Nails cat’s eye

Unusual manicure today not a surprise to anyone: masters in beauty salons and resourceful ladies of the house compete to see who will come up with more daring design. Nails decorated with flowers, crystals, pictures, use extravagant combination. One of the most fashionable now – nails cat’s eye with three-dimensional effect.

Manicure cat eyes gel Polish

Manicure with smooth transition of colors

Secret original nail art in a special magnet with the pattern that is brought to the uncured coating for 10-15 seconds and builds metal particles of paint to get the desired effect. Typically, such a magnet is being sold complete with the appropriate lacquers. With magnetic design, you can draw vertical or horizontal stripes, stars, triangles.

Nail designs cat eyes, you can perform the classic lacquer with a magnetic effect. But in order to achieve a more sustainable and durable, it is better to use a special gel varnishes. They can be used at home by yourself if you have everything you need:

  • the base coating;
  • gel Polish;
  • magnet;
  • lamp for drying;
  • manicure tools;
  • the top coating.

Prepare for manicure as you used to. Apply color gel Polish cat eye. Nail color choose from volumetric magnetic effect will look good black, Burgundy, gold or even green nails. Immediately bring to the surface of the nail plate, the magnet and hold for 10-15 seconds. Each finger must be processed at a time, otherwise the coating will dry up, and the effect of cat’s eyes nail fail. Then apply a second coat, repeat the operation with the magnet. Ready cat manicure keep under the lamp 2-3 minutes.

What to buy nail Polish

Colored gel varnishes

Magnetic polishes is the range of most cosmetic companies. Choose those brands that you already use. Often girls buy brand «Lionel», «Blyuskay» or TNL if you’re going to dry the gel under the lamp. Some prefer to make the cabin a durable shellac Polish or even increase. Don’t be surprised if you never heard of a lucky brand – as a rule, professional makeup is a little advertised, and know about it only specialists.

If you are new to using nail Polish cat’s eye just want to try it, note the classic varnishes. This novelty of the popular brands, for example, Dance Legend, Golden Rose, Pupa or El Corazon began to produce new magnetic series, and the palette of these brands allows you to choose what you like. Will be pleasantly surprised and prices – a bottle of this varnish will cost about 200 rubles.

Pictures of nail designs 2016

Red and cosmic nail art

New design 2016

Magnetic nail Polish only came to our fashion, but many girls have already adopted it. Only takes a bit of dexterity to master the quick application of two layers and the use of the magnet. In addition, the different companies offered magnets of different shapes – if you buy several, it is possible for the same color to make interesting patterns. Or Vice versa – choose paints in different colors and decorate them the same magnetic design.

Video: how to do cat eyes on the nails

Reviews of plated cat’s eye

Maria, 20 years: Paint nails, I fell in love with in high school, constantly experimenting with colors, textures, patterns… For my friend’s birthday party, knowing my hobby, got two magnetic nail Polish. I love it! Like anything complex, but it looks very cool. The light is reflected as if the effect of natural stones!

Alina, 35 years: for a Long time I was a conservative in terms of manicure. Painted only the classic red or beige colors, made jacket, about the other designs would not hear. It was very funny: I took away the bottle with the effect of cat’s eyes in my daughter-teen. The mood was good, tried to paint. Even at work are appreciated! Bronze color, not bright, but beautiful shimmers!

Vasilisa, 24 years: My first experience with magnets was unsuccessful. I do not understand how to do it, and at first painted both hands, and then took a magnet. Of course, nothing happened! I was upset, scored this bottle for a few months. Then watched a master class video and set to work on the bugs.

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