnel. The main criterion is the right of the transverse arch, which is formed by clamping the sides.

Step-by-step technology of building-up the pipe:

Modeling payp manicure step by step

  • The natural nails are prepared for the procedure.
  • Set form, is applied to the material, which encompasses the free edge.
  • Displays the full width of the nail plate.
  • It creates length, the tip is oval.
  • Simulated the cuticle area, free edge, the area of the stress line of the tunnel.
  • Clamped With the bending.
  • The final polymerization of the material.
  • Washed down the artificial nail plate, keeping the parallelism of the sides. During the free edge of the saw must be kept at an angle of 45 degrees to the sides.
  • The surface of your nails payp zapilivaetsya as the lower arch.
  • The artificial nail plate polished, polished.
  • Manicure brush removes dust, protective coating is applied.

Video training nail at home

Advantages of artificial nails valued by women worldwide. For several years the fashion for this manicure. Special popularity was won by the shape of the pipe, which makes the fingers more accurate. Maybe the nail house? Every girl can learn how to simulate artificial nail plate. Here is a video from YouTube, demonstrates how to create a form of payp. It reveals all the nuances of modeling, which will help you to master the technique. Before building you need to purchase the necessary materials.

Pictures of nail designs payp 2015

The nails look great payp a variety of design options. The most successful is a colored or white jacket, which is able to highlight the unusual shape. A great option is drawing Chinese painting, which is suitable for the spring-summer season. To make the nails not so visible, used by sudovym solid coating of varnish. This is a great solution for the office. For the design of the nail plate pipe may be used lace, fancy ornaments, stones and other materials decoration.

nail design payp 2015

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